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Dog HealthSo you've got an adult dog, and a problem with the dog's health?

MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG has its own Health Manual, short & simple, and to the point. Although this Manual's Introductory Notes are considered required reading for every dog owner, from the frequent HELP! requests sent in (like that, yes) we know that most dog owners haven't even seen these life-saving Introductory Notes, because then the dog owners wouldn't be worried for their dog's health, and sometimes for their dog's life!

Therefore, again let's spell out THE TWO MOST ESSENTIAL POINTS here:

  1. Choose the right veterinarian, a holistically educated veterinarian, not an average ordinary allopathic veterinarian who primarily studied pharma-industry-sponsored courses! For a long list of reasons, a truly holistically educated veterinarian you will rather find in an animal hospital than in a vet practice. A truly holistically educated veterinarian will not prescribe lab medicaments in general, and antibiotics, steroids and NSAIDs, and vaccination "boosters" in particular, neither as "prophylaxis" nor to "treat" your dog! A truly holistically educated veterinarian will only ever prescribe a lab medicament if it is known to cure a particular disorder or disease identified in your dog. Because these genuine veterinarians look for the CAUSE of a health issue before even considering any "treatment". Accordingly, you won't need to come back to them with follow-up health issues.

  2. Only feed natural fresh human-grade homemade foods, NO commercial waste products from rendering plants! Only human-grade foods, because only these are subject to food standards that can be and are being enforced. While when you buy commercial pet food, you are relying on the manufacturer's marketing. And the money you spend, you actually pay them for their marketing! Because the "food" input cost of "premium brand dry kibble" is infinitesimal - like $0.09 per pound or $0.20 per kilo, while you pay an average $4.03 per pound or $8.88 per kilo on "premium brand dry kibble" at the presumably overall cheapest source! Now you know what you really pay for. Ask yourself: "Do I want to spend my money on the pet food industry's marketing?!?!?"

Only you know the answer.

And what if you weren't looking for overall helpful information like this, but for information on a specific health issue? Then remember that the 31 most common German Shepherd ailments are discussed here. And that the Manual's Introductory Notes are considered required reading for every dog owner. ;-)

Or were you looking for a certain dog health remedy? Then you may find what you need in our dog health remedies table. Remember that what you need is not necessarily what you are looking for at the moment...


Note that every key point raised above you can find more comprehensively explained in other places on this website. The menu is your friend. Here, links have been omitted only to keep this decision tree straightforward.

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PLEASE NOTE: Posting a fragment of your overall dog problem in the comments below is not going to help. Provide complete details if you really seek the right solution. Of course we have a page for that as well: Dog Problem Consultation.


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    Hi I own a GSD dog for last five years we are veg. and I have feeded my dog with supplements from shop and curd rice, suddenly now dog have got limping in left leg could some one tell me the rescue way for this


    My 117 pound male GSD seems to "slip" sometimes when he runs on the carpet. I was just running around the house with him and he slipped 2 times in a row and it doesn't seem normal to me. He doesn't seem like he's in pain, but I want to stay ahead of any problems he might have. Thank you.


      My German Shepard slips on the wood and when she stands to eat she can't so she needs to lay down and it's not age but I'm worried about her I'm just a kid and I'm sad


    Hi Tim,

    I have another question. Why is it now considered an executable offense to keep your GSD outside?



    Hi my GSD is 1 yr old , and he's Been shedding a lot of hair on both back sides of his body but he doesn't have bald spot to where you see his skin he just has shorter growing fur , he's up to date on shots. We brought him a girl. Fried GSD for couple weeks then she was gone so I don't know what happened since this happened after the fact she left & it's the first time the hair loss happens and the first time he has a friend over, he usually shares and lives with my baby 2 yr old chihuahua but they get along great , they were raised together and are inseparable,, I'm just worried it's my first time having s GSD. What should I do,? To help? O and he does not like can food so he only its treats , dry food,.... And 1 more question? What's the best food to feed GSD???? Thanks


      "he's up to date on shots" - that's your problem then. Better study our vaccination periodical again, ASAP!
      "What's the best food to feed GSD????" - I wonder, have you read here anything at all?


    I have a 7 year old german shepherd, for the last 3 years he has been battling severe skin allergies, the vet has given him antihistamene, anti fungal medicine, antibiotics, last we did an allergy blood test to see if we can pin point what the allergy is, nothing. The skin under his arms and legs is black and has lost hair there and the skin is very thick. His chest is now loosing hair and the black thick skin is staring to develop. He also has like a cheesy smell. Do you recommend anything for this condition? We have changed foods several times, no grain, now no grain one protein...according to the blood work he is not allergic to foods....would love to hear your recommendation. Thank you!!


      "would love to hear your recommendation": you have ruined your dog's immune system with all those lab meds recommended by your vet. :-(
      IF at all, the only way to reverse that, and have hope for immune system repair, is to AVOID all that vet crap and food crap.
      ONLY feed what we advise for good reason, all the time, on countless pages, on site and in books. And ONLY see genuine holistic vets. Such vet will never prescribe "antihistamene, anti fungal medicine, antibiotics"!
      You can learn in my books WHY it is bad "advice" that you got - and what you PAID for.

      Subject to how ruined your dog's systems are, it may take 8 weeks to see improvement now - or never.

      Why can't people READ what we write BEFORE they do things all wrong?!


    Thanks for the information. I wish I would have known about your website before, I definitely will be doing a lot of reading in the next couple of days and make a definite change with the food and vet.


    Took my GS with anal gland infection to another vet. Was hoping to avoid surgical removal of glands, but this fellow agreed that surgery was the best answer. He agreed that the infection was not bothering my dog, that he is healthy & has no other problems but the infected glands, but said it best that they be removed to keep the dog healthy, & to avoid an abscess. Dog is now on his 4th different series of antibiotics, will be checked in a month, glands expelled, then we'll go from there. I am still against surgery unless it would prevent worse complications, & not pleased with the constant use of strong antibiotics.
    Would appreciate any assistance from those who have had a GS with anal gland infection.


      Bonnie, this is what I don't understand: I took much time and wrote here extra for you about the idiocrasy of ordinary vets to prescribe BLANKET TREATMENTS with antibiotics, like your first vet did.

      Then you seemed to appreciate that and agree.

      Now, you post an update and you say "Took my GS with anal gland infection to another vet... Dog is now on his 4th different series of antibiotics"


      Like I said, I will never understand why so many people (it isn't just you, you know) seem to finally understand (here, the idiocrasy to use antibiotics), and yet not change their behavior as medical consumer! Routine/habit seems to have such a strong force on the present "facebook" generations, it is staggering. Improvement doesn't come from doing the same thing over and over again, Bonnie, but from CHANGE.

      At this point now, I sadly have little hope that the anal infection will improve: After FOUR bouts of antibiotics, and in such quick succession, the poor dog's immune system has been criminally harmed! Self-healing requires support, not destruction. The immune system has been systematically destructed!

      Worse: You will soon visit the vet with ever more "side effect" problems caused by those foolish antibiotics therapies. And you will pay for those too, again and again. Mark my word. :cry:


    I know I sound very hypocritical re the antibiotics, 4th round. I took my dog to this highly recommended city vet, hoping for a ' change'. He did same as country vet, more antibiotics as no change in severity of the infection. I have debated re giving him the pills, but not sure what the right thing to do really is. Have tried Epson salt compresses, no change, bulked up his fibre intake, no change, --now what?


      "Am taking him to an holistic vet next week"
      "I took my dog to this highly recommended city vet" - is that the "holistic vet"?
      Probably not: "...hoping for a ' change'. He did same as country vet, more antibiotics"

      A true holistic vet as I defined it for example here will NOT prescribe antibiotics without having followed a very stringent process:

      • taking a culture
      • growing it for up to 14 days
      • IF pathogen identified, reviewing all natural remedies (incl. homeopathic remedies in the New World Veterinary Repertory)
      • IF NOT found a suitable natural remedy (highly unlikely!), reviewing the date a seemingly suitable antibiotic was last reported as successful
      • because a true holistic vet knows very well that most antibiotics are now known to be INeffective from the start!
      • and only IF at this stage he finds a suitable antibiotic (but not found a natural remedy earlier!??), he may prescribe it.

      Anyway, following your update, I change my earlier statement:
      "As we see, time and again, even two bouts of antibiotics didn't help. No surprise here."
      "As we see, time and again, even FOUR bouts of antibiotics didn't help. No surprise here!!!"

      "now what?" - that depends.
      1. "eats well (homemade food)" - what exactly? And only? No exceptions?
      2. (new vet..) "but said it best that they be removed to keep the dog healthy" - you DON'T "keep the dog healthy" by removing glands!
      3. (antibiotics..) When does the "4th round" end?
      4. I already asked earlier: "have you tried the suggested home treatment, and for how long, and what difference in symptoms did that make, both visually and behavior-wise? What does it look like now compared to what it looked like when that "vet" started his routine "treatment"? Any helpful observations?"


    Hi Tim,
    I love your advice . And I appreciate all the work you do on this site to inform people. But your replies and tone are very condescending. You have valuable information that these people are obviously uninformed about it. Yes, it is frustrating and I understand you love and care for your GSDs more than people. But I would hate to see you turn off the very people who need your help the most. I do hope they continue to apply the education that you are so passionate about here. But remember, the owners are in control, and they are who we speak to. If you loose that audience, you loose your purpose. If the questions and answers are frustrating, and I think you post them to show the ignorance of most GSD owners, then why post them at all? Those of us who are in tune with what you are saying do not post redundancy.


      Pardon me? Bonnie didn't think so, we've had a longer and very objective discussion, maybe you overlooked that?

      But anyway, how can you make unfounded claims like "...and I understand you love and care for your GSDs more than people"? - What??
      "and I think you post them to show the ignorance of most GSD owners"? - What??
      "Those of us who are in tune with what you are saying do not post redundancy"? - What?

      Can it be you had a bad moment, coming up with all that absurdity, AND writing it here?

      Why do you think you may say what you think, but I may not?
      Do you see, THAT is very condescending.
      I wouldn't even THINK to publish sth made up out of thin air about YOU. But you do, about ME.
      Strange. Do you see that now?


    My GSD sheds a lot... Is this normal for this time of the year? I give him vitamins and very good food From time to time I cook chicken. What should I do?
    Many & very special thanks!!!!


      In Greece it's still warm, but dogs really shed different amounts for various reasons, not just seasons. Food is one factor, yes. What means "very good food" to you?

      I know it means VERY different things to different people, lol.
      Anyway, you shouldn't need to do anything at all. Have you read our Shedding Periodical?


    I know you say that processed food is not always as they claimed to be, but I have a situation with my GSD, he is 7 years old and he has always been kind of susceptible to certain kind of foods, including human, we have taking him to various Vets. and no one is capable of determine the root cause of it. we have try giving him organic home made food but to no avail. Now Max stated to limp on both front legs, again I took him to another vet, this time to a dermatology and the only thing he recommends is to give him some type of processed food made of salmon, witch I suppose is not really salmon but some byproduct of. So what your recommendations be. I will appreciate very much since I an running out of options and I am afraid of the well being of my dog Max.


      Fabian, why the dermatologist? Any skin problem with Max?
      I understood "started to limp on both front legs", no?
      That would mean a mobility problem, and if any specialty vet it should be a physical therapist, or if vision is impacted too, even a vestibular specialist. But a standard holistic vet would seem more adequate than a dermatologist.

      "he is 7 years old and he has always been kind of susceptible to certain kind of foods" suggests that the new limping is Unrelated.
      And "susceptible" in what way? Skin problems? You didn't say.

      How long did he get "organic home made food" anyway? Note that any diet change requires a couple of weeks or more to see results.

      The key would be to know WHAT all those prior vets prescribed. I have an educated guess, but you didn't say. That's why we have this comprehensive questionnaire here.


    I am dealing with fistulas with my GS dog. My previous one had them also. Going to a holistic vet using traditional and herbal remedies. Anyone have experience dealing with this horrible situation?


      Kathy did you not click through to fistulas?
      Solution is right there on that page.

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