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MyGermanShepherd Health ManualLearn here what drives allopathic medicine - because that is the veterinarian reality you are paying for!

  • There is one dominant reason why more than 99% of prospective physicians learn nothing but allopathic medicine: CASH.
  • The BIG PHARMA of allopathic medicine is where the money is.
  • And so a) that's what's being taught to budding physicians in the western hemisphere, and b) that's what budding physicians want to practice.
  • No one could blame them.

  • In allopathic medicine symptoms are everything to go by. So much so, that the average allopathic physician is unable to differentiate symptom, trigger, and cause, also defect, disease, and disorder, etc.
  • You will notice this when you see your MD, when you see your vet, and every day when you read or watch the news.
  • Indeed, even in medical research papers and medical journals all these terms and more are thrown around and used at random, see eg Nature, The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Health, etc.
  • No one would confuse a mouse with a rat, suicide with murder, water with fire, and so on. - But in medicine, they are willfully unspecific, both in diagnosis and in treatment.

  • With such lack of precision no car engine could be repaired, no aircraft could be repaired, no i-phone, no nothing!
  • And yet, we expect with such lack of precision we can repair the way more complex human body and the canine body??
  • No wonder MD visits and vet visits become ever more frequent after the first treatment attempt.

Now read again the first rule of Allopathic Medicine above, starting with "There is one dominant reason why...".



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