Purpose of Treatment


MyGermanShepherd Health ManualThe Foundation of Health takes us to a critically important topic that is routinely given minimal consideration by physicians:

What is your purpose of treatment?


The existing classifications I find inadequate, so here is mine:

  1. Treatment to Cure
  2. Whenever treatment costs money or quality of life or life, any deviation from treatment to cure must be substantiated in detail!

    Thus always.

  3. Treatment to Hinder Progression
  4. Where treatment to cure has been ruled out conclusively, the subordinate purpose is treatment to hinder progression of the disorder or disease or defect.

  5. Treatment of Symptoms
  6. Where treatment to cure has been ruled out conclusively and treatment to hinder progression has been taken care of, only the final subordinate purpose is treatment to suppress or palliate symptoms if the symptoms are pain or discomfort.

Thus note that treatment of symptoms should come last, and only if the symptoms are pain or discomfort.

  • And yet, for allopathic physicians treatment of symptoms is everything!
  • This is the prime problem of western medicine and why the physicians don't achieve cure.
  • And it is the very reason for the costly national health system! In every nation.




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