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Dog Pests Remedies A AI Type OR Effic Risk
1Milbemax o Q/T T/M a/l/K/P/R/W/H g y
2Iverhart Max GSD warning! o Q/T T/M a/l/K/P/R/H g y
3Safeguard Dewormer o D T/M a/l/K/P/R/W g g
Panacur C o D T/M a/l/K/P/R/W g g
Sentry HC WormX o Q/Q T/M a/l/K/P/R g g
Trifexis GSD warning! o S/T T/M a/l/F/K/R/H/W g y
Heartgard GSD warning! o Q/T T/M a/l/K/R/H g y
ProHeart GSD warning! o T T/M l/H g y
Valuheart GSD warning! o T T/M l/H g y
1Ticked Off Tick Remover t - T/N n/T g g
2Pro Tick Removal System t - T/N n/T g g
3Contech Tick Twister t - T/N n/T g g
O'Tom Tick Twister t - T/N n/T g g
Tick Stick t - T/N n/T g g
Tick Lasso t - T/N n/T g g
Tick Key t - T/N n/T g g
Using Heat (> 42C/107F)
or Cold (< 0C/32F) for 4 hrs
r - C/N a/o/l/p/F/L/Q g g
1Diatomaceous Earth t/r/y - C/N a/l/F/L/T g g
2Stronghold (Revolution generic) GSD warning! t T C/P a/o/l/F/L/M/Q/T/R/H g y
Revolution GSD warning! t T C/P a/o/l/F/L/M/Q/T/R/H g y
3Curealia Spray t B R/N F/L/Q/T g g
Wondercide Spray t B R/N F/L/Q/T g g
K9 Advantix II t I/P/X C/P a/o/l/F/L/Q/T g r
Frontline Plus t F/M C/P a/o/F/T/L o r
Parastar Plus t C/F T/P a/F/L/M/T g r
Sentry t P/X C/P a/o/l/F/Q/T o r
Sentry Natural t B T/N a/F/Q/T o g
Only Natural t B R/N F/L/Q/T o g
Comfortis o B/S T/N a/F/L/M/T! g g
Bravecto o U T/N a/F/T g r
PetArmor t F T/P a/F/L/T w r
Biospot t M/P C/P a/o/l/F/Q/T o r
Seresto Collar t I/P C/P a/l/F/L/T g r
Adams Collar t Y C/P a/o/l/F/T o r
Hartz Collar t M/V C/P a/o/l/F/T o r
Shoo!Tag t - R/E F/T w g
Pet Protector t - R/E F/T o g
Dawn to drown t - T a/F/L/M/T g g
Ovitrol Shampoo t M/P C/P a/l/p/F/L/T g y
Vet's Best Flea & Tick t B T/N a/F/Q/T o g
Curealia Balm t B R/N F/L/Q/T o g
Brewers Yeast o - R/N F/L/Q/T w g
Apple Cider Vinegar o - R/N F/T w g
Talstar r/y E T/P a/F/L/M/Q/T g y
Spinosad Garden y S C/B a/F/L/M/T g g
Precor Spray r M/P C/P a/l/F/T g y
Ultracide Spray r P/X C/P a/o/l/F/T g y
Siphotrol r M/P C/P a/l/F/L/M/T g y
Fogger/Flea Bomb r C C/P a/l/F/L/Q/T o r
Dog Flea Powder t Y T/P a/F/L/M/T w r
Biospot Powder r B/P/X C/P a/o/l/p/F/T o y
Flea Away o B R/N F/Q/T o g
1Safari Flea Comb t - C/N F/L/Q/T g g
2Nematodes (more potent ones) y - C/N l/p/F g g
3Program (discontnd?) o L C/P o/l/F g y
Advantage 100 t I/?! C/P a/l/F/L g r
Advantage II t I/X C/P a/o/l/F/L g r
Capstar o N T/P a/F g y
QCA Flea Killer (Capstar generic) o N T/P a/F g y
QCA Flea Control (Program generic) o L C/P o/l/F o y
LCD Flea Killer (Capstar generic) o N T/P a/F g y
LCD Flea Control (Program generic) o L C/P o/l/F o y
Precor IGR C r M C/P o/l/F g y
Victor Flea Trap r - T/E a/F o g
Springstar Flea Trap r - T/E a/F o g
r A C/P a/l/F o y
A (Application): o - oral (tablet or food supplement) | t - topical (drop on skin, spray, 'shampoo', or attach) | r - room | y - yard

AI (Active Ingredients): A - Boric acid | B - Biopesticides | C - Cyphenothrin/Cypermethrin | D - Fenbendazole | E - Bifenthrin | F - Fipronil | I - Imidacloprid | L - Lufenuron | M - Methoprene/Precor | N - Nitenpyram | P - Permethrin/Pyrethrin/Phenothrin/Etofenprox/Flumethrin | Q - Pyrantel Pamoate/Praziquantel | S - Spinosad | T - Selamectin/Moxidectin/Ivermectin/Milbemycin oxime | U - Fluralaner | V - Tetrachlorvinphos | X - Pyriproxyfen/Nylar | Y - Carbaryl/Propoxur

Type: T - Treat infestation | C - Control population | R - Repellent | E - Electronic | M - Medicine | P - Pesticide | N - Natural

OR (Operative Range): F - Fleas | T - Ticks | Q - Mosquitoes | H - Heartworm | R - Roundworm | K - Hookworm | P - Tapeworm | W - Whipworm | L - Lice | M - Mites | a - adulticidal | o - ovicidal | l - larvicidal | n - nymphicidal | p - pupicidal

Everything else explained here and in subsequent Periodicals

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    Hi Tim,
    Are you familiar with Vectra? That is the one I purchase directly from my vet.



      Vectra is new, but its ingredients are old and explained in the linked Periodical.
      In the remedies table however it doesn't appear, you are right, though in the AI list below the table there's X and Y, but not in the table. I can only conclude that when I made additions to the table, the table somehow didn't update while the accompanying notes did (they are not in "table format"). This is sad as it means I will have to re-enter the additions I made at the time (which I don't remember), and I have zero time for that now. 🙁

      The only AI not mentioned is Dinotefuran, but it too is a neonicotinoid, like Imidacloprid and Nitenpyram, thus also explained in the linked Periodical.


    Thank you, I will take a look at that tonight. I have to ask, my curiosity has bested me....what do you do for flea/tick treatment? I also use Vectra for the cat, and now I'm thinking I should rethink her treatment as well.



    I love your website, it has helped me a lot! Both of my dogs have ticks. I have tried natural remedies (diatomaceous earth and rose geranium essential oil) and even chemical tick drops but none of these seem to completely eradicate the ticks. Do you know any effective home remedies- I live in South Africa so I can't buy the tick treatments you suggested.


      I know of all the remedies listed above and in the Remedies table. I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of anything on SA ticks though, because you're the first to ask. In our current place - tick heaven it seems!! - we resort to the Seresto collar from Bayer for My New Puppy - and he's still alive and kickin'. Absolutely no regrets, cause he was near death at 3m after a tick bite, so now I appreciate the collar! Am certain that it is available in SA, just not how effective it's gonna be there, sorry.
      If you can, pl provide feedback for everyone.


    Hi Tim

    Thank you for your help. I still can't get round the idea of using harsh chemicals on my "babies". I've done some more research and found out that a product for humans called Avon skin-so-soft mixed with lemon, cedar and eucalyptus essential oil is very effective at deterring ticks and fleas on dogs. It seems to be much more natural than other tick repellents. I will let you know if it works for me.


      Great, thanks, we'll all be curious!
      Not to be a scaremonger but be aware that too much lemon and/or eucalyptus in it and I wouldn't use it on dog skin (dog skin is alkaline). If it wasn't, I could come up with many household remedies that ticks wouldn't like. Just think of vinegar - but on dog skin??? NO!
      So, be careful in testing.


    Hi Tim

    I've found a product called biospotix which only contains geraniol extract and water. I've found that it successfully deterred ticks from my dogs for 2 1/2 weeks, much better than frontline which only lasted for 3 days! Biospotix should ideally last up to four weeks but my dogs swim daily. I've also heard that tea made from dried heads of the pyrethrum plant kills ticks when applied daily.

    Will post any more effective natural tick repellents I find.


      Thanks so much for posting this. We should certainly add Biospotix above, say between Sentry Natural and Only Natural.
      But this too doesn't have more than medium efficacy - which by the way means, in some cases (dog + environment) it works, while in other cases not. Biospotix too is based on the same plant compounds considered above, and you can read more detail on the very helpful site here.

      In short, none of them has sufficient efficacy where ticks are abound (like here where I am). If they had, I would choose them - despite their high price: For an adult male GSD you need all 5 pipettes at once, and if you say they last on your dog only half a month then you need 2 packages per month. At a price of $41 that's costly: $82/month. Even in the UK at £9.50, that's £19/month. Compared to the highly effective (but toxic) Seresto collar, that's very expensive (that one last 8 months!). That's why most dog owners choose the toxic stuff.

      Personally though I'd choose the natural stuff in a flash - if it were effective here! 🙄
      I am happy for you that it works for you!


    Hey Elizabeth,
    what's your experience with biospotix in SA now that you had more time to test it? Can you update all of us?


    Hello Tim

    I came across your site while searching for information on treatments for worms. I do not own German Shepherds, but am mommy to a 3 year old female Rottweiler (163 solid pounds) and a 7 year old male Shih Tzu. Your explanations have helped greatly and my husband & I thank you so much. We found a product that worked - Safe Guard Dewormer - from your recommendations. Both Furbabies are happier and healthier.


      That is very nice of you, thank you. I am glad the fenbendazole is enough for your dog.

      We here do Milbemax only quarterly now, and the other two months heartguard (Milbemax does heartworm too if given monthly, but is heavier on the intestines, hence only quarterly).

      Please note that if you can control what your dog ingests outdoors, quarterly Safeguard should be enough (my current dog is running off-leash everywhere, so I better not take any risk; he does have his intestinal issues once a while).


        Both of ours are on Trifexis monthly for flea and heartworm prevention and neither stay outside. We have a one acre fenced in yard and I take them out hourly - but we also have an infestation of feral cats and dogs.

        Per your statement - should I treat them quarterly also? They are like my children and I want to do what is best for them.


        Good question. And good that you now mentioned you give Trifexis as well and have a feral cat and dog population closing in.
        Look, let me give you a few points to consider:

        - One cannot prevent a worm infestation; where vendors write "Prevents heartworm disease" they use the word as in "your dog won't get heartworm with this", but you can really only kill an existing infestation.
        - Intestinal worms the same, where they write "treats and controls adult hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections", that is inaccurate, they only treat the existing infestation (kill).
        - Fleas you can control (prevent).
        - You do this with an oral tablet. Meaning, in terms of flea prevention, the active ingredients (AND the inactive ingredients!) have to disseminate with the bloodstream throughout the entire body to finally be absorbed in the skin cells and hair follicles, right?
        - From a systemic perspective (all 12 body systems being affected), don't you wonder if that is the right approach for flea (or tick) treatment? I myself would certainly argue: No.
        - Likely you give Trifexis monthly, and likely you follow the recommended schedule for Safeguard (twice yearly but then a daily dose for 3 days).
        - The monthly Trifexis already protects against Fleas, Heartworm, and intestinal worms (arguably other than Tapeworm).
        - And yet, twice yearly you give Safeguard on top of that, and you say you're happy with Safeguard? I am not sure why you feel you need Safeguard on top?
        - The Safeguard schedule means, the intestines get shocked three days in a row to kill existing worms, but then any new worm infestation can frolic for 6 months until the next cycle of Safeguard.
        - If this is why you also give monthly Trifexis, then I would argue, why at all Safeguard on top?
        - I haven't seen the Trifexis approval trials (nor for Safeguard; but for Milbemax), but be aware that the guidance "give monthly" always is "generous": Maybe for just one trial dog monthly was needed, but all other dogs were still protected 2 or 3 months later. So then the manufacturer feels it's safer to recommend monthly (and also it brings in more money, don't forget that).

        Speaking of that, next time I see the hospital head vet I will ask for the Heartguard approval trials, and likely I will then end up giving Heartguard only every two months. Milbemax I probably leave at quarterly, for the reasons mentioned earlier.

        Hope this helps?


    My 6 years old White German Shepherd died due to overdose K9 Advantix II.
    He licked on my other smallest one ( 7 lbs)on her back that I applied, which was only 1/3 of a medium size tube.
    I wish I knew that the med is deadly poisonous to dogs , not only cats.

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