Jul 192013
Dog Training Toolkit

The World's Only DOG TRAINING TOOLKIT is now live and available from all Amazon sites in the world.

The Toolkit describes in clearly structured Toolsets a multitude of Tools that aid in Dog Training. In its Edition 2 that's 87 at the moment.

The DOG TRAINING TOOLKIT allows dog owners of any breed or mix to train their adult dog much more effectively, and it allows dog trainers to advise their clients much more professionally.

Because now you can explain why a certain technique of yours will help or won't help in a given situation. This is what's missing in ALL other dog training books: Structure.

A clearly defined set of Tools, plus advice and examples how to use them. As readers we just cannot remember 200 pages of prose. No one can! We can read tons of material, but without some structure that helps to memorize it, the actual Transfer of Learning remains minimal. Regardless how excellent the material was.

Plus, without some structure, we are likely to be left confused when to apply what. Meaning, we may (at best) remember a certain training technique of a great author or dog trainer, but we may apply it in the wrong situation! In a situation where it cannot yield success, and where we had better applied a different technique.

Worse: We probably don't even notice this! Because we haven't been given a structure. A form of systematization that would allow us to understand - and to memorize - crucial differences between the techniques used by the author or dog trainer.

Your Transfer of Learning is the key goal I have with my books.

As I cannot easily memorize the entire Toolkit and its structure myself, I also built a Mindmap which comes with this book for free. Given my age, all of this has tremendously helped to jog my memory. And so it should do for yours too.

My readers have asked to make a book with such massive content like a reference guide. So I heavily cross-linked all Tools, such that this book indeed can be used as a reference guide. Let me know how much you like it.


Note that the content page alone is too much to get here on this page, so headlines only:

Energy Tools





  Our Mindset


Reward Tools


Food Tools


Attention Tools


Distraction Tools



The DOG TRAINING TOOLKIT is a game-changer for all dog owners and dog trainers in the world! It includes all Tools, eg: Play, Toys, Running, Affection, Consistency, Isolation, Praise, Eye Contact, Desensitization, Walking Away, Standing Up, Long Line, SSCD, Brisk Walk, Sitting Down, Turning Away, Bite Inhibition, Dog Commands, Lip Licking, Body Language, Food Treats, etc etc

If you want to miss out on this, your fault really - and your dog's destiny.

To get it before it's gone, get The World's Only DOG TRAINING TOOLKIT here.


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    I would really like to buy a few of your books, however, I don't have a kindle and to
    be quite honest with you, I'm not sure how to navigate around Amazon.com. Can you help?


      Are you getting our emails with the links to the Periodicals?
      In that case, every email also has a link to my author page. The author page links to each book, and on each such page is offered a FREE download of a kindle reader app. No need for a kindle.
      And clicking that link on Amazon is really no different to clicking a link in an email, on our site, or indeed on any other website.
      Just have a bit more confidence in your abilities. Owning a GSD also requires confidence in the training approach, or a GSD (and any other dog) will take over the ruling in your family pack. Be careful with that!

      Also note that active members, who reply to emails when we offer books for free, and who leave a review (as kindly asked for at the bottom of EVERY email), actually get the books for free anyway.
      You see, in life, we cannot always be a taker, we have sometimes to give something back too. But if we do, we get even more (at least in our case here!).

      I hope this makes it all very clear.


    Hi Tim. I'm the exhibit manager for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Saw the press release about the Toolkit and want to get some info to you about possibly exhibiting it at the national APDT conference, as well as some of your other products. Can't find an email address to send the info. If interested, please email me. Thanks.


      Hi Kevin, our contact us page is here but yes, it is quite hidden from spammers on purpose (successfully). Will text you extra for attachments.

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