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Top mobility remedy
nutramax softchew
Top mobility as softchew
nutramax welactin
Top overall wellness
cranberry extract
Top urinary tract
shed relief
Skin - Coat - Shedding
Nutramax Proviable Capsules
nutramax kit
Nutramax Proviable Kit
drool fuel
Drool Fuel exercise performance boost
Yumega Plus
Nupro Supplement
Enzyme Supplement
Probiotic & Joints
Ears - Eyes - Mouth - Nose - Skin
Top eye protection
mutt muffs
Top hearing protection
Top muzzle
zymox otic
Top ear care (get without!)
zymox ear cleanser
Top enzymatic ear cleanser
pfizer ear cleanser
Top acidic ear cleanser
ear dryer
Top ear dryer
eye wash
Top eye wash
Top eye lubricant
Top sunblock
dental kit
Top dental care kit
Top enzymatic toothpaste
dental finger
Dental finger
Top plaque-off
dog itch relief
Top itch relief spray
dog shampoo
Top dog shampoo
pet rinse
Top pet rinse
Pet Rinse alternative
Top antiseptic antifungal spray
oral care
Top oral care alternative
Dog Dining
eat-slow bowl
Top eat-slow bowl
steel eat-slow bowl
Stainless steel eat-slow bowl
drinking bowl
No-spill drinking bowl
drinking bowl
Elevated bowl holder
Biodegradable poop bags
Dog Bedding
dog bed
Top elevated bed
dog bed cp
Top chew-proof bed
bolster bed
Top padded bed
bumper bed
Top bumper bed
nap mat
Top padded mat
Top blanket
wp blanket
Top waterproof throw
Dog Grooming
zymox rinse
Top enzymatic rinse
zymox shampoo
Top enzymatic shampoo
Top oatmeal conditioner
zymox rinse
Top grooming brush
zymox rinse
Top deshedding tool
zymox rinse
Top undercoat rake
slicker brush
Top slicker brush
flea comb
Top flea comb
sm comb
Small comb
l comb
Large comb
love glove
Love glove
hot spot shampoo
Hot spot shampoo
furminator spray
Top deshedding spray
furminator shampoo
Top deshedding shampoo
Top animal hair clipper
rinse ace
Quick shower
Paw Care
nail trimmer
Top nail trimmer
protective dog boots
Top high-top boots
durable dog boots
Top durable boots
disposable dog boots
Top disposable waterproofs
mushers secret
Top paw cream
ice melt
Pet-safe ice melt
Separation Anxiety / Relaxation
through dog ear
Top dog sound therapy
massage secrets
Massage Secrets online course
massage manual
Canine massage as book
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    Love all the links. Easily found alot of high quality essentials for my dog at a reasonable price. Thanks alot.


    Hey again, Tim!
    I'm running thru the site and its articles with maximum speed and here I found myself stuck. As you may remember from my post from yesterday ( whereon you responded immediately and i'm so thankful and happy :-) ) we're going to have a GSD soon, but he is 2 yrs old, rescued dog and I don't really know him. However I would like to give him a bath once we get home, because.. well just because I think is the proper way to keep up the hygiene at some level. I think to do it after our first long walk and before our first meal together.. with some treats.. so that my application is for you to tell me if I'm on the right way?
    Thank you for your time and patience!
    Best wishes, Antonia.


      Sure, I would do the same! And I did: It's all shown in My New Puppy Diary, which you will have come across when "running thru the site" :-)
      As said often, a rescue dog is in many ways like a puppy, because all is new for him. So I'd treat him like a puppy at first.


        Thanks a lot! You are the best! :)
        Will run to My New Puppy Diary immediately! :)


        Well, you can only access it as site member, book publishers don't allow planned book content to be publicly available.


    Yes, I noticed when I looked for the article. Unfortunately I do not own card with which to pay for my membership and I'll have to stick with the free advice ... :( However, again thank you Tim, and I'm stopping with the SPAM :)
    Best wishes!


      Fine. For the record for others who read this: There is no card needed, anyone can open a Paypal account for free. I did as well (although I hate Paypal, Stripe is much better).

      And there is no "article" available here, instead it's the biggest multimedia book ever published yet. In fact, I am not aware of anything similar multimedial. It's so new and unique that even Amazon can't do it yet. Maybe in 2016. But for site members already now early bird access.


        Tim, sorry about the "article"!
        I did not express properly - did not want to minimize your work! I just did not found the proper word for it...
        Also first thing tomorrow I will explore the opportunities offered by Paypal, I did not use this payment method until now


        No problem. If you could get the puppy a bit later(?), you could wait, because the goal is to publish My New Puppy Diary as ebook (hopefully in 2016), but as of yet not even Amazon is truly ready for multimedia content like what is in it. So I thought to maybe publish just the text (with a few photos) and allow book buyers to login on the site to have all the multimedia content as well. But this has never been done before, hence the hesitation - you don't want to have angry book buyers...


    Hey, Tim!
    You have really BIG ideas, and I'm very happy and proud, to know about people like you and your doings.
    It's good we didn't took much time taking the dog home. It was miserably, Tim! I don't know how people can handle their dogs like that! He was beaten, hungry, scared... the people who "rescued" him had fed him with only old bread and a bit water i the hotness of the summer days here, tied up for a tree, without the littlest of a shadow for him for 10 days ... I am sorry we couldn't get him sooner..
    Unfortunately our Viper, whom is with us since 6th of June, have problems (no fur on his tail, and he, on his own, makes wounds on it and close to his eye). We are now in close relation with our VET for him so we are lain low with the trainings and the behavior ( well he IS one very GOOD dog, my sweet, gooey boy :) ), and on top of it yesterday a car ran over our cat Sparta (thank GOD she is fine, scared but fine), so apparently I'll just have to move myself to living with the Vet now ... sorry for the novel that I wrote here, didn't mean to SPAM you! :)
    And you know what? I don't think you can get any angry book buyers, because of all the things you allready share with us, and the help you are for a big part of us, at the very least! And I am very hopeful that sooner, rather than later I'll become a member too!
    Best wishes from Viper and me! :)


      "I don’t think you can get any angry book buyers, because of all the things you allready share with us"
      A thousand positives get forgotten, one negative stays with them... :roll:


    Hi Tim.
    I have a 3 year old Long haired GSD, our beloved Harley. He is an Air Force MP trained rject dog. Ver well trained & the perfect best friend. He is an indoor dog & just runs around free in the house. Earlier this month I was very sick and was in bed for about a week & 1/2. As I was sick, my teenaged kids allowed Harley to be outside more than usual. When he was out he made a friend outside of our property with a stray dog that was horribly mangy. Now a month later, I notice that he has started to scratch intensly & is starting to smell. (He only stinks when he is fed regular food. He is on a strict grain free diet.) When i checked his skin I found alot of dandruff and dry sores. Should I take him to the vet or shoud I just apply some promythazine that I have?


      Promethazine!?! I have no idea why you think of giving your dog Promethazine, Perla? It shouldn't even be in your medicine chest:
      While Promethazine is chemically different from both steroids (steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), Promethazine too is an anti-inflammatory drug: it is an antihistamine, to suppress an inflammation. That's the last thing you want to do: an inflammation kicks off healing!

      You may forget here what the allopathic vets will tell you, TO SELL IT TO YOU: Allopathic vets have an insular belief system, they know too little of the biology of the body to be taken serious. Sure, that's my point of view and you have the right to have yours, but only AFTER studying it like I did. ;-)

      Your view is: "He only stinks when he is fed regular food. He is on a strict grain free diet."
      Doesn't this alone ring your alarm bells?

      With "regular food" you mean kibble?
      How I know? Kibble producers love to market "grain-free" since the time they noticed that dog owners fall for that fad too...
      After studying this and all linked articles you'll know WHY NOT to feed anything industrial, whether kibble or tin "food". Food? LOL!

      I may be wrong but based on what you wrote here I have to suspect that Harley's newest scratching and smelling has nothing to do with that stray dog he met (though he may have caught sth back then in addition, I am not disputing that).

      Here's what I would do now:
      1) Checking his skin during a gentle brushing exercise: mites? fleas? eggs? flea feces? other parasites? rash or lesion? color? etc!

      2) Throwing any and all industrial crap ("food") in the bin, and changing Harley to REAL FOOD for dogs!

      3) Reviewing the situation in a week AFTER CHANGE (and after studying the links!), and posting here your update on the situation.

      Does that sound good to you?

      PS: In any case, this will save you:
      a) the vet bills, and
      b) further deterioration from (likely!) steroid prescriptions (and quite likely antibiotics too), and
      c) from ever again falling for the pet "food" industry(!!!)'s marketing propaganda...

      Copy from Dog Health: The money you spend on kibble and pet tin "food" you actually pay for the industry's MARKETING! Because the "food" input cost of "premium brand dry kibble" is infinitesimal, like $0.09 per pound or $0.20 per kilo! While YOU PAY an average $4.03 per pound or $8.88 per kilo on that "premium brand dry kibble" at the presumably overall cheapest source: Amazon. Now you know what you really pay for. So now ask yourself: "Do I want to spend my money on the pet food industry's marketing?!?!?"


    Did not mean Promethazine. Auto correct inserted wrong word. I meant to say PERMYTHERIN. But that case is no longer an issue. I have since changed Harley's diet to home cooked recipie's. Using different proteins every other week to keep him interested as he is a very picky eater. Also just ordered Ear cleaner and dryer for the excessive ear wax production. Last visit to vet I was told that the ear wax production was due to yeast in his ears AND on his body. I think it's false so I'm hope the diet change will fix the problems very soon. New diet was started only 2 1/2 weeks ago. Will keep you posted on our findings. Thank you once again.

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