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Q&AQuestion concerning German Shepherd Dog Food

"What type of food is best for GSD?"
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:idea: In your own best interest read this to the end, and then comment, even though you may instantly feel "this isn't for me". It is exactly for you. ;-)


Thank you, this is easy to answer - though the answer may not be what you expect, or indeed what you want to hear:

Feed ONLY NATURAL HOMEMADE food to your dog. A long(!) healthy dog food list is here, just scroll down a bit!

Want less? For my Evergreen standard recipe for simple, quick, cheap, healthy, nutritious, homemade dog food see here.

Want more? For dog food cost see this detailed dog food cost analysis. For everything about healthy dog food simply click through all the links here in the New Puppy Diary Index (this requires login though).

healthy homemade dog food"WHAT?? I want links to the best dog food that I can BUY, I don't want to prepare my own food for my dog!!", I hear you screaming (maybe).

Well, although we do have a few suggestions of the better commercial dog foods here, I strongly advise all dog owners to only feed healthy homemade food.

NOW THINK: We could easily raise the urgently needed money to keep the lights on for this site(!!) if we made you buy industrial dog food, like all the other websites do!

And yet we don't. I couldn't sleep well if I gave you links to products that I know are bad for your dog. I would feel like I helped killing your dog if I were to recommend industrial dog food. Hence why under my regime MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG don't. And if we have to turn the lights off! I rather leave, but with my conscience clear. :shock:

I know you need dog food every day, because your dog is hungry every day. And I understand you want convenience, because you have "not enough time to cook!" for your dog. As said, Feed ONLY NATURAL HOMEMADE food to your dog may not be what you want to hear, but have you heard this?

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

So it seems I better first draw the BIGGER picture why dog owners feed what they feed. This will help you enormously to understand why I reply what I reply. ;-)

  • Likely you have noticed from countless sources, both offline and online - veterinary sites and non-veterinarian sites - that ALL of them recommend to feed your dog a specific (or not so specific) industrial dog food.
  • Ever given it a thought WHY that is so?
  • This is because it's what people want to hear. They want to know what their chosen dog food brand is like, and if maybe there is one that their dog likes more and that also is "better"?
  • Dog food brand, yes. Sophisticated "Public Relations" campaigns of the pet food industry have since about the 1950ies systematically trained dog owners up and down the country (any country) to believe that industrial dog "food" is the only dog food that you should feed your dog.
  • Also, the pet food industry learned to produce and package their products in such way that makes them most convenient to feed. Hey, with dry kibble you don't even need to clean the bowl, right?

dog food marketing"Give people what they want, and you make loads of money!"

All those sites with pet "food" recommendations make loads of money - because, hey, dogs need to eat every day! And so when they recommend a dog food and explain why, many people will buy it. And when they later recommend another one, many people will buy that. All the more if it's considered to be cheaper than others. Better even, if it's "a bargain".

The largest site that gives people what they want, here industrial dog food recommendations, has become, a simple site (concept, design, programming) that is hugely successful. It makes its owner more money in a year than you and your kids together make in a lifetime. Because people always go back to the site to make repeat purchases of industrial dog "food" - because ... hey, dogs need to eat every day! Right. :idea:

So why do we link to the website although MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG does not follow the crowd and recommends industrial dog food?

We link to the site because we always link to everything we discuss. It's for your convenience, it saves you time no matter what.

And why do we not recommend industrial dog food? Because we don't give people what they want. :shock:

want vs need"Give people what they need, and accept to get ignored."

We give people what they need in order to have a healthy and well-behaved German Shepherd Dog. What you need for your dog. And that is certainly NOT industrial dog food.

This is why MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG struggles so much to fund itself: It is hard to raise money for this site's good cause when you purposefully deny people what they want to buy! And every day, because dogs are hungry every day.

Those readers who read consciously what I write in books, on the site, and in the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL (seemingly only a couple do, else there would be way more comments!!), those readers know perfectly well why I am so much against industrial dog food. Why MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG does not follow the crowd. Why we don't give you pet "food" recommendations - and so why we don't make sustainable income for the site.

Did you just think loudly "Why not?" because you haven't read anything from myself? - GOOD! "WHY" is the single best question to ask in life - ask it all the time! :idea:

So let's repeat, ultra-brief: Why no industrial dog food recommendations from MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG?

  1. Industrial dog "foods" are the waste products from rendering plants!
  2. Before pet "food" is sold to unsuspecting dog owners, the paste (really) that exits the rendering machines gets artificially "fortified" in chemical laboratories to add synthetic proteins, vitamins, enzymes etc in order to pass ad hoc inspections of "nutrient" content.
  3. What remains in the paste: heavy metals, toxins, styrofoam, plastic wrap, etc. From videos like the one below you know that complete animals are thrown into the rendering plant, with insecticide ear tags, identification tags, etc all still attached, medicaments from treatment and euthanizing still in the body, and the packaging of unsold meat no one separates either.

This step of the rendering process is affectionately called "The Grinder"
(shown is an old style Grinder, newer plants avoid the cost of employing the lift truck operator: Animals are dumped from the delivery truck straight into the Grinder below - which now is much larger, these can "handle" several animals at once)

want what you needIndustrial pet "food" is no food, it is a lethal mix of waste products and toxins. Exceptions to this rule are very few, so better remember the rule.

Obviously your dog won't die "on contact" or straight after eating it. But take note* that this kind of toxic pet "food" triggers disorders and diseases like Cancer, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Gastroenteritis, Pancreatitis, Arthritis, Panosteitis, Infections, Allergies, Posterior Paralysis, Epilepsy, Immune System Disorders, etc!

* To take note, on our site you simply highlight the text (if your mobile device let's you) and then click your preferred notebook (facebook, twitter, google+, or linkedin). Try it now on the bold text above "Industrial pet "food" is no food..."

All these dog health problems cost dog owners like you a LOT of money over time. This is why our Top veterinarian nutritionist said above:

This is what a Top dog expert says:
Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves!

Subject to your dog's general health, the dog may eat pet "food" every day and yet for years not show signs of ill health. And then suddenly it strikes! What we eat is a trigger, remember - particularly if it's no REAL FOOD!

Only few dogs show signs of ill health quickly (within just a month, or less). But then you are lucky: You know immediately that what you feed the dog is bad for the dog. So you will change your habit, and feeding better food will save you a LOT of money going forward.

In short: Industrial dog "food" weakens the immune system and all body systems, and so causes countless disorders and diseases over time - while healthy homemade food strengthens all body systems.

two steamers at work for people food and dog foodThis is why MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG does not recommend industrial dog "food" but healthy homemade food. And we seem to be the ONLY site that has your best interest at heart: This is why we give you what you need, not what you want. Sorry. :idea:

Convinced, but you still require convenience, and to "save time"?

No problem. This does both: a multi-tier steamer does MAGIC in the kitchen: It gifts you TIME, and taste, and health. And your dog too! Hence why we have even TWO STEAMERS. :-D


Now you've read all this, but you won't change your habit just yet. Do you know what the secret to personal development is? To write things down, for yourself and for others! Sharing your experiences with others is kind of a self-control: You report, you reflect. Others respond, you reflect. This is how we improve! Nothing improves without sharing.

Be honest with yourself for 10 seconds every day: Write down what you feed your dog, and WHY. Just that. 10 seconds. Every day. From today. Share it here with others, as your self-control and encouragement. Or just to socialize.

To help you further, I've prepared a Dog Feeding Helper for you, click to download, it's usable with the free OpenOffice, no MS Excel required. Make your first entry right now, and scroll down to the comment box to share your experience with others.



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    Jordan gets chicken mixed with rice and whatever meat and veggie that we have for dinner, unless it is something she cannot have. I never thought of giving her fruit! I will now. I mix it with some kibble (Wilderness). I was always afraid that she wouldn't get all of the vitamins and nutrients she needed. I have fed this to all of my dogs and none has lived less than 14 years, and all were healthy until the last few months of their lives. A lot of German Shepherd owners and breeders tell me raw is best, but I just can't do it. I can't believe that she can't get sick from raw meat or chicken.
    Thanks again Tim.


      "I can't believe that she can't get sick from raw meat or chicken" - They do, Maureen, but like with kibble, signs of sickness don't show up immediately. And when they show up later, people cannot associate anymore today's dog health problems with what they fed their dog years earlier.

      Anyone who has consciously taken in what our Top veterinarian nutritionist says in the Dog Expert Interview Series with Reviews (and the first veterinarian said this as well), knows why the typical dog owner should not feed raw. We've put the wisdom out there, for everyone who is willing to learn from it. But we cannot force anyone.

      "Life is what you make of it" - dog life too! The paradox: It's exactly those dog owners who don't want to learn from what is offered to them who come back frequently with their newest "HELP!" requests. :roll:


    I love how you tell it as it is, brilliant!
    We feed a variety of raw food and have no gastric issues anymore. When we rescued Chief they were feeding him some awful kibble, no wonder his poor tum couldn't cope.


    Thanks for the information on how kibble is made. I incorporate a lot of homemade into Buddy's diet and obviously need to commit to a total switch? Thank you for the recipes.
    Sandra and Buddy


    Thanks for the info. Definitely a real eye-opener! One quick question: when using your basic recipe linked in this periodical, what should be the approximate percentages of meat, rice/pasta, and fruit and veggies included in each meal?


      Hey Julie, you surely can vary that but you asked me, and so here's what we feed:
      1. From several food containers in the fridge I first put ca 9 heaped tablespoons rice on a plate.
      2. I add what looks like the same amount of vegetables on top (typically from two food containers, and each has a mix of two or three veggies in it).
      3. On top I put three or four meat chunks (the size of which I've shown on many photos).
      4. Now I place the plate in the microwave for 10 to 20 sec (you get a feeling for how fast different foods heat up).
      5. When warmed up to room temperature (finger-test it), I now artistically maneuver these foods from the plate into the Eat-Slow bowl, ie the meat chunks from the top of the plate fall down on the bottom of the bowl, then they get covered with veggies, and the rice that went first on the plate now falls nicely on top in the Eat-Slow bowl.
      6. Now I throw one Yumove on top (I can't get Nutramax here; Yumove has even more of everything so I was worried it may be too much but the hospital head vet said "No worries, it isn't too much for a German Shepherd".
      7. I add a tablespoon cottage cheese on top of the rice.
      8. And finally I pour just as much plain yoghurt over all of it as is needed to bind the rice grains with the rest of the food (hence why I initially fill the plate in the order mentioned).
      9. I stir it all a bit and serve it when the dog is calmly sitting on the ground.

      Rice, veggies, and meat - all gets steamed (is quickest and the least amount of work).
      Whenever I have grated some cheese (I eat it on pasta and in green salad), I sprinkle some grated cheese on the dog's meal as well. :lol:

      You can see it all LIVE in the Puppy Chronicles. For more reasons than I could list here it's worth getting them (and at this price!!) even when you have an adult dog: You can directly deduce what to do about adult dog health and behavior problems as well. No, you can avoid them! :-D

      Is the above detail enough, or do you still need to know percentages?


        Hi Tim, have you tried amazon for the nutrition products you mentioned? I found them both there. They'll ship directly to you. And, if you are a prime member even quicker. Hope this helps! :)


        Hi Kim, which nutrition products please?


    When Kara was about seven months old, she caught a wild rabbit and ate it for dinner. That was all she got because I wanted to know what caused it if she threw up. She ate the whole thing: bones, fur, meat, with no adverse signs. Unless you call her constant checking for more rabbits to be adverse!

    I tried ZiwiPeak until I realized it was going to cost me over $90/week. Kibble has not been too bad for me. My first dog, born with hip dysplasia, had a stroke at 13. She fully recovered and snapped one of the pencils she had for hind legs at 15. We let her go. The next dog died at 10, but I had neglected to spay her and she paid the price. Next dog lived till 16. Of course, this doesn't mean they didn't get human food. If we went out to a restaurant, for example, I'd clear everyone's plate for the dog. Same thing with leftovers at home. One brother complained: "She feeds her dogs everything and they live forever!" (Until the word came out, this used to include chocolate, raisins, and grapes.) My only restraint was to keep the dogs on the thin side, a result of the first dog's dysplasia.

    For amusement: Zoey came to me at 7 and quickly learned the rule "what falls on the floor belongs to the dog." So when I made myself some cottage cheese with blueberries, she knocked it off the table when I was away. I made her sit in the doorway while I cleaned everything up and threw it all out. She got the point. Never again did she take anything off the table.

    I'll work on moving Kara to an all-human diet.



    Gulp, I confess: Raja has a stomach like a tank and used to eat lots of our food as well as rather expensive kibble. Momo came to us with a tummy that would rebel at even a hint of anything other than the kibble. We have not had great "luck" with cancer in our previous puppies' older ages so maybe tis the time to make the switch to the diet you suggest. Wouldn't hesitate with Raja but am a tad nervous about Momo and the D, V etc...Wish us luck!


    How do you feel about Darwins raw diet?

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