Jul 022014

No business is like dog business

This is just a quick post to update anyone interested.

* The actual new membership model is here, namely on the Membership Options page. Members signed up as of July: 2. In words: two, yeah! :-)

Business as usual? Oh yes dear. Only work, rarely a 'thanks', and no 'business' to cover the costs. So, if you ever thought of copying something like this... - Don't. While you are helping others, you go down yourself. Today's world is very different to 30 years ago. - That was a very friendly tip. ;-)


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    Your site has already given me a lot of good and useful information, and as a first-time shepherd owner (she's nearly a year old now!) I'm always on the lookout for good information and solutions to problems that pop up… so, thanks :-)


    Hi Tim! Thanks for the update! Hopefully people will soon realize that you do what you do to help dogs not yourself and begin to give a little back. I'm forever grateful for your advice and continue to use it everyday. I've told all my friends also (though there's not many) hoping to send them this way so they can learn to live happily with their dogs. I know Vincent continues doing better everyday :) socialization at this late stage is difficult but it seems to be going well, I just have to keep my patience. I'm telling everyone his change for the better is due to my finding this site! Thanks so much!!


      And thank you so much Kandice!! :-)

      >socialization at this late stage is difficult but it seems to be going well,
      Yes, Dr Ian Dunbar confirmed what I wrote for all of you in the Periodicals about the need for early socialization (namely during family socialization period):
      "The effects of early socialization, it's dramatic, it actually changes the brain architecture. If the dog is around a lot of people and other dogs, then the structure of the brain is changing, the thickness of the cortex increases, and the number of connections increases. - Without that, no, they decrease. And the effects are permanent!"

      You Kandice and two more dog owners have heard it (hehe!), but others here may still think I was wrong. No, really, it's a medical fact: At puppy age (and similar with babies!) the neurons massively do establish new connections (facilitation), and thus shape the dog's (and child's!) behavior going forward! If this early facilitation was missed (ie the puppy/baby not comprehensively socialized) then... BANG!, "dog problems"!

      However, where Ian says "the effects are permanent!", he could have added "mostly". Because facilitation does happen later in life as well but very little compared to puppyhood/babyhood.

      Hence why I fully understand what you are saying that socialization for Vincent at one year (~15 yrs human age!) is difficult. Thankfully, you are the one who doesn't easily give up! :-)


    Definitely not! I agree that he should have added "mostly" because while I think he may never be the type to easily accept strangers, I think that with patience, hard work, and love :) I can teach him to trust me to be the one who decides whether they are a threat or not. And using the advice you've given I can actually take him out and throw the ball etc without having to worry about him taking off! (Or dragging me all over the yard) It's very rewarding to see the progress he's making every day :)

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