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German Shepherd Biting

 Reviewed 12 October 2018 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion

German Shepherd biting is a sensitive topic: Subject to upbringing and training of your dog, it is possible that dog biting may become an issue at some point in your dog's life.

This becomes more likely if your dog missed out on comprehensive socialization. For the highly reactive German Shepherd Dog breed, comprehensive socialization is essential.

For the difference between dog biting and dog nipping, the difference between controlled biting and uncontrolled biting, causes of dog biting, and what to do if your dog bites, see Dog Biting.

For dog bite problems see Dog Biting Problems.

If you arrived here because you have a biting dog, then you may already know enough about the dog biting problems. In that case head straight to Stop Dog Biting.

If you're facing a puppy biting problem then make sure that you fully understand every single sentence of Puppy Biting Problem before you even look at Stop Puppy Biting.


Now, you may be surprised to hear that actually German Shepherd biting is rare. Very rare, compared to dog biting of other breeds. In fact, German Shepherd puppies nip more than other dogs bite.

Phew, what a dictum! You'll have to read that again to fully comprehend: German Shepherd puppies nip more than other dogs bite.

So, while a puppy, the GSD typically nips a lot more than most other puppies. But once an adult dog, other dogs are a LOT more prone to dog biting than the German Shepherd Dog.

Why is this?

It's because the GSD is a herding dog by nature, and herding dogs are genetically wired to

a) be very stress-tolerant

b) nip and nudge strays back to the herd

and c) not bite anyone because that would injure the herd that the GSD knows (s)he is meant to guard

To manage to get German Shepherd biting, you have to get a lot wrong first. For example:

  • Locking a GSD in a kennel (they can't stand that at all: they are herding dogs)
  • Chaining a GSD (they can't stand... see above!)
  • Depriving a GSD of social interactions (they can't stand... see above!)
  • Missing out on comprehensive socialization as a puppy (they can't stand... see above!)
  • Annoying an adult GSD with needless Obedience Training (they seem to find Obedience Training ridiculous: they've been bred to successfully manage an entire herd of cattle all alone(!), and then there comes one of those humans along who cannot do this, yet who desires to command every step the GSD is making... rolleyes )
  • Hitting or otherwise punishing a GSD who was just trying so hard to accept you as Pack leader (ask yourself: Could you accept someone behaving so badly?)

The more of any of this you do, the better your chance to get German Shepherd biting. Conversely, you can feed as much kibble as you want, yet none of that kibble will make your dog bite. Instead, over time the commercial dog "food" will lead to ever more dog health issues - many with enticing names such as Bloat and Gastric Torsion, Digestive Disorder, Gastroenteritis, and Pancreatitis, Skin Allergies and Skin Infections, Obesity and Arthritis, Diabetes and Tumors.

Now, to get German Shepherd biting and German Shepherd health problems, you just need to do all of the above. As said, you have to get a lot wrong first.

Oh, I almost forgot: What if you don't want a sick biting German Shepherd?

Then just don't do any of the above. wink

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