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Key Flaws of Allopathic Medicine


MyGermanShepherd Health ManualLearn here what stalls allopathic medicine - because that is what keeps you paying!

  • The focus on symptoms in allopathic medicine stems from the naive idea that "when the symptom is removed, so is the ailment".
  • Because, for allopathic physicians symptom equals sickness.
  • And yet, any good observer of the human or canine organism will notice "when the symptom is removed ... the body shows its sickness with another symptom elsewhere".
  • Because, you cannot fool the human organism, nor the canine organism, by removing some symptom.
  • You can only fool medical consumers into believing just that - and opening their wallet for every new round of removing another symptom!


  • So how do allopathic physicians remove your or your dog's symptoms?
  • They develop lab medicaments ("drugs") that conceal a specific symptom, mask it, cloak it, alleviate it, disguise it, palliate it. So that's called palliation.
  • Once you stop using the drug, the original symptom returns.
  • They also developed even more powerful drugs, drugs that can stifle the symptom, quash it, quell it, overcome it, subdue it, suppress it. So that's called suppression.
  • Once you stop using the drug, the original symptom does not return. Possibly never.

  • By far these are the two biggest groups of drugs in allopathic medicine, both by count and by number of prescriptions: More than 99% of all drugs do nothing but palliate or suppress your reported symptom!
  • And that's what they mean to do.
  • Ironically, in drug development precision is imposing: Allopathic medicine develops drugs so precise they can for example inhibit the organism's production of a specific protein.
  • Allopathic medicine excels in identifying the drug that successfully palliates or suppresses your symptom, or your dog's symptom. Because then you reward them with: CASH.

  • They tell you, and you believe: "when the symptom is gone, so is the sickness"
  • And that's why with this medical belief system there seems to be no need to differentiate between defect, disease, and disorder, nor between symptom, trigger, and cause. They say: "You are cured!"
  • Well no, you aren't cured, your dog isn't cured: The cause of the defect, disease, or disorder is still there, the body is still sick.
  • And so, not before long the body will signal its sickness by resurfacing the symptom (if it got palliated) or showing a new, another symptom, elsewhere (if it got suppressed).
  • Your allopathic vet or MD will treat that new symptom as unrelated, as new ailment, with a new drug. And the resurfaced symptom with another round of treatment, or sustained treatment, or a more powerful drug.

  • Either way, again they make you happy: they successfully remove your symptom or your dog's symptom.
  • And you make them happy: more CASH.

There is an easy way out: Not seeing, not paying, an allopathic physician!

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