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Recommended Reading - The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health


by Mark Edwards

Recommended Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health covers all the common health problems - both the serious and the merely annoying - that could affect your German Shepherd at some point. The overall focus is on being prepared and taking preventative action.

This guide shows with illustrations how to accurately self-diagnose your dog - with the assistance of step-by-step flowcharts which tell you whether your dog is likely to be fine if you give it time and rest, or whether your dog needs to visit the vet, and how urgent this is. Although this guide is packed with knowledge and advice from veterinarians and trained dog-care specialists, it's easy on the eye and easy to read. You can actually understand what they are trying to tell you - unlike, so often, with a vet's diagnosis!

In a nutshell, this guide has just the right amount of detail, it is comprehensive (it covers all the common ailments and illnesses), and it is knowledgeable - while retaining a conversational, easy-to-understand tone.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health gives you the kind of introduction to canine healthcare that will allow you to take good care of your German Shepherd - without spending unnecessary time and effort trying to absorb the jargon of a veterinary textbook, and without spending unnecessary amounts of money on vet visits where the condition will disappear naturally anyway.

What does The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health actually cover?

The book deals with all the common problems and ailments suffered by dogs. It covers issues from toothache and dental trouble, ear infections, skin rashes and chafing, eye irritations, worming issues, and lameness, to chronic problems like vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, asthma, breathing trouble, and liver problems, to the more severe issues like arthritis and cancer. It covers even symptoms like lethargy, behavioral changes, hair loss, etc.

On top of this, you also learn how to pick up early warning signs by identifying and accurately interpreting your dog's body language, how to groom your German Shepherd quickly and effectively, how to take good care of its teeth and gums, how to administer medicaments safely and easily, and how to recognize the early warning signs of health troubles through behavioral and physical changes. All this information is fully supplemented by full-color diagrams, photographs, and illustrations. It can't get any easier or more illustrative than this 240-page Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

Actually, if you are quick they may still hand out the four bonus books too that I received myself:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid - which is an incredibly useful resource for those situations requiring an immediate response (including how to perform the canine Heimlich maneuver and dog CPR)
  • 175 Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog - which shows you how to indulge your German Shepherd's taste buds
  • 101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under a Tenner - detailing all kinds of luxuries-on-a-budget and activities for you and your German Shepherd to enjoy together
  • 20 Nutrition-Rich Recipes for Your Dog - which prove that healthy dog food is easy to prepare and delicious for your GSD too

These four bonus books alone have a combined value of over $80 - not bad to get them as a freebie!

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health - Summed Up

All in all, we couldn't be happier with this guide. It's exactly what we are looking for to take best care of our German Shepherd. Even if you've collected other dog health books already, you may still want to snap it up now, because it's so useful.

This is an information resource that every responsible German Shepherd owner, actually every dog owner in general, should have access to. Not only does it enable you to make educated decisions about the more serious health issues commonly suffered by dogs like the German Shepherd, you'll also learn a lot about the minor, day-to-day ailments and afflictions that almost every dog will encounter from time to time - as well as a host of useful facts on preventative care.

In other words, The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health really does help to have the BEST relationship with your German Shepherd. This comprehensive guide to dog health will help you to spot little problems before they become big ones, which makes it indispensable.

Take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health now

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