Recognize the Necessity to Know the Fundamentals Yourself


MyGermanShepherd Health ManualYou cannot rely on your vet: your vet runs a business, you raise a dog.

  • We dog owners all must know of the most common ailments, their symptoms, their cause, treatment, and prevention in order to have lifelong the best relationship with our dog.
  • Because only when you have a basic understanding of all of these areas, you will know how to keep your dog healthy and happy, and so yourself too.
  • And what the consequences are if you don't, financial and otherwise!

  • The most common ailments, their symptoms, their cause, treatment, and prevention I portray in this Health Manual.
  • As you will notice throughout, many ailments may be indicated by the same symptoms (eg lethargy, listlessness, loss of appetite etc).
  • Therefore you will generally need to consider the concurrent appearance of several symptoms, and also put them in relation to lifestyle changes, dietary changes, exercise changes, environmental factors etc.
  • In other words, by reading this Health Manual you practice awareness and applying educated common sense.

  • To help with that further, I went to great length to cross-link pretty much everything!
  • Make use of the links, jump back and forth and across freely. Because, since our birth hardly anything in life we learned from one-time reading. Right?
  • I too read important papers five, six times! And with each time I understand more and correct some of my earlier understanding. That's life, that makes it interesting.




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Disclaimer: Always apply your own common sense when you follow anyone's suggestions. As much as your dog is special (s)he may react different too.

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