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Older Dog HealthNaturally, most reported senior dog problems relate to dog health, because older dogs' behavior rarely poses a challenge and dog care either has long become routine for senior dog owners (say skin care, ear care, feeding, exercise, play etc) or it had been taken care of long ago (say altering, microchipping, socialization etc).

This is the case even where the dog owner has not put much effort into dog training (read: hasn't had much interest), because senior dogs obviously know their boundaries - if there are any that have been consistently communicated - and because with increasing age senior dogs are less and less boisterous.

This is the case whether or not the dog had been altered, however given the opportunity an UNaltered senior dog will still roam away from the property. Partly out of habit (learned behaviors), partly because the sensitivity for other dogs' pheromones outlasts vison, hearing, smell, and taste. One of the many reasons why we so much advocate pediatric altering!

For German Shepherds, most reported senior dog health problems relate to mobility and sensory awareness, as well as overweight. Both of these are dealt with separately in this decision tree, so let's here address other predominant senior dog health issues:

  • Skin infections and skin allergies - both pretty much only reported for dogs that are being fed kibble, that get little outdoor exercise, and that live in a household that uses household chemicals for cleaning
  • Tumors - pretty much only reported for UNaltered dogs that are being fed commercial dog food and/or that have been subjected to the average ordinary vet's standard vaccination marathon! This is because both contain toxic adjuvants that over time destroy the immune system, and tumors are an autoimmune disorder. 💡
  • Degenerative Myelopathy - although a hereditary autoimmune disorder, as with most hereditary disorders DM is triggered by environmental intoxication: commercial pet food, lab medicaments, vaccination boosters, household chemicals etc.

Did you notice? All of these major GSD senior dog health issues are caused and exacerbated by the cell toxins that are in commercial pet food, vaccines, and lab medicaments like antibiotics, steroids, and NSAIDs. This should now really be some food for thought for you!

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Note that every key point raised above you can find more comprehensively explained in other places on this website. The menu is your friend. Here, links have been omitted only to keep this decision tree straightforward.

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    You were not very helpful, with the questions I had and were too busy advertising against "commercial dog foods"!! What a bunch of CRAP!! So disappointing! Especially since our household can hardly afford the doctors or foods we are using!! Thank you, for nothing!


      You got the wrong house for your insults. We are not "advertising against commercial dog foods". Advertizing serves the purpose to make money with what is being advertized. We are not making ANY money from you. Ever. And never intended so.

      What a bunch of CRAP you write! As a GUEST you are leaving here behind as much CRAP as you appear to be putting in the dog bowl. :mrgreen:

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