First Dog

first dog Dog Safety
reflective collar
Reflective outdoor collar
leather collar
Night/indoor leather collar
id tag
Stay-put ID tag
short leash
Short leash
long line
Long line
puppy harness
Puppy harness
dog harness
Dog harness
puppy collar
Puppy collar
outlet cover
Outlet plug cover
edge guards
Edge guards
wire hider
Wire hider
cord mate
Cord mate
Banister shield
Safety gate
Puppy 101
Puppy 101
Dog Bedding
dog bed
Top elevated bed
dog bed cp
Top chew-proof bed
bolster bed
Top padded bed
bumper bed
Top bumper bed
nap mat
Top padded mat
Top blanket
wp blanket
Top waterproof throw
Dog Dining
eat-slow bowl
Top eat-slow bowl
steel eat-slow bowl
Stainless steel eat-slow bowl
drinking bowl
No-spill drinking bowl
drinking bowl
Elevated bowl holder
Biodegradable poop bags
Dog Grooming
zymox rinse
Top enzymatic rinse
zymox shampoo
Top enzymatic shampoo
Top oatmeal conditioner
Top grooming brush
Top deshedding tool
oster rake
Top undercoat rake
slicker brush
Top slicker brush
flea comb
Top flea comb
sm comb
Small comb
l comb
Large comb
love glove
Love glove
hot spot shampoo
Hot spot shampoo
furminator spray
Top deshedding spray
furminator shampoo
Top deshedding shampoo
nail trimmer
Top nail trimmer
mushers secret
Top paw cream
dental kit
Top dental care kit
Top enzymatic toothpaste
dental finger
Dental finger
Top plaque-off
pup tub
Top pup tub
Dog First Aid Kit
first aid
Basic First Aid Kit
saline wash
Saline wound wash
styptic pencil
Styptic pencil
styptic powder
Styptic powder
wound spray
Wound infection spray
pain relief
Pain relief
liquid bandage
Liquid bandage
wound pr
Wound protection
Top bandaging
Top dressing
Top plaster
eye wash
Top eye wash
zymox ear cleanser
Top enzymatic ear cleanser
mushers secret
Top paw cream
Starter Kit Toys: 1 or 2 of each toy category
Kong Extreme
tail teaser
Tail Teaser
Westpaw's Hurley
Chuckit! Ball
Hartz Roundabouts
floppy disc
Floppy Disc
Westpaw's Tux
egg babies
Dog Egg-Babies
Tuffy's Ultimate

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    Thank you. I have a corgi right now and he is a barker. I read some of your suggestions and I will try them. Plan on getting another German Shepherd in 6 months. That should give me time to correct Sarges behavior .



      A Corgi Deb? That will be a change when you get another GSD. Hope they get on well.
      For barking, have you tried the Barking Periodical on the Corgi?


    I have a problem with my Maxximus wanting to chew everything in site. He is very young and we coddle him a lot due to his age. I have purchased a safe ball for him and he does like to play with it, but his attention span is so short that everything he bumps into becomes a toy. I was trying to find something here related to baby teething, but have not found it yet. Any ideas?
    Maxximus was born on February 1st, almost five weeks old
    his diet consists of dry kibble and formula ( We are currently weening him from the formula
    we have begun the stop biting process as described here
    he sleeps through the night and a good portion of the day

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and be well


    My german Shepherd is only 33 days old. She is vomiting for last night and she has loose motion too. She is tired all the day and looking very weak. I consulted vet , he gave her an injection and few tablets. But again she vomited after eating tablet. What's wrong with her? I am really upset. I gave her cerelac but she doesn't want to eat .. Please Help..


      Arindam, what a coincidence! I got my Miguel puppy when he was exactly 33 days old! (which is way too early to be given away from the litter)
      But you seem to have had an even younger pup (as she is only just now 33 days old)?

      Either way, to your Help request:
      - If lucky, based on what you wrote she only has an intestinal infestation (but it could be worse).
      - I need to know WHAT "injection and tablets" your "vet" gave her??

      - And you need to stop trying to feed her cerelac (and similar allergens)! Here's a long list what to feed your puppy: what Miguel got.


        She is no more Tim. My vet tried his best but he could not do anything.She died yesterday. She was vomiting blood, her stool was red too. She was bloating. I couldn't save her. It was my fault I couldn't save her, I am very upset.


        Phew! 😥 No, it wasn't your fault at all, why do you think that?
        Based on what you wrote, and in my very frank words, your "vet" should not have a practice licence! Hence why I wrote "vet" already last time. You never give "injections and tablets" unless you know WHAT the condition is. He is an incompetent allopathic idiot in my assessment!

        You didn't mention his final assessment (what caused her death), but based on what you wrote it's pretty clear to me either way. So when you have another dog (you should adopt one, it will help you deal with the current situation too), please always see a quality veterinarian, and please study even more here than all that I already linked, because there is so much more here that - as we see again - is lifesaving.

        Whatever you do, do not blame yourself. None was your fault! Heads up! 😉

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