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Dog CareSo you've got an adult dog and you're looking for solutions to dog care. Well, we don't restrict dog care to skin care, ear care etc, we see dog care much wider:


What to feed, when, how, how much, and why. About dog health and dog food you can find so much nonsense being published - obviously both because of vested interests: pharma industry with veterinarians, and pet food industry with veterinarians (vets always make their cut, yes). All three of these mean HUGE business. But the truth is, commercial pet food is a waste product from rendering plants, and breed-specific dog food is nothing but marketing!


Sufficient varied exercise is another hugely important part of dog care, in particular for the German Shepherd Dog breed. After all this is a herding dog, specifically bred to run around all day to collect cattle, not bred to lie on a couch and watch TV.


The need for frequent social interactions, both with people and with dogs, never stops. Adult dogs too, and the German Shepherd Dog all the more, need continually to be accustomed to a variety of situations in a variety of environments in order to behave well. Without these learned experiences your GSD will be difficult and you are denying your dog to live a healthy and meaningful life.

Full body check

A regular full body inspection is as much part of dog health as it is part of dog care. It's prevention and it's free - while vet visits always cost you money.

Traffic training

Helping your dog to be safe in traffic is dog care. You can wonderfully observe this when you watch the videos in My New Puppy Diary.

Owner education

Learning a few fundamentals of dog health in order to avoid average allopathic veterinarians is dog care too!

Vaccines and medicines

Strictly avoiding needless and harmful vaccination "boosters", antibiotics, steroids and NSAIDs is dog care!

Environmental observation

Scanning the environment: Being mindful on dog walks to avoid broken glass, sharp-edged gravel, hot asphalt, road salt, and debris is dog care!

Freedom for herding dogs

Allowing your fully house-trained adult dog free run of the house even while you are away is dog care!

Together-time and Play-time

Regular Together-time and play with your dog to improve the relationship is dog care

And the list goes on and on...

Here you see that good dog care also prevents dog health problems and dog behavior problems. Because dog care and dog health and dog training, all three are connected!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas how to better care for your dog. Because for all of us, there always is room for improvement, isn't it?

If instead you were looking for a specific dog care remedy, you may find it among our proven dog care remedies.


Note that every key point raised above you can find more comprehensively explained in other places on this website. The menu is your friend. Here, links have been omitted only to keep this decision tree straightforward.

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    Earwax. Why does my Harley produce so much earwax. He's a long haired GSD & I usually clean his ears once a week. Sometimes it's every other week. It seams the more I clean, the more he produces.


      In my experience, "once a week or every other week" is not enough with this breed of upright ears.


        Thank you . I will start anew & start cleaning every other day to see how this improves. I'm great ful for your response.

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