Jan 142014

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House Training Dogs to Behave Well in a High Value Home - The COMPLETE Guide - For Dog Lovers Only!

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Why YOU too need this book, regardless what dog you have: "This book should come with every dog, like the collar!!"

- Yes, probably true. But then, it may be too advanced for some dog owners, because the dog training approach shown in this book is way ahead of any other dog training book you may have read (Tim has read them all).

"This is state-of-the art dog training" - Probably true as well, yes. But note that this book is for indoor training only. In that regard, it is COMPLETE.

Note that House Training Dogs to Behave Well is also available as print book (not free though).

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    Thank you for the book as usual it is fantastic. Great Information and techniques that WORK. An library asset in any dog owners home. Thanks again. CP


      Connie, please leave a short review. For half a year(!!) next to no one has posted a review :-(


    Please I need help, my dog, Kenichi is been chewing all my flowers and always angry when in leash, also steps into his food and water bowl around in the dirt.

    Please any answers will help.


      steppin' in his food bowl?? what dog is that? you have a picture? :-)

      Seriously: Sounds like a lot is going wrong there. As always: Apply our Training Essentials first. Will help!
      Oh, and keep your dog away from flowers, some ornamental plants are toxic to dogs!


    Hi Tim! Was so excited to read about the free book............thought it was an ebook...........found out now that its a kindle edition! :(


      ??? Kindle IS an ebook (the most read in the world), apps are free, for any device, incl. apples (and plums ;-) )
      Just download your favorite device app from the book's page after you've ordered the book. Easy peasy.

      (apps even have a few advantages, like printing (huuhh shouldn't have said that ;)


    Hi Tim,

    My GSD, Judah, keeps me so busy I haven't had a chance to read the training ebook but so appreciate your generosity in sharing your vast knowledge. Luckily he is a pretty good boy! I love getting your email updates and always learn something from them.

    Cheers to you from me and Jude!


      You're welcome Shawna! Let Judah look over your shoulder, he'll want to see what you're reading there :-)


    Thanks for the book! I know I will use it. My GS is a senior boy we adopted from a rescue group (they pulled him out of a shelter--owner surrender). He is a good old boy. No house breaking issues, but one day I might get a puppy & need this. We also have a GS mixed breed that we adopted from the local dog shelter. He is a sweetie ,abt 2 yrs old and very SMART. We love them both.


      Sandy, the title is often misunderstood (although already the majestic cover photo should make it clear): The book is NOT just about housebreaking, in fact MOST of the book you should apply to your adult dogs, not waiting for a puppy. Start reading and you'll what it covers. ;-)


    Thanks Tim. downloaded and shared hope to read soon. I'm dog-tired if only my shep would read it though she's pretty well-behaved.


    I have this already, and even commented on it on the Amazon site (first to do so actually). But I will just add here that this is a great book. I learned a lot and my dog is much the better for it. To those of you who say you dont have the time to read this, you really should give up something else and read it. You and your dog cannot affort to let this pass you by.
    Thanks again Tim.


      Thanks Maureen. And yes I know that you kindly left the first review for this book :-) it's only that, technically, I cannot exclude individual members from getting such emails too. Sorry for that. Hope you don't mind.

      (There is probably the technical possibility, but that's way over my head, I rather focus on more important things, I hope ;-) )


        I dont mind at all. Anyway, it gave me another chance to plug your book! Its a great book folks!!

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