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Dog Biting Problems

 Reviewed 19 December 2017 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion

You know that a biting dog is no fun. But most people, whether dog owner or not, normally seem to consider the wound as the only dog biting problem. This short article however will show you that a biting dog can result in a whole slew of dog biting problems.

The following dog bite problems are quite common:

  • wound infection risk
  • transmitted diseases
  • victim's work incapacity
  • income loss
  • time and cost of medical care
  • disfigurement
  • skin restoration
  • community fine
  • losing the right to keep a dog
  • formal complaint of the victim
  • threats from the victim's clan of family and friends
  • costly lawsuit
  • depleted bank account
  • And if your dog bit a child, then you've got a whole slew of additional problems to deal with!

Got a "dog jumping" problem? Phew! A dog biting problem makes all your other "dog problems" pure joy!

Dog biting in general, and German Shepherd biting in particular, is a serious concern for the dog owner, for the family, and for unrelated third parties. With a small pet dog and a household without children, a dog bite may be annoying and painful but isn't really dangerous (except if the dog bite transmitted a disease or the wound gets infected). But with a German Shepherd and a household with small children, a biting dog is seriously dangerous:

  • for anatomical reasons: large impact area (long snout with protruding teeth)
  • for physical reasons: strong and athletic
  • for personality reasons: guard dog with protective instinct and strong will power

Luckily, the German Shepherd Dog is a herding dog though, and herding dogs are not prone to uncontrolled biting because of their inbred instinct to guard the herd and to lead strays back to the herd. None of this inbred work ethos promotes biting. Nipping yes - to nudge strays back to the herd - but not biting (for the difference between biting and nipping see the article on Dog biting).

This is why German Shepherds make such wonderful family dogs. The more children, the better for the GSD. The GSD may be trying all day to bring all the family members together.

And this is why there are actually very few dog biting problems involving a German Shepherd Dog (or an Alsatian if you want). We have all the details, down to dog bite figures, in our MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL.

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