Nothing Can Replace the Regular Checkup by a Quality Vet


MyGermanShepherd Health ManualConsider how much faster dogs live than people, so a yearly checkup should really be the minimum.

  • The warning signs of many ailments can easily be misinterpreted, and some ailments do not show warning signs at all.
  • Therefore it is important that you take your dog to a quality vet for a checkup regularly, even when everything seems fine.
  • Consider how many years represent a dog year, and that you can communicate your ailment and simply drive to a doctor.
  • Then you will appreciate that a yearly vet visit is not "a waste of money" if your dog's wellbeing means anything to you. Probably you too see a doc more than once in 6 to 10 years, right?

  • Avoid discussing with your veterinarian that you have "read up on the ailment on the internet". There is so much nonsense on the web these days that your veterinarian may rightfully respond with criticism, or simply ignore whatever you say. Neither will help your dog.
  • Instead, use this Health Manual as a manual, jumping back and forth and across freely, and think about it so much that you feel confident saying what you say to your veterinarian.

  • With every ailment, you decide yourself at what point you visit a veterinarian.
  • Probably you neither want to be your vet's best customer to the extent that your vet thinks you are hysteric, nor you want to be hitting the news as "the cruel dog owner who lets own dog die".
  • This Health Manual will help you to understand your dog's health and behavior so much better that you get a good feeling for when you should better visit a quality vet, and when the ailment is temporary and will heal itself with a lot of rest.




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