Mar 142014

amazon fun

How often was it that I came across some really 'nerdy' funny stuff on Amazon! More precisely: When reading their customer reviews and questions and answers. Hilarious! Best are the ones that are meant to be totally serious from the writer's viewpoint/mindset, and thus are all the funnier to me as the reader. To have a laugh more often I should have kept all those I found over the years - for me, for you, for posterity. And even if it's just in case Amazon disappears...

So now, more for myself at the moment, I will (slowly!) add here the ones that made me more than chuckle when I read them.

How found: I was looking for the best dog slide and arrived at the Cool Wave Slide

Customer Question: could you tell me how long this slide is in feet? thanks

Customer Answer: The slide is in NY and we are in Washington. According to the dimensions...

Customer Question: I plan on using this on our stairway into our bsmt. I am wondering what the msrmt is from the lip on top to where the slide stops & base begins?

Customer Answer: The total length is 90.2-inches...I keep forgetting to measure it for you but feel you can just estimate the length based on the total length.

How found: I was looking for the best flashlight and arrived at the Mini Cree Led Flashlight

Customer Question: What taking so long with my order?

Customer Answer: The Pacific Ocean.

Another Customer Answer: A slow boat from China.

How found: I was looking for games categories and arrived at Cards Against Humanity

[To understand the humor, non-Americans first need to know the product description: "Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends."]

Customer Question: Why won't Amazon ship this to Canada?

Customer Answer: Because Canada is too nice for this game.

Another Customer Answer: Because Hell is in the other direction.

And another Customer Answer: Shipping to Canada has been delayed until the impending annexation of Canada by the United States. Shipping to the new state of "More North Dakota" will incur a small surcharge. Ay?

Yet another Customer Answer: Because all the comments on this product would be filled with comments like "Ayyy dats vary ofentsive".




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