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Dog Worms Fleas Ticks & Co

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Here you have our carefully selected TOP Dog Pests remedies: worms, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, lice, etc.

Do you have any suggestion what you feel deserves to be listed here as well? Please say here.

If your device can show title tags just hover over the labels for short explanations for the header columns. Full explanations below the scrollable table.

Remedy A AI Type OR Effic Risk
1Milbemax o Q/T T/M a/l/K/P/R/W/H g y
2Iverhart Max - GSD warning! o Q/T T/M a/l/K/P/R/H g y
3Safeguard Dewormer o D T/M a/l/K/P/R/W g g
Panacur C o D T/M a/l/K/P/R/W g g
Sentry HC WormX o Q/Q T/M a/l/K/P/R g g
Trifexis - GSD warning! o S/T T/M a/l/F/K/R/H/W g y
Heartgard - GSD warning! o Q/T T/M a/l/K/R/H g y
ProHeart - GSD warning! o T T/M l/H g y
Valuheart - GSD warning! o T T/M l/H g y
1Ticked Off Tick Remover - is excellent t - T/N n/T g g
2Pro Tick Removal System - is excellent t - T/N n/T g g
3Contech Tick Twister - is excellent t - T/N n/T g g
O'Tom Tick Twister t - T/N n/T g g
Tick Stick t - T/N n/T g g
Tick Lasso t - T/N n/T g g
Tick Key t - T/N n/T g g
Using Heat (> 42C/107F)
or Cold (<0C/32F) for 4 hrs
r - C/N a/o/l/p/F/L/Q g g
1Diatomaceous Earth o/t/r/y - C/N a/l/F/L/T g g
2Stronghold (Revolution generic) - GSD warning! t T C/P a/o/l/F/L/M/Q/T/R/H g y
Revolution - GSD warning! t T C/P a/o/l/F/L/M/Q/T/R/H g y
3Curealia Spray t B R/N F/L/Q/T g g
Wondercide Spray t B R/N F/L/Q/T g g
K9 Advantix II t I/P/X C/P a/o/l/F/L/Q/T g r
Frontline Plus t F/M C/P a/o/F/T/L o r
Parastar Plus t C/F T/P a/F/L/M/T g r
Sentry t P/X C/P a/o/l/F/Q/T o r
Sentry Natural t B T/N a/F/Q/T o g
Only Natural t B R/N F/L/Q/T o g
Comfortis o B/S T/N a/F/L/M/T! g g
Bravecto o U T/N a/F/T g r
PetArmor t F T/P a/F/L/T w r
Biospot t M/P C/P a/o/l/F/Q/T o r
Seresto Collar t I/P C/P a/l/F/L/T g r
Adams Collar t Y C/P a/o/l/F/T o r
Hartz Collar t M/V C/P a/o/l/F/T o r
Shoo!Tag t - R/E F/T w g
Pet Protector t - R/E F/T o g
Dawn to drown t - T a/F/L/M/T g g
Ovitrol Shampoo t M/P C/P a/l/p/F/L/T g y
Vet's Best Flea & Tick t B T/N a/F/Q/T o g
Curealia Balm t B R/N F/L/Q/T o g
Brewers Yeast o - R/N F/L/Q/T w g
Apple Cider Vinegar o - R/N F/T w g
Talstar r/y E T/P a/F/L/M/Q/T g y
Spinosad Garden y S C/B a/F/L/M/T g g
Precor Spray r M/P C/P a/l/F/T g y
Ultracide Spray r P/X C/P a/o/l/F/T g y
Siphotrol r M/P C/P a/l/F/L/M/T g y
Fogger/Flea Bomb r C C/P a/l/F/L/Q/T o r
Dog Flea Powder t Y T/P a/F/L/M/T w r
Biospot Powder r B/P/X C/P a/o/l/p/F/T o y
Flea Away o B R/N F/Q/T o g
1Safari Flea Comb t - C/N F/L/Q/T g g
2Nematodes (more potent ones) y - C/N l/p/F g g
3Program (discontnd?) o L C/P o/l/F g y
Advantage 100 t I/?! C/P a/l/F/L g r
Advantage II t I/X C/P a/o/l/F/L g r
Capstar o N T/P a/F g y
QCA Flea Killer (Capstar generic) o N T/P a/F g y
QCA Flea Control (Program generic) o L C/P o/l/F o y
LCD Flea Killer (Capstar generic) o N T/P a/F g y
LCD Flea Control (Program generic) o L C/P o/l/F o y
Precor IGR C r M C/P o/l/F g y
Victor Flea Trap r - T/E a/F o g
Springstar Flea Trap r - T/E a/F o g
r A C/P a/l/F o y

Pests Remedies Explanations

A (Application): o - oral (tablet or food supplement) | t - topical (drop on skin, spray, 'shampoo', or attach) | r - room | y - yard

AI (Active Ingredients): A - Boric acid | B - Biopesticides | C - Cyphenothrin/Cypermethrin | D - Fenbendazole | E - Bifenthrin | F - Fipronil | I - Imidacloprid | L - Lufenuron | M - Methoprene/Precor | N - Nitenpyram | P - Permethrin/Pyrethrin/Phenothrin/Etofenprox/Flumethrin | Q - Pyrantel Pamoate/Praziquantel | S - Spinosad | T - Selamectin/Moxidectin/Ivermectin/Milbemycin oxime | U - Fluralaner | V - Tetrachlorvinphos | X - Pyriproxyfen/Nylar | Y - Carbaryl/Propoxur

Type: T - Treat infestation | C - Control population | R - Repellent | E - Electronic | M - Medicine | P - Pesticide | N - Natural

OR (Operative Range): F - Fleas | T - Ticks | Q - Mosquitoes | H - Heartworm | R - Roundworm | K - Hookworm | P - Tapeworm | W - Whipworm | L - Lice | M - Mites | a - adulticidal | o - ovicidal | l - larvicidal | n - nymphicidal | p - pupicidal

Effic: Efficacy

Everything else explained here and in the subsequent dog pests Periodicals.


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