Vets Run a Business, You Raise a Dog


MyGermanShepherd Health ManualForget the movies and dog channel docus when you see a vet: Veterinarian reality is so very different!

  • Just like with people doctors (MDs), practicing licence and experience does not mean that your veterinarian will
    • enquire of and identify all relevant symptoms
    • relate them to your dog's lifestyle history and medical history and all past treatments!
    • perform the right examinations
    • correctly identify the cause of any ailment
    • and then prescribe the most appropriate treatment
    • or oppose treatment and suggest rest instead!

  • Because, veterinarians run a business - you see that outright when you look at their dog "food" sales shelves...
  • A physician and selling stuff! The world has gone awry, thanks to the immense lobbying power of the pet "food" industry.
  • And because vets run a business is why from an ordinary vet you never hear the final option above: "oppose treatment and suggest rest instead!" - which brings no CASH.

  • Also note that every veterinarian is inundated with samples, trial agreements, and turnover incentives from pharma industry, pet "food" industry, and research institutes - which often are funded by the prior two!
  • The above alone fully explains on its own:
    • why X-rays etc are done so frequently - the equipment need to be paid for!
    • why antibiotics and anti-inflammatories are administered so frequently - it's way easier and quicker than identifying the cause and the most appropriate treatment of an ailment!
    • and why medicaments in general are prescribed so frequently - they pay perks, while alternative natural treatments pay nothing.

  • In addition, the required CPD (Continous Professional Development) is little more than ticking boxes what articles have been read.
  • There just isn't enough time in a physician's daily practice to learn of all medical developments, not even to study in detail the ones relevant to the physician's work!

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