Can You Describe Your Dog's Behavior?


Any genuine dog expert will enquire in detail about your dog's behavior to understand what may CAUSE your reported dog problem, whether health problem or behavior problem! Indeed, this is a reliable indicator of expertise: If the person you consult does not enquire in detail about your dog's behavior then you are not facing a genuine dog expert. :idea:

So to help you prepare for consultations with a genuine dog expert of the caliber like these, please find below a list of descriptive dog behavior adjectives that you may use here or anywhere else:

descriptive dog behavior

To easily copy this out, here again in a table:

that you need to prepare for a consultation with a genuine dog expert
bad-temperedcurled upficklelaidbackquickterritorial


For dog behavior problems it should be obvious that you have to describe your dog's behavior (and your own) in detail - yet in reality, because most dog behavior consultants are mediocre, you will rarely find a genuine expert who enquires this level of detail from you.

For dog health problems, quality holistic veterinarians indeed will enquire in detail about your dog's behavior to understand what may CAUSE the health issue. While ordinary allopathic vets merely give visible symptoms a disease name. They don't even listen when you give them behavioral clues that, to them, seem to contradict the visible symptoms.

For example, say your puppy or adult dog got a vaccination because you haven't studied our truly life-saving MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL on Dog Vaccinations and Puppy Vaccinations. In the first couple of days after the vaccination, your dog acted unusually sleepy and bewildered, with his eyes fixated. When you describe this dog behavior to a quality holistic vet, (s)he will immediately know that your dog has an adverse reaction to the vaccination (vaccinosis) which has led to encephalitis!

Being observant to notice differences in dog behavior, and then being able to describe your observations with suitable words to a quality veterinarian, this truly can help avoid lifelong misery and continually high vet bills. And a shortened dog life!

So, make use of our experience.




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    I have a 5 year old spayed german shepherd. We rescued her from our neighbor who was neglecting her for over a year and a half. They got her as a puppy and kept her in a fenced back yard with no toys, no interaction with humans. Besides me and my daughter feeding her and petting her through a fence during that time. We offered money finally and they let us buy her from them. She was a mess when we got her. Chewing up the inside of our home but got along with our two other dogs and our cat. We have had her for almost 3&1/2 years and I still can't fix one issue. While walking on a leash she will try to attack other dogs, pulling me and lunging at them. I walk her every day for thirty mins. For the last year we have been going to a dog socializing gathering at a dog park. She is wonderful there, has never acted up....not once!!! Doesn't play with the dogs but she walks around with them and all the people and hangs out. But put a leash on her in our neighborhood and it's just me and her.....dogs beware, any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Great Eva, now you may use here the best matching dog behavior adjectives that you learned above, which ones are those?
      Also fill out the other important points on the linked consultation page, that will help, thanks.


    Thanks Tim for the quick response, I feel helpless and hope you can help. I just filled out the consulation page, thanks again for any help.


    I have a four year old intact male Shepherd. How do I get him to stop "marking" in the house. He must know that it is wrong because we have tried to catch him in the act and can't. He will do it if alone for only a few minutes.


      Easy! Why did you not neuter him years ago?
      Miguel, and any prior dog, never marks anywhere anything!

      As for "He must know that it is wrong because we have tried to catch him in the act and can't. He will do it if alone for only a few minutes": The only reason why he doesn't do it when you are around is, he's scared of your punishment.


    Thanks Tim! This is a very good chart for everyone to use even to just get to know their dog better! Reading that chart and applying it to your dog helps you think about characteristics that they didn't even know applied to their dog. A lot of people don't know their dogs at all! This can be very helpful if a person loses their dog. Knowing how their dog will behave in a given situation will definintely help in getting the dog back.
    As usual, you think of things no one else does!

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