MyGermanShepherd Health ManualConsider the biggest examples in terms of drug use in allopathic medicine to further your understanding of the Key Flaws of Allopathic Medicine. Here, antibiotics:

  • You will read in most places things like "Antibiotics can cure infections, antibiotic prophylaxis can even prevent infections", and this is about a quarter right but then conceals 75% of the truth.
  • It is like saying "crude oil can power cars, a full tank of crude oil can even take you from New York to Los Angeles".
  • Well no, you need a special car engine to power it with crude oil, and unless you drive a fuel truck you will never reach Los Angeles.

  • anti-biotic literally means against life forms, so the name alone should raise your neck hairs.
  • First note that an infection can take many forms. Is it an infection from a bacterium, a fungus, a virus, a protozoa, or a parasite?
  • If at all, antibiotics only help with an infection from a bacterium!

  • Next, which bacterium do you need help with?
  • Ordinary allopathic physicians neither know nor aim to find out! Or when was the last time your MD or vet scraped some tissue cells to grow a culture in vitro in the lab back office for cytologic analysis before making you pay for antibiotics??
  • Instead, they prescribe "broad-spectrum" antibiotics. But note that "broad-spectrum" antibiotics do not exist: Against more than half of the major group of bacterial infections NO antibiotic is effective!
  • Ordinary allopathic physicians don't know this or don't care. And when you inform them, they will argue with you out of habit that they "know it all".

Prerequisites of antibiotic therapy

The use of antibiotics is only sensible when:

  1. you are facing a life-threatening condition or one that materially impairs the quality of life long-term
  2. and the particular bacterium has been identified
  3. and the suggested antibiotic is known to be still effective
  4. and an effective natural remedy is unknown.

As you will realize, it is very, very rare that these four prerequisites of antibiotic therapy are met!

Finally, please note that in the past the advice of mainstream medicine has always been to administer the complete prescribed course of treatment (usually 10 or 14 days), because it was thought that incomplete antibiotic treatment leads to bacterial resistance. I too copied that advice.

However, now seems clear that it was not supported by evidence, and that's great news because common sense has always been that "patients are put at unnecessary risk from antibiotic resistance when treatment is given for longer than necessary, not when it is stopped early". Right?

So now you are advised to stop antibiotic treatment once there are no more symptoms of bacterial infection. Though, it may take some years before your veterinarian and MD communicate to you this new antibiotic advice of mainstream medicine: It is clear that the old advice increases their income while the new advice does not. ;-)

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