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Help With Dog

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Dog Problem Consultation

It is here where you find actual help with your dog. Not merely addressing symptoms like elsewhere: from veterinarian to dog behaviorist to dog trainer... doh!

Instead here, we actually aim to solving the cause of the issue!

help-with-dogBecause only this prevents reoccurence or after-effects that are related - despite that most professionals do not see nor understand the scope of interrelations. sad

Proof we are Ahead?

Like with:

Because only this allows a genuine dog expert to efficiently and effectively help SOLVE YOUR DOG PROBLEM based on the comprehensive information you provide.


Be aware that any genuine dog expert will enquire similar detail as in our questionnaire below. The problem however is:

  • you have no access to genuine dog experts (maybe unless you click this link)
  • and already a mediocre vet or local wannabe dog trainer you have to pay a minimum of $120 for this level of detail in a consultation
  • and that although mediocre professionals cannot act on it, even if you give them a detailed questionnaire like ours below.

But please feel free to try first getting actual help elsewhere: You may even use our questions to help your chosen professional become professional - only that then you are helping him/her, instead of being helped! idea

To prevent more wild-west scraping of our intellectual property(!), getting HELP WITH DOG requires social sharing first. We appreciate your understanding.

Your dog problem in as few words as possible

Indicate your level of discomfort

How much is it worth to you to solve your dog problem?

Think: If it isn't important to you, why should it be to others?!

Will you give back a bit to help dog owners like you when I spend time on your case? YesNo

Dog Details - Basics

1.1 Dog age? (estimate for rescue dog) monthsyears

1.2 Since what age with you? monthsyears

1.3 Gender? malefemale

1.4 Altered (spayed or neutered)? YesNo

  At what age? monthsyears

1.5 What breed or mix of breeds?

  IF MIX: of what two main breeds (if you know)?

1.6 Dog sleeps in your house or outdoors? indoorsoutdoors

1.7 Dog has free run or is locked up? free runlocked up

1.8 The ONLY dog, or what other pets? only doganother GSDanother dogwith cat(s)


2.1 What do you feed MOST OFTEN?

2.2 What Diet?

2.3 How many MEALS a day?

2.4 How much drinking water a day? (here metric: Milliliter ml) (conversion help)


3.1 Minutes per Day of exercise OTHER THAN plain dog walks?

3.2 Dog's level of exhaustion at END OF EXERCISE? (1: totally calm; 10: heat shock) minmax

3.3 Types of REGULAR exercise? (use CTRL to select multiple)

  IF OTHER: What?


4.1 Any known HEREDITARY defects or disorders?

4.2 Any CURRENTLY PRESENT disorders or diseases?

4.3 What SYMPTOMS are you aware of?

4.4 Any signs of PAIN? YesNo

  What signs? (keywords only)

4.5 Define the dog's BEHAVIOR with THREE ADJECTIVES? (word help)

4.6 Dog Weight? (here metric: Kilogram kg) (conversion help)


5.1 What PAST TREATMENTS? (include names of medicaments if any)

5.2 CURRENT treatment since when? (number of weeks)

5.3 WHICH vaccinations or "boosters"? (use CTRL to select multiple)

  The FIRST vaccination AT WHAT AGE? (in months)

5.4 Ever received any antibiotics? YesNo

  Number of courses (distinct treatments over time)?

  Last antibiotics HOW LONG AGO? (number of weeks)

  Can you look up the NAME of the antibiotics?

5.5 Ever received any steroids or NSAIDs? YesNoWhat is that?

  Number of courses (distinct treatments over time)?

  Last steroids or NSAIDs HOW LONG AGO? (number of weeks)

  Can you look up the NAME of the steroids or NSAIDs?

5.6 Ever done an x-ray on the dog? YesNo

  Number of times?

  Dog age at FIRST X-RAY? monthsyears

  Which body part got x-rayed at that time?


6.1 Precisely what does the dog DO that you don't like?

6.2 What happens immediately BEFORE the dog does that?

6.3 How do you REACT when the dog does that?

6.4 How does the dog behave AFTER you reacted that way?


Okay! Thanks. Maybe you have an image to illustrate your case?

Your First Name     Your Best Email

Great! Now we can address the cause. Not just the symptoms like others do elsewhere... rolleyes

adult GSD

Feel free to adjust the donation amount to your degree of urgency and discomfort.

USD     Donation is a popup, your input safely remains here
Thank you for all you do.





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Jonathan: Thank you for your period advice. It is excellent! My GSD puppy is now 8 months and we read your advice regularly.

Dwayne: I love this site and the info you post onto it. Thanks again!!!!

Penny: Thanks for making your great articles available to all of us. it's nice to know that a recommended product is actually available in my country.

Stay with us and your dog will stay with you, both of you healthy and well-behaved.
If you are ever unhappy with anything we write, do or don't do, we want to be the first to know, thanks.

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