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    Thank you for all the helpful information you provide for GSD owners! I read you periodicals regularly and find them quite helpful in raising/training my dog.


    What a fab set of links!!!!! I'm bookmarking these for ease! Thanks Tim :0)


      Thanks Julie :-)
      Wishing you a healthy happy adventurous successful romantic 2014!
      Can't believe how the years are slippin' through my fingers while counting... Feels so unreal, doesn't it?


    My german shepard King is 4 months old. Ive done everything I know of and read about but he still will not stop jumping on everyone including myself. I put up knee up to stop him like Ive been told. he just jumps again. And a question I have the vet said my GSD can't be 4mths. old because he hasn't lost his front teeth. I know when he was born. Do some GSD not loose their baby teeth till later? Thankyou so much for your website,its been very helpful.


      Hi Barbara, no, no knee up or such nonsense. Instead, do this (scroll down to "How to Train Your Dog Not to Jump Up"), but take note of the first point: "Needless to say, you will need to have applied all the earlier advice (Feeding Routine, Attention Seeking & Co), so that you are your dog’s accepted Pack leader!"

      If you don't do THAT, you won't stop the jumping (and neither a lot of other 'dog problems')!

      Re/ teeth: Don't worry, that is fine. Like with humans, dogs develop at different pace. This also depends on what you feed etc. It will all be fine, no worries.


    Thank you love your advice. Will get new puppy in May..


    I'm trying to subscribe, but the info area is not accepting my email address. Help, pls...


    Max my GSD loves to play on the fields full of grass, but he is got a terrible alergy to it, how can I fight this situetion and keep taking Max to those fields.



      Fabian, I would do what we show in our Allergies Periodical for our members


    Tank our pup is 13 weeks old. We are having a difficult time with his chewing and biting on us and our clothes. We have tried substituting toys etc but he will go back to my pants bottom or shoes or toes (painful) continually. Any suggestions?


      Sure Lynn, eyes left pl. Tons of help with that on over 200 pages in the Puppy 101.

      The free books may already be enough for what you are asking - but without systematic training NOW I'm afraid you will soon have much bigger problems with a GSD that age. :-(
      Let me know how it goes a week after you started applying the Puppy 101 (cause a week is enough to see results).


    I am sorry to say, I cannot be directed to the appropriate subscriber page (to subscribe). It sends me directly to the "chip monkey" which says do not enter information here, go back to the website. I have looked for a different link and get the same thing no matter which link I use.

    I have a 41/2 month old Shepard and you're information is amazing. I want as much information as I can get. Like most GSD he is smart and I want him to use all of his potential in the "right" way. So, if you could help me, I would like to subscribe.



    Diesel i 7 months old and refuses to be potty trained. I have tried hourly outs, feeding then going out, treats, cage training etc. Nothing seems to work. He will just walk around outside then as soon as he comes back inside he potties in his cage. There have been times I fed him and let him out for 45 minutes and still he comes in & potties in his cage. Any advice?


    I have a 2 year old shepherd and has too much energy and ignores my commands is there a trainer that I can hire to train him ?


      Save the money on a trainer, (s)he can't help here.
      Your dog needs exercise, and you a mindshift away from Obedience Training and towards Behavior Training.

      This isn't the answer you came for, but it's the answer that helps you. ;-)


    can i give card to pagnent gsd?


    My three year old GSD jumps on the sliding glass doors to get attention when outside does anyone have ideas as to how to stop this activity?


      That's a broad interpretation of REMEDIES Bill, but it makes sense. We have sliding glass doors too, but my dog NEVER has jumped against them.
      So what's the difference btw your dog and my dog?
      Likely none. The difference is between your behavior and my behavior. It's always the dog owner, yes.

      I perform our renowned Feeding Routine etc etc to be the accepted Pack leader for my dog. Then whenever he does sth I don't like (because at first obviously he can't know that!), I indicate a clear, sharp NO with my behavior (I usually add the word too). An adult dog doesn't forget that, he won't do it again (puppies may not immediately).

      Now you. Do you behave the way you want your dog to behave? Apparently not, hence why your dog jumps against the windows, while my dog does not. Start with the above today, and you'll see your dog soon behaves as well as mine. :mrgreen:


    Tim, I have a fear-aggressive GSD. He's 8. I can't let him run around the backyard because he can't stay away from the dogs in the back. I need an enclosure that will protect him and allow him to run around. He has a 10 x 6 kennel now. I thought about putting up a 6' chain link fence, but a friend thinks he could climb this. He is tall, around 27" and he is long. Any suggestions?



      Will make things worse! The real solution is to accommodate him to them, step-by-step controlled socialization.
      I could show you right here in this neighborhood several dogs "protected" that way, and none of them has a life. Permanently stressed! Could you live like that?


    Thank you so much for this website! I have learned a lot from it. I appreciate the emails too! Great information! Thanks again! Azar and I are doing much better because of the information provided!


    hi there my name is sudhanshu and i am from india i have a 4 months male GSD,there are few issue observed during handling .
    1.The toilet and body odor inside my house.(every 8-10 days bath cycle)
    2.second one is more related to first one,his potty training although, i tried a lot to train him to do things outside the house but nothing worked.he still feel to do everything on terrace.
    your advise will be highly appreciated...


      For potty training only, we suggest you follow the great book from Verni-Fogarsi. for complete House Training the book House Training Dogs To Behave Well.

      About the odor: No idea what you shower the dog with, or if your dog has skin problems, or whatever. Based on your 5 keywords only I can't suggest anything there, sorry.


    I live in Northampton, NB, Canada. I'm very new to this whole setup. I live on a farm. We have two dogs that are not GSD dogs. I was wondering what the best way to get a gsd pup. Thanks for all your advice.


      Jolianne, no worries, we all belong to the first internet generation. ;-)
      Why a pup?
      Check out all the desserts in the menu at the top, under SOURCES. That will help decide, and will help finding the right dog.
      Does it?

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