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What to Require from Your Veterinarian

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MyGermanShepherd Health ManualRequire a lot of quality and very little treatment:

  • A veterinarian should only ever give you a suggestion how to treat your dog for an ailment after having identified the exact cause of the ailment!
  • Anything other, and you are not facing a quality vet. LEAVE.

  • Do not accept and pay for treatment before the cause has been diagnosed.
  • That is like paying a plumber for merely taking a look at your water leak. That's not going to fix the leak, and so you would never pay him for that.

  • Note that when your veterinarian says something like "it's conjunctivitis", or "it's an ear infection", or "it's an intestinal inflammation" or the like, then that's NOT the cause but the symptom.
  • Treating the symptom is palliation or suppression and is not going to help, it will force you to come back to the vet soon, with the same and with more health problems!
  • So, don't fall for treating symptoms. LEAVE.

  • From interest, studies, and experience spanning many decades, and having interviewed countless top experts, and total independence from pharma industry and pet "food" industry and veterinarian associations, I can assure you:
    • for every ailment there exist natural remedies
    • that have zero "side effects" mid and long term
    • and yet are more effective
    • and are therefore the more appropriate treatment too.

  • The whole point of finding the right veterinarian is to get help to identify the CAUSE of your dog's ailment, and then to find the natural remedy that actually helps your dog: finding cure.
  • Rather than to be lured into lab medicaments that merely palliate or suppress some symptoms which helps your veterinarian!
  • And with every new round of treatment, again and again.

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