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MyGermanShepherd Health ManualVomiting is a digestive system disorder describing the condition of involuntary evacuation of undigested or partly digested substance matter through the esophagus out of the mouth.

Every dog vomits - and a lot more often than we do. It is a natural reflex of removing any foreign objects that the dog may have ingested. Scavenging is a major reason for Vomiting - unless untrained using rigid German Shepherd dog training.

For the most part you can ignore Vomiting, but every now and then it can be a symptom of something worse: Compare the warning signs of the other ailments in the My German Shepherd Health Manual.

Who Gets Vomiting Problems

Vomiting does not relate to a particular dog breed. Instead it relates to the specific health problems a dog may have. Acute Vomiting can be caused by a sudden change in diet or the ingestion of something your dog’s body cannot digest. It can also result from quick ingestion of food, particularly dry food. But hopefully you won't feed dry food anyway, and this stainless steel Eat-Slow bowl should allow you to effectively stop that food gulping once and for all.

Finally, parasites and worms too can cause Vomiting in your German Shepherd. Roundworms are particularly common causes of Vomiting, along with Giardia and Coccidia, which will sometimes show in the feces or vomit.

Warning Signs

If your GSD vomits repeatedly, it could mean that the digestive tract is blocked by a foreign object or that your dog ingested a poison. Obstructions will often be accompanied by Bloat (see 4) and a complete lack of movement as well.

Note that it is rare that a dog vomits for a reason other than something the dog has ingested earlier. However, the vomiting may start anytime from a second after ingestion to hours after ingestion. At night, when the metabolism is down, vomiting could even start many hours after ingestion.

Where vomiting is a serious health issue, the vomiting normally is accompanied by other symptoms including Diarrhea (see 22), lethargy, behavioural problems and more. Additionally, if your dog vomits multiple times, it can be a sign of something worse.

There are two forms of Vomiting you need to be wary of: If your dog suddenly vomits multiple times, it could be a medical emergency and should be treated immediately. Also, if your dog vomits every day or every week, it could be a chronic issue related to a disorder like an allergy or cancer, or related to a defect like a narrowing esophagus, or related to a disease like a viral, fungal, or bacterial infection.

Avoiding and Treating Vomiting

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To avoid Vomiting as much as possible, don't give your dog dry food (kibble), avoid large meals, prevent fast eating (this Eat-Slow bowl is ideal), train your dog not to scavenge, and always provide ample amounts of fresh water.

Ensuring that your dog won't eat too fast is essential, and an effective Eat-Slow bowl helps with that. Place the Eat-Slow bowl in an enclosed area (simple plinths fixed on the ground will do) which is as large as you want your dog to move the bowl around. The more the bowl moves, the slower your dog will eat, but the more you may have to clean up.

Both the sturdy plastic Eat-Slow bowl and the stainless steel Eat-Slow bowl not only substantially reduce or even eliminate Vomiting, they also significantly reduce Bloat and hence also the risk of Gastric Torsion (see 4). In addition, slower eating means that your German Shepherd will digest the food better, so that its metabolism makes better use of the nutrients in the food. This also means that your dog will sooner feel full, will eat less, and will scavenge less. Finally, these bowls perfectly match our advice to serve your dog two or three smaller meals during the day, rather than a single large meal.

Don't let your dog play with anything that could easily be ingested if your dog gets too carried away. All German Shepherd toys should be of suitable 1) size, 2) weight, 3) shape, and 4) material.

Don't let your GSD chew on eg household items that may have a hazardous paint, varnish or other form of coating. Note that chemicals don't fade away when drying up!

To treat repeated or chronic Vomiting, you should visit the vet to determine the underlying CAUSE! Obviously, cases of sudden Vomiting multiple times must be treated as an emergency because it shows that there is a persistent obstruction or adverse reaction to a substance that your dog has ingested. Just serving water is not a sufficient treatment and possibly not even an appropriate treatment in this instance.

If your dog has ingested a hazardous substance, in rare cases water may make it worse since water may not only dilute but disseminate the substance. Flushing the throat, stomach, and gut should always be left to the vet.

Where the cause is an obstruction, in rare cases you may have to help your dog to throw up the obstruction with a firm and targeted pat on the upper chest. This must always be done while your dog's mouth is facing down, so that the obstruction can more easily come out.




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    What causes yellow liquid bile vomit? My gsd is recovering from gdv.


      Typically an infection! Has the vet checked for intestinal parasites?
      But you say he had GDV? How far did it go until treated? Treated with what?? That could be the next issue/reason for the vomit.
      Going forward, by all means avoid large meals, hurried meals, disturbances during meal times, fermenting foods, cheap kibble, additives, emulsifiers etc. Provide loads of exercise - but not around meal times! And provide loads of water, yes! And avoid scavenging!
      In short: Follow all our GSD Training Essentials, as a minimum.


    my GSD has vomits usually everyday in morning tym.it vomits out some greenish fluid;sometimes reddish too,with great jerk trying to force something out of its stomach...she isn't under any medications


      Aswii, how long has this been going?? And how's the stool looking?
      Could be worms, but not enough info. From what you say, I'd have taken her to the vet immediately. If you have a dog health insurance, it won't even cost a penny.


    i had a german shepherd puppy.it was not well since today morning.it has repeatedly got vomitngs and loose motions how can resq it .and it was 25 days old only please please give me any guidance i'm asking you with full of tears in my eyes


      Not sure what you mean, you use past tense but still ask for "guidance"? Pup 25 days, are you a backyard breeder? Is your pup with you NOW? Then take him/her to the vet straight away! Sounds a bit like accidental poisoning from household stuff, or did you try self-vaccination???


      pls take him to a vet as soon as possible and don't giv him milk


    Dan my 10 month old GSD had the runs for a few days, I changed him onto rice and boiled chicken and he can't hold it down, he is still happy and full of energy. The sick smells like its been fully digested when it comes up but I am worrying as he must be starving. He is fully vaccinated


      Is this feedback or a hidden question, Tim?

      I don't read a question out of it, but if it is meant to be one:
      - Any dog that has Diarrhea or Vomiting for two days in a row should be taken to the vet for diagnostics (and a puppy all the sooner!)
      - When our dogs have Diarrhea or Vomiting, we feed BROWN rice with cooked LAMB immediately (ie without the usual slow diet change) and give plenty to drink (essential!), and we check the stool.
      - If the Diarrhea or Vomiting then continues, it's a sign that the dog (or puppy) has worms (likely) or another disease (rare).
      - With a GSD and feeding brown rice and cooked lamb, food allergy and food intolerance can then be ruled out - which helps a lot to determine the cause!

      If you've done that, I suspect your pup has intestinal worms. Take him to the vet immediately. Do not try deworming yourself now, as you cannot know if that's the case (and what type of worms it is, if it is that).

      Please get back here, with the diagnosis.



    Sorry about the last message, I posted it using my phone and for some reason I seem to adopt the technical skill of a cat when trying to type messages on the touch screen.

    We took Dan to the Vets and they stated they believe the issue to be intestinal worms and gave us the usual home worming pill. I have fed him a small amount of his regular food (natural instincts raw food) and added the pill at the same time. He has been ok since. At dinner time I will give him another 300g of raw food and hopefully that should help him work out the worms.

    For future reference, should it help anyone, Dan's symptoms were 1, Very watery stool, 2, Unable to hold down food 3, consistent hunger.

    The only annoying part of the whole ordeal is the vet will only issue one pill and is making us go back for the second pill next week (they recommended two a week apart) but this is a small price to pay.

    Thanks for your fast reply and next time I will use an old fashion keyboard to type and not a touch screen.


      Worms! Like I said. Thanks for getting back. But you didn't reveal which worms Dan has?
      From the (few) symptoms you wrote, I suspect tapeworm (hookworm and whipworm lead to bloody stool).

      And which medicament did your vet prescribe?
      Two pills a week apart is fine, but they make you come back to write a higher invoice ;-)


    Hi Tim,

    Your correct with the tapeworm guess, Somehow between his regular worming (every 3 months) he has managed to get a little infestation. I can only assume that he has gotten hold of something dead in the garden or the local forest and decided to eat it.
    We medicated Dan with Milbemax chewable tablets, I have also decided that it makes more sense for me to buy the follow up pill from Viovet for £4.05 as opposed to the £15.90 the vet charged.

    Thanks for the advice and a great website, I will be using it as my GSD bible from now on.


      Tim, then you may want to:
      - check that your GSD does NOT have the MDR-1 gene defect(!)
      - because, although otherwise a great remedy, Novartis' Milbemax contains Milbemycin oxime, a macrocyclic lactone, which is dangerous for such dogs (10% of GSDs have that gene defect)!
      - further, apply the advice how to avoid scavenging
      - increase the frequency of giving dewormers (or, if safe for your dog, stick with this one now, that should help)


    I have a 3 yr. old GSD male and he vomits nearly every night or morning. Most of the time it is bile, but the other day it was his whole meal. Of course I took him to the vet. We changed food but didn't really help. We now give him a pepcid type of medication from the Vet. It has helped and he is not vomiting AS MUCH.
    He has had blood work and the Vet says the blood looks fine. He is getting a dry food diet with about a tablespoon of canned dog food. Would adding a little rice to his diet make sense? He also gets dog biscuits and occasionally bones from the market. Any help would be appreciated.


      OMG Kathryn. You have a German Shepherd, no?
      If you have, you have a dog with one of the most sensitive GI tracts out there in the canine world!
      What you feed him currently is crap (sorry if you don't like the word, I have the excuse I am not English :-) ). If you don't change that, his health (and behavior!) will get worse. Yes.

      >Would adding a little rice to his diet make sense?
      Yes, of course. Not "a little" (you are funny), all of it. Replace the crap with cooked lamb and brown rice for ONE week (you can afford that, don't worry). Plus, of course, plenty of water during the day (always!).
      After that week you will see that all his problems resolved (unless he has some other health issues, but your vet says "no").

      Stop that pepcid immediately! Gosh, will "rural" vets ever take their CPD??!
      Change the vet. Choose a holistic vet, one who knows how to treat your dog overall, instead of knowing how to prescribe more drugs to earn perks!


    HI Tim,
    My girl, Gi, doesn't quite fit into any of these posted scenarios.... So I present to you...another vomit scenario.... Morning vomit about 3 times a week. Very bile looking... About 3 small piles of it. Sometimes random during the day... Maybe 3 times per week. This looks like kibble. I was feeding half raw and half grain free kibble. Stool is great.. Energy is great... Been going on for about 3 weeks. She is on a monthly heartworm ..sentinel...which eradicates some of the parasites I know but not all. Strange with no other symptoms.. She is maintaining her weight. Good water drinker.. Was going to try strictly raw for a few days. Maybe brown rice and lamb after reading your posts... :)


    We adopted a 6 month old black German shepherd. When we got her she would eat so fast she would vomit. So we got her a slow eating bowl. Still vomiting sometimes 15x a day. Brought her to the vet did xrays no obstructions,did blood work. High white cell count and low protein. Was put on 2 different antibotics and nausea medicine, plus zd prescription food. About every other day she still vomits. Not as much as original. We are exhausted and have spent over a $1000 and still don't have an answer. We thought megaesophagus and started having her stand to eat etc. We just aren't getting a clear answer. Even though she eats her recommended daily food she is not gaining weight and you can see her backbone. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


    Hi there,

    My story is like many of these. We adopted our first GSD a little over a month ago now. after 3 weeks we changed his Raw Instinct food to Taste of the Wild. Another 2 weeks later he threw up what looked like an entire rubber ball! We took him to the vet after he threw up more ball and just food the next morning. They did xrays, gave him fluids, said he looks gassy but theres nothing else that they could see & blood tests were all normal. He's on heart gaurd and worm gaurd and became up to date on all of his shots the first couple days that we got him. After the vet sent him home he threw up just bile twice more, so we took him to a different vet who did the same things, xrays, ultra sounds, IVs of fluid. Put him on Royal Canin canned food and prilosec and said we can change him to his dry (taste of the wild) dog food. We did that and he threw up bile again, so back to the royal canin. So now i'm wondering if he is stuck with the bland canned food forever or is there something else we can transition him to? like the Natures Variety Instinct that he was on before? Or should we stick to royal canin wet food, or maybe the royal canin dry food? any suggestions appreciated!


    My GS Ruby came from a foster home her diet was crap so I changed it to raw meat,chicken,turkey etc with rice etc she went to hospital 4weeks ago $2000 on X rays and they couldn't find anything she was uncomfortable in the stomach she spent 2 days for them to say not sure might have to cut her open to see but might not be a need as they could not see anything on X rays so brought her home and and she was still uncomfortable she didn't not release her bowl for 2 days so I gave her coloxcial & once she did she was back to normal constipated I'm guessing.She has been great till today vomitted her food out no worms yellow gue but food was full not broken done the vets here in Sydney are hopeless as we came from Melbourne they were more about the animal than money seeking advice


    I just bought two of the German Shepherd pups at 8 weeks. First day, it was going good with the feeding but starting tomorrow which is yesterday, they stop eating and they seem to just drink water, well, I've seen my male pup diarrhea yesterday and along today too so I give them fresh water everytime. I can't get ahold of them to eat their food today too, but just recently the male pup was vomiting and I don't know what cause him that. Please help me out asap. Thanks


    Hey there guys so i was wondering if someone could help me, My 5 month old German Shepherd pup just recently started vomiting on Sunday. He threw up once and I didn't find it until later since it kind of dried up after. I tried to feed him again but he wouldn't accept it so i just figured he wasn't hungry. Later on in the night he threw up again brown liquid which was obviously his food. It is now Monday night since I am writing this and now he's only eaten once today. He has none of his typical goofy energy and is now seemingly really weak. I am taking him to the Hospital tomorrow since it is now midnight but i was just wondering if anyone could relate or offer tips. We recently changed his food from Pedigree puppy to Simply Nourish Puppy since pedigree is so bad for them and a Petsmart employee recommended Simply Nourish as well. I think he may have eaten too much but can anyone give me any tips on feeding GSD pups and taking care of them properly. I'd really appreciate it. thank you.


      "a Petsmart employee recommended Simply Nourish as well" - yeah right, a Petsmart employee of course knows perfectly well what to feed your GSD puppy.

      That's irony, in case it isn't obvious.

      "tips on feeding GSD pups and taking care of them properly. I'd really appreciate it." - Sure, that's what we do all the time, see the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL, and for urgent cases like with a puppy(!) see, get, and apply all this: New Puppy Diary.

      So what did the hospital employee say?


    My 6 yr old white gsdx husky has been sick ever since a pup he got struvite crystals at 3 month old, car journeys always car sick, now he is vomits every day, just bile normally, but not car sick anymore, had him on a bland royal cannin diet till he was better he doesnt glup food and is a little picky in his old age, hes now on a salmon biscuit with hilife mince as this is all he chooses to eat. Im worried as how is reaching like that everyday effecting his throat etc?? Im trying him on garlic everyday and thinking ginger may just help settle his stomach?.. :-(


      Are you serious, or are you making fun/spamming?
      None of what you mention you feed your GSD makes sense to me.
      What we suggest to feed (and what we do feed) is plentiful on this website. Please take a look.

      Oh, and if I was given bland Royal Canin, I would vomit too. Wouldn't you?


    Hi sir ,
    I need help from you my 6 months female gsd is continues vomiting from last 3days and I called doctor and he came gave some injections and as well as tablets, scrap....and electrolyte (ORS) powder...I feed as doctor direction Bt still vomiting is Nt stop what I do plz tell me sir


      How can you allow the "vet"(??) to "give injections" without identifying the CAUSE of the misery?
      Dammit, I write that everywhere! Is anyone READING at all, or only posting the same questions over and over again?

      What did your "doctor" say he thinks is the CAUSE, and what "injections" did he administer?


    My 2month 20days female gsd vomiting 3times what should I do


    Hi I had 6 week gsd puppy but he vomit after meal. I dont understand what is the problem .whatever she eat she vomit.


      Pl go through the above, then you know what is the CAUSE and you can help.


    My German Shepherd puppy is 5 months old and has been vomiting at least 3 times a day for the past 3 days now but his stool is normal, just the vomiting, which he vomits all of his food up. I want to try to do everything possible before going to the vet, any help... he is my baby boy and I worry!




      From your CAPITAL LETTERS no one can determine what illness your puppy has, but normal use of the alphabet would have made reading this much easier, and be more polite.
      Not vaccinated at age 2 months is very wise: Your puppy is fully protected by maternal antibodies at this age, and these antibodies would make any vaccine INeffective, thus the vaccine would ONLY DO HARM to the puppy.

      One day puppy vomiting is not a problem (yes, they often vomit), but if not better tomorrow take the pup to a quality vet FOR ASSESSMENT (only!). DECLINE ALL TREATMENT unless the diagnosis is: life-threatening illness (unlikely).

      And stop the curd and buttermilk! Feed what we feed pups. It's for a reason!


    Hi I have a 13week old boy and has been vomiting for 2 days? I feed him bakers for puppies. Iswhat can I do to stop him. Dnot like seeing him Ill. .


    Hi, my dog is a 3-4 mth old GS, i give him the royal canin food for puppies, ive been noticing a little more often then usual he has been vomiting right after he eats his food, he just got his 2nd shot a few days ago.....the food he vomits isnt even digested its still as whole so, would you think its due too him eating fast? Also ive noticed he has been geting more skinny im starting to worry so just need some opinions ir tips?
    1 more thing: i was told to give her a milk protein nursing formula called Ultra 24 she seems to like it...


    My 3 month GSD height is not good to other gsd dogs of same age .what can I do for his height.


    My 2 month old German Shepard has been trying to commit for hours but nothing is coming out what do I do?


    My 12 yr old gds is throwing up and very latagic.
    She is now not drinking water and just lays around. I feed her royal cain dry for senior dogs.
    What should I expect at the vet?


      I would change her to real food, ie humangrade, what you eat (hopefully), as we've advised for the past 12 years or so.
      That this isn't going to do much magic after so many years of Royal Canin is obvious. But at least this will better all things as much as still possible.
      And I would add various kinds of fresh fruits/juices to the water to entice her to drink a lot.

      That's all that makes sense at this time. Unless you have money to throw away. But then better donate here to support the needy. Thanks.


    My GSD Falko has vomited two times - night and morning ,temperature is 101.4 degree Celsius ,it's behaviour is normal.
    Hence what I should to do?


    I have a 7yr old GSD who was put on a prescription diet for his urinary tract. He's been on the food for three months with out any problems then suddenly he began vomiting his food. We restricted his diet but decided to make an appointment with the vet,she did blood work, xrays and an ultrasound without finding anything wrong other than a little dehydration. He was fine for two days and began to have diarrhea for about 12hr. We removed his food and continued water which he was drinking, then slowly introduced a small amount of rice which he ate but now he's wont eat anything. I have another appointment with the vet today but wanted to get your opinion. :)

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.


      What did the vet say yesterday Toni? Can you get back and clarify for the help of others like you?

      Without further insight from you, here's my thoughts based on your few lines: Your dog likely has an underlying health issue, beyond the mere symptom of diarrhea and vomiting - which causes the dehydration of course!
      What? Hmm, could be:
      - just an intestinal bug
      - transitory immune system disorder (don't know enough from you/your dog)
      - sth more serious, like organ tumor or even metastasis.

      So what would I(!) do if you were here?
      Full blood analysis, giving clues which of the three it is!

      Oh, and of course, I would NOT feed "prescription diet" and such nonsense. I'd ONLY EVER FEED NATURAL FOODS.
      I trust this helps regardless of what your vet said yesterday?


        Hi Tim,

        You're correct in thinking there's an underlying cause... Although the vet stated his blood work was good, his SDMA was slightly elevated (only one point higher than the reference range.) Her thoughts, given his breed and age, that it's very likely early kidney disease. She sent out additional blood work to look at his protein/creatinine ratio.

        I adopted him from a rescue group two years ago and no one knows what his life was before that. I knew when I adopted him he had bilateral hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia in one leg. I've been giving him dasuquin supplements since but I can tell he is in some pain.

        Any insight you could provide for natural food that is kidney friendly is greatly appreciated. I know that small amounts of high quality protein is recommended but not sure what other kinds of food/supplements he may need. Also, if you have any additional recommendations for his dyspalsia/pain.

        Thanks again! :)


    Many thanks Tim! I was worried about Kiera because she vomited yesterday morning and then just now. Because of your periodicals telling me how to observe Kiera, I can tell you both times were after she ate the first few bites of her breakfast/lunch. The vomit was what she had eaten in the first few bites. I haven't changed her recipe to anything new, except I used less rice because I was cooking at my Mom's house.

    Now after reading the above I'm thinking maybe with all the travelling, she was eating too fast the last two days (more time between meals).
    Going to use your links above to buy an eat slow bowl. Since all the food is put through a blender I think she would find it easier to eat out of the eat slow bowl rather than the regular bowl.

    So no question for you, just a big thanks for your help in taking my worry away.


    my gsd pup is 47 days old. she had a dry egg in the morning.she pucked out 5-6 times.what is to be done?


    Our7 yr old German sheep as started having fits,he then try's to be sick like a yellow bile,the vet put him on phenbarbitone but we took him off a month later he was monied out all the time,he was great for 3 months and his started to have fits again.not long ones not often.


      Sue pl read through ALL the above, what I suggest to do and not do, and why. REGARDLESS what your (average!) vet says. I can't repeat myself for millions who don't read what I already wrote, you see?
      Thanks for your kind understanding and starting to read through here.


    My 2.5 german shepherd cross has had diahrrea and vomitted bile intermittently for 6 weeks. He is on Nutro (adult dog) food and a few spoons of pedigree canned food, we cut out bully sticks and bully stick treats. We cut out high fat canned food from Trader Joes. He has tested negative for Giardia twice. The vet noticed a high bacteria count (in his stool sample) He had had yet another round of Metronidazole antibiotics and gets a daily dose of pro plan fortiflora ( purina) probiotics. At the vets recommendation. He still throws up pure bile every third day in the morning. He is not losing weight and his stools have been a bit more shapely....I am starting to suspect he might have the beginning of that Pancreas disease Sheps are a bit prone to??? Like an athrophying gallbladder or something like that?


      "The vet noticed a high bacteria count (in his stool sample)" - WHAT bacteria??

      "He had had yet another round of Metronidazole antibiotics" - Yet another round, WHY???

      I JUST replied this here, it is for you too. I am going nuts with all those "veterinarians" that shouldn't have a licence (to kill!).

      What bacteria did he find such that he prescribed Metronidazole?? I can guarantee Metronidazole is INeffective! Why do you pay for that??

      For 6 weeks already? Now do this:
      1) Throw ALL commercial "food" in the bin, and seal the bin until the binman comes.
      2) Share home-cooked leftovers of natural foods with the dog. ONLY that!

      Go through our MENU at the top, CARE > DOG FOOD, read all of that.

      3) Finish the antibiotics treatment, only because once you started you have to :-(

      Antibiotics are like free-fall from a bridge: Once you jump, you have to go all the way down! Literally down.

      4) Stop guessing based on what you found on blogs. Simply do the above.

      Note: I do all this work to HELP you. So don't forget to answer: WHAT "high bacteria count" did he find?

      (likely he doesn't know. I know)


    Today 16/01/17 I lost my German shepherd she was everything to me . Yesterday we were playing and running all around house that time I was not knowing that it is the last time I am seeing here, than I went to college and when I returned she was dead .
    I was told that she headed blood vomiting and was suffering just before her death . Once at the moment she was jumping here and there and all of sudden she felt down . I can't even imagin that she is no more before we could take any measure she was no more with us .
    It gets even more worse that I was not with her at that time , now I think it would have nnever been happened if I not gone to college . So I request u all who are having German shepherd at there home to please take care of these fascinating creation of god and stay with them as more as possible . She was an female and her name was laila, she was of age just 1 year 5 months and she left us all alone . So please take care of these guys because once they are gone no one can fill their place.........!


    I have a 13year old german shepherd and the last 3week he has began coughing it sounds like a pig grunt .and when he eats he coughs and brings is food back and eats it up again


    My six month old GSD, Toby, is usually a little sick after worming tablets. The vet gave us Milbemax yesterday and said that they would be best but he has been violently sick overnight. He is still bringing up some bile and is a little quiet this morning. Will the tablets have worked as it would have been over six hours after taking the tablets that he was sick? Has anyone else heard of any problems with this brand of worming tablets? I will contact the vet if he doesn't improve throughout the day but am now nervous of feeding him too much in case he is sick again! Any advice gratefully received as he is our first shepherd. Thanks. Barbara


      Although Milbemax is considered safe, Milbemax too contains macrocyclic lactones, which are dangerous for dogs with the MDR-1 gene defect that 10% of German Shepherds have. Has your dog been tested?

      The other possible reason for the dog to be "violently sick" right after deworming treatment is a whipworm or, more likely with puppies, a hookworm infection. Does the dog have bloody or dark tar-like stool, ever?

      It should be obvious - but sadly is not to ordinary allopathic vets! - that the dog must not receive steroids, nor NSAIDs, nor antibiotics, nor vaccines! Never vaccinate a sick dog (if sick within the last 3 months!).

      "Toby, is usually a little sick after worming tablets" - :shock: How often do you give those?


    Tim Carter Please help me out My dog has been vomiting since yesterday and she has not been eating anything too.i took her to Val and they gave drugs,she still vomiting up till now..Am worried


    My dog is almost 3 months old and the last two days he has been dry heaving but then last night he threw up once but then after that he continued to dry heave for about an hour he is still very active and still eats and drinks normal just don't understand why he got sick


      The retching and now vomiting suggest an intestinal infection that he may have caught outdoors (likely) or indoors (unlikely). As this has been continuing and worsening for three days I would strongly advise you pay to see a quality veterinarian for a clinical exam. Study this linked Periodical first to make sure you don't pay an ordinary allopathic vet for blanket treatment meds (steroids and antibiotics) that will not help your puppy at all but do a lot of harm instead, and long-term! Join the movement to be an educated dog owner who doesn't pull her wallet for blanket treatments. :idea:

      If the vet you visit says "Is he vaccinated?", turn on your heels and truly seek a quality veterinarian. Always require a titer first, before even considering any vaccination (other than what's legally required which is only Rabies). If your pup still has maternal antibodies then those vaccinations won't work anyway! All details in Dog Vaccinations and Puppy Vaccinations.

      "just don't understand why he got sick" - puppies get sick a lot, not your fault at all. Had you seen all the sickness entries in the index of My New Puppy Diary you'd rejoice not having my Miguel, lol.

      Let us know how it goes.


    My 12 week old GSD pup vomits daily. The vet says she eats too fast. We put her food and water into slow feeder bowls and she still does. Bowels are normal. She is very playful. She even vomits food up hours after eating. Any advice or thoughts?


      Yes, a LOT advice Linda. You have started investigating the cause of the pup's vomiting, and that's great. Changed the bowl to slow-feed bowl, also great.

      "The vet says she eats too fast" - I disagree, that's never the cause of vomiting.

      Next thing I suggest you rule out is that it's caused by the food itself, see here in short, or here in detail. Two weeks REAL food, see if that stops the vomiting (it will certainly put an end to paying the bills to vets).
      Or you may want to fill out the consultation form and I can take a look at the details you have to provide there.

      While it is normal for such young puppies to vomit once a while (my new puppy did too), you are right to identify the cause and address it, great attitude!


    My 2 year old was vomiting after drinking water for 11 days and we took her to the vet. Got an examine done, X-rays and even got antibiotics because they were exactly sure what was wrong. Well today at week after the vet she threw water up again. I called our vet and advised to elevate her water bowl. Some dogs will actually eat sick and throw up if the water is to low. So I tried it hoping it would work. As of now she ate.. came back inside from going potty and drank only a little portion instead of drinking a ton and has been fine. I guess elevating the water bowl was all she needed. Hope this helps other people. $400 later and it was all the water bowl.


    My GSD is 7 week old since last night he has loose motion and now he is vomiting with some .Blood can u help me


    I have a 7 weeks old gsd pup who was seperated from his mom amd his littermates when he was just 20 days old .since then he is weaned on a Mother's milk replacer . The issue is that he doesnt eat any kibble. Dry or soaked.i bought Royal Canin Maxi starter .i tried it soaked it warm water, plain yoghurt.i even spread cottage cheese on it.he doesnt even smell it. Help me. I have to make him puppy food.


      Get this if you are truly interested in raising a healthy and well-behaved GSD? You see there my latest GSD was the same age, and what I do, and feed, and DON'T feed, and why. Also all health problems dealt with professionally, and all behavior and training challenges...

      If you aren't interested, study at least our menu at the top in all detail. And right now/first, study all under CARE > DOG FOOD. Because you've got a lot to learn. ;-)


    I have a 8 week old German Shepard puppy I gave him puppy food and he threw it all up he has his shots I am really worried about the vomiting it stopped when I fed him mashed potatoes then I gave him pedegriee and vomited all up in chunks it started when I brought him home Friday Saturday Sunday he ate mashed potatoes I tried the puppy food but vomited all up today please help I am in tears and scared HELP!!!

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