A Note on Home Treatment


MyGermanShepherd Health ManualA bit of care goes a long way:

  • Make sure that you never apply any ointment, lotion, powder, spray, etc close to the eyes, never in the ears, and never in the mouth or nose, unless it is specifically and clearly meant for this body opening.
  • If this ever happens nonetheless, rinse well under running water, and if it looks serious or your dog acts oddly visit a vet straight away.

  • Never administer your dog two medicaments at the same time, unless prescribed as such by the vet.
  • "At the same time" does not just mean "the same minute" but can actually mean "within the same 30 or 60 day period".
  • This is because various lab medicaments have a powerful impact on body functions, and so they may trigger drug interactions that can seriously harm your dog long-term.

  • You can however generally administer a medicament and a natural food supplement at the same time without having to fear severe complications.
  • Mark the word natural, as many food supplements are not entirely natural but mixed with chemical substances otherwise found in lab medicaments.



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