Steroids and NSAIDs


MyGermanShepherd Health ManualConsider the biggest examples in terms of drug use in allopathic medicine to further your understanding of the Key Flaws of Allopathic Medicine. First, steroids and NSAIDs:

  • steroidal drugs (corticosteroids) are:
    • glucocorticoids (cortisone, hydrocortisone, prednisone, prednisolone, triamcinolone, methylprednisolone, betamethasone, dexamethasone, etc) and
    • mineralocorticoids (corticosterone, aldosterone, fludrocortisone, desoxycorticosterone, etc)
  • non-steroidal drugs (NSAIDs) are for example:
    • meloxicam (Metacam)
    • carprofen (Rimadyl/Novox)
    • deracoxib (Deramaxx/Novartis), etc.


You will read in most places and hear from most vets and MDs things like "anti-inflammatories have its uses if done right" (largest groups of drugs here: steroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs).

But that's not right, for the reasons that should become clear throughout this Health Manual where relevant. Here a short summary.

  • As their name suggests, anti-inflammatories work against an inflammation: they palliate or suppress the inflammation.
  • But an inflammation is the response of the defense system to an infection (disease) or to a physiological dysfunction (disorder) or rarely, to some other bodily impairment (defect).
  • The purpose of an inflammation is to allow the organism to initiate the healing process.


  • Steroids and NSAIDs not only have anti-inflammatory properties but also have immunosuppressive properties: they suppress the production of lymph, macrophages, and other cells necessary for immunological defense.
  • Indeed amongst other details, what differentiates the many steroids and NSAIDs is the degree of anti-inflammatory efficacy versus immunosuppressive efficacy.
  • For dogs that are already sick or in the past have been treated with steroids, NSAIDs, or antibiotics, the immunosuppressive properties are worst: they multiply disease risk and disorder risk.
  • As their name suggests, immunosuppressive drugs suppress the immune system: they shut down or significantly impair the immune system's ability to fight off infections and own cells that have gone awry - up until at least three or four months after the end of treatment!

  • In addition to the vastly increased disease likelihood and disorder likelihood, the administration of steroids or NSAIDs also causes a disruption of the collaboration of all 12 body systems.
  • In particular, steroids and NSAIDs always cause Endocrine system disorders and Immune system disorders, often Integumentary system disorders, and sometimes Nervous system disorders.
  • Thus even if your dog were not to contract an infection up until at least three or four months after the end of steroid or NSAID treatment, any subsequent Allergies and other disorders including lymphoma (Cancer) - and the associated cost! - must be considered a direct result of administering these drugs.
  • Because remember: the Foundation of Health. Indeed.

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