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Funny Flood of "Data Privacy Emails"

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May 242018

Are you also receiving this avalanche of emails "We updated our Privacy Policy"?

All of a sudden everyone's flying into frenzy. Just because the European Union has tackled what the child head of the United States (of America!, there are many other united states) of course is unable to even see. LOL

But is this newest SPAM flood necessary?


No. Not at all. The new GDPR "data privacy" law is now being taken so serious by businesses across the globe because:

  • Many businesses have given a sh*t about your privacy, reaping dollars doesn't allow for much privacy, you know.
  • The law affects businesses across the globe because, despite being a European law, most if not all businesses do part of their business with a European citizen. And BANG! they get caught up.
  • Punishment for non-compliance can be high.

The impact will (is) big though: Because so many other sites have given ethics a dollar sign. Google, facebook, twitter are just the biggest there, everyone recognizes them.


So why does (did) MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG not participate in this SPAM flood "We updated our Privacy Policy", you may be wondering?

Simple: We always had a tight privacy policy, there is no scope for change. After all I myself despise all that "tracking": Did you know? MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG does not even have Big Google's "Google Analytics" script (almost every site has that).

Why not? Because scripts like "Google Analytics" are at the core of privacy infringements: Scripts like those track you down, going from site to site. They know more about you than the (equally unethical) CCTV "surveillance" cameras that the UK are drowning in...

Speaking of it I realize: Could our Google Analytics rejection be (another) reason why Google totally dropped this quality content site from its search rankings? doh!

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wa li fb pin tw in tum red sms call

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