Aug 242017
Electric Truck? How my big truck runs on sun power!

Or: How to charge vehicle batteries from the sun, yippie!

mobile tiny house truck - charging truck batteries from leisure batteries from the sun
Mobile Tiny House Truck charging truck batteries
from leisure batteries... from the sun!

The story was: At one point, unexpectedly (I must have forgotten to cut off the truck batteries while parking up), the truck batteries were FLAT!

After I got past my shock(!), I figured out HELP though, as follows:

  • the two solar-powered leisure batteries are always full
  • but the two truck batteries were flat
  • I still have a small Optimate (from motorbiking), and a new small volt/amp converter from China
  • The small Optimate, I calculated, would take 10 days to charge both big truck batteries (mine puts through only 0.8A)
  • I didn't want to wait that long
  • So then I charged one truck battery with the Optimate 4 (thus in an optimal fashion, but only at 0.8A)
  • ...while charging the other truck battery with the Chinese volt/amp converter (fast charging: set to 14.2V and as much Amps as the battery would draw)
  • For safety, every so often I swapped the chargers around so that the Optimate 4 keeps both batteries safe during my improvised charging exercise.

It worked like a charm, somewhat to my surprise: Within a weekend I had both big truck batteries desulfated, charged, and fully optimized. This way, I didn't have to wait 10 days (having only the smallest Optimate). And off we could go, with the truck house! :-)

For anyone mega interested(??), the Chinese volt/amp converter that I used is this, and I am happy to link to it as IT IS super quality indeed, yes.

So now I know a way to always be able to start the truck even when its batteries are flat! Mind you, I am not an electro-technician, so this solution didn't occur to me while dog walking. :mrgreen:

Also, before connecting anything (I 'm always scared sth might blow up) and before setting the charging parameters, I intensely consulted the internet community, aka "at how many volts should leisure batteries charge?", "how many amps can I safely push through this cable at this distance?", etc etc.

Next mobile tiny house living update is here


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