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Dog ToysBesides many other dog toy criteria, foremost dog toys serve to prevent boredom, because boredom is poison for dogs! Think about it: We are damn lucky to be able to avoid boredom by cooking for the family (including the dog, hopefully), washing the dishes or the laundry (or maybe even both), cleaning the house (not least, of the dog's slobber), possibly ironing, and taking the bins out before we leave for work. How lucky is that?! :lol:

But our dog isn't that lucky at all. Sure, sometimes we wish that the dog did some of the housework (if not earn some of the money!), but in the end we know that even German Shepherd Dogs aren't really capable of that. The house would be a slimy mess if we did let the dog do the housework. It is this moment when we realize that, because of the dog's overall incompetence, the dog must be incredibly bored all day long!

And that's correct: Dog life really is a boring life, in most households. Where the dog doesn't have other dogs to socialize with, and we don't have the time to play with our dog (because we are cleaning the house and go to work), the dog can only resort to toys to avoid being bored all day long. That is, if the dog has suitable toys.

Without really wanting to, there's the second of our dog toy criteria: Dog toys must be safe. And to make it short here for this "decision tree": We should only buy toys when we know what they are good for, what's the benefit for the dog to play with that particular toy, and when?

All the dog toys in our dog remedies table suffice at least a couple of our dog toy criteria. No toy complies with all criteria.

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Note that every key point raised above you can find more comprehensively explained in other places on this website. Here, links have been omitted only to keep this decision tree straightforward.

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