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Dog Problems: Solved! 1 to 1 Dog Solutions Consultation

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Got a dog problem?

Consider it solved. If only you cooperate here.

Dog Problems?

It is here where you find actual dog solutions. Not merely addressing symptoms like is done elsewhere: from veterinarian to dog behaviorist to dog trainer... doh!

Larry Essman: Tim, you have guided me in obtaining the best health for my gsd (max-A-million) and my little girl boxer/collie 13yrs old (pennies-from-heaven) could have. God Bless Tim and his wonderful website. You are always in my mind and heart. Great job in helping me understand and know that i can trust his word. Larry

Look, it is the widespread habit to treat mere symptoms that has led to the widespread failure of costly treatment attempts.

Not just in matters of dog health, puppy health and people health but dog training too. Example: dog barks too much, owner buys electronic collar to stop that. dumb?

Site member Sally: Your advice is amazing. Very well done! Sally

Dog Solutions!

mygermanshepherd-and-iSo if only you truly WANT(?) and thus you show a tad of reciprocity then my German Shepherd and I are here to actually help you solve your dog problem or puppy problem for good.

Whether that's dog health, dog care, or dog training.

Help is provided in the order of urgency and discomfort of the dog owner.

Joe: Man, what great information! Not only for our pets but for us humans. Please keep up the good work. You are appreciated.

Because we don't temporarily remove mere symptoms like others do.

Instead we focus on cure of the cause. And not only dog health and puppy health, but all dog behavior too.

Jim & Pat Garrity Stryker just turned 20mos old last week, and your site has been a great help to me and my wife Pat, over these many months, (and years to come)!

MyGermanShepherd.Org is The Cynology Hub because we focus on solving the cause of whatever symptoms you notice.

... or soon are going to notice if you continue to have others address mere symptoms. exclaim

Dog Problems: Solved! Dog Solutions ConsultationBecause look: Only solving the cause of the illness or unpleasant dog behavior prevents reoccurence, after-effects and "side effects".

All of which in fact are the consequences of not having addressed the cause from the start!

You see?

And so MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG with Tim Carter's focus on solving issues for good is unique.

John Richard: Perfect... That is exactly what I needed. Thanks, John

Accordingly below we make use of our own clear, detailed and comprehensive Dog Problem Questionnaire to collect from you the information we need to focus on solving the cause for you. Once and for all.

This saves you the widespread "coming back", follow-up bills and follow-up problems caused by not solving the original problem!

Understood the difference?

Maria T.: As always, very well explained. Thank you Tim


Be aware that any genuine dog experts will enquire similar detail as is in our proprietary questionnaire below. The problem however is:

  • you have no access to genuine dog experts (maybe unless you click this link)
  • and already a mediocre vet or local wannabe dog trainer you have to pay a minimum of $120 just to look at this level of detail in a consultation
  • and then mediocre professionals cannot act on the information, even if you give them a detailed questionnaire like ours below.

Sherri: Very informative and certainly puts it in perspective. Thanks very much for the information - as always very informative.

Please share this page with your friends so that your friends can get help too:

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Your dog problem?

Your level of discomfort?

How much pain does this dog problem cause you, in dollars so to speak?

Because, think: If it isn't important to you, why would it be to others? lol

Dog Details - Basics

1.1 Dog age? (estimate for rescue dog) monthsyears

1.2 Since what age with you? monthsyears

1.3 Gender? malefemale

1.4 Altered (spayed or neutered)? YesNo

  At what age? monthsyears

1.5 What breed or mix of breeds?

  IF MIX: of what two main breeds (if you know)?

1.6 Dog sleeps in your house or outdoors? indoorsoutdoors

1.7 Dog has free run or is locked up? free runlocked up

1.8 The ONLY dog, or what other pets? only doganother GSDanother dogwith cat(s)


2.1 What do you feed MOST OFTEN?

2.2 What Diet?

2.3 How many MEALS a day?

2.4 How much drinking water a day? (here metric: Milliliter ml) (conversion help)


3.1 Minutes per Day of exercise OTHER THAN plain dog walks?

3.2 Dog's level of exhaustion at END OF EXERCISE? (1: totally calm; 10: heat shock)

3.3 Types of REGULAR exercise? (use CTRL to select multiple)

  IF OTHER: What?


4.1 Any known HEREDITARY defects or disorders?

4.2 Any CURRENTLY PRESENT disorders or diseases?

4.3 What SYMPTOMS are you aware of?

4.4 Any signs of PAIN? YesNo

  What signs? (keywords only)

4.5 Define the dog's BEHAVIOR with THREE ADJECTIVES? (word help)

4.6 Dog Weight? (here metric: Kilogram kg) (conversion help)


5.1 What PAST TREATMENTS? (include names of medication if any)

5.2 CURRENT treatment since when? (number of weeks)

5.3 WHICH vaccinations or "boosters"? (use CTRL to select multiple)

  The FIRST vaccination AT WHAT AGE? (in months)

5.4 Ever received any antibiotics? YesNo

  Number of courses (distinct treatments over time)?

  Last antibiotics HOW LONG AGO? (number of weeks)

  Can you look up the NAME of the antibiotics?


5.5 Ever received any steroids or NSAIDs? YesNoWhat is that?

  Number of courses (distinct treatments over time)?

  Last steroids or NSAIDs HOW LONG AGO? (number of weeks)

  Can you look up the NAME of the steroids or NSAIDs?

5.6 Ever done an x-ray on the dog? YesNo

  Number of times?

  Dog age at FIRST X-RAY? monthsyears

  Which body part got x-rayed at that time?


6.1 Precisely what does the dog DO that you don't like?

6.2 What happens immediately BEFORE the dog does that?

6.3 How do you REACT when the dog does that?

6.4 How does the dog behave AFTER you reacted that way?

Okay! Thanks. Maybe you have an image to illustrate your case?


Your First Name     Your Best Email

Please make 100% sure your email is CORRECT, because else, even if you donate $1000, we cannot possibly reply, right? - Likewise, Tim's reply may wrongly end up in your provider's SPAM folder.

Remember, no more vet bills and trainer bills to pay!

Also, your vet and trainer you have to pay, and upfront, and for very questionable outcome. And likely: soon thereafter again, and again.

While here, while donation is not required it allows you to reflect your degree of urgency and discomfort.

mygermanshepherd and i

So please feel free to donate for what you feel it's worth. Thank you if you do!

USD     No worries, donation is a popup, all your input safely remains here.


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    I have a 1 year old shepherd. When we feed him he goes nuts like he never ate before spinning in circles. We make him sit first then he swallows his food. Also when we go to let him out he does circles at the door then he has to be the first one out the door. Last but not least when we walk him he drags you. I bought a harness to help control it but he still pulls. Is there any tips on what we can do to help with these questions. Thank you


    I was up late last night reading alittle from both books, great information!! You are brilliant, I tested my energy level today on our walk....yeap Im part of the problem 🙁

    We have had this issue with her since we rescued her three years ago! She has gotten alittle better since the beginning but not much, today's walk was simply wonderful!!! She didn't drag me, we didn't walk fast, we didn't act a fool when we saw another dog walking with its owner. Now it was not perfect, but time and patience will get her (and me) there.

    Confession time: I'm not on any social media and also have never typed on someone's web page before. Except to review a purchase to help others. So when I filled out the consulation page, I did it fast and honestly thinking it was a scam... Forgive me please??!!! Yes Isabelle's health is my number one concern, that is why I rescued her from our neighbor. The water answer wasn't correct, but honestly I have no idea how much she drinks. Yes horrible mom. I have a bowl that holds two gallons and our 13 year old german shepherd and 10 year old greyhound ( all rescues) drink from it. I fill it up once to twice daily depending on how much they drink. Yes I know-no help for you to help me.

    I feed blue buffalo "wilderness" to them and have for five years, well Isabelle three years. What you feed them does matter, since they have been on it no trips to vets for anything besides annual shots. Healthy happy dogs! Two years ago we moved to another state and that's when Isabelle got bad allergies and me too! Tried Claritin, Benadryl and now on Allegra. Changed her food to blue buffalo basics, the limited ingredient and grain free kind. It's been two months and haven't notice any change, thought it was a gluten allergy. I read your health page and I checked in my town and surrounding towns, we do not have a holistic vet.

    • supportive

      "annual shots" - What? Pl read Vaccinations, Eva. wink
      "I read your health page" - which one? We have >100 health pages smile

      "Healthy happy dogs!" - Yes, immune system disorders are an inevitable outcome of vaccinations, steroids, antibiotics, and industrial "dog food" - they all impair all 12 body systems, and the disorders are slowly creeping in. Disorders never emerge with a BANG.

      Subject to a number of circumstances specific to the individual dog, some dogs on the surface seem to remain fairly healthy for years. Seem, because ultimately ALL such dogs are diagnosed with severe issues (unless they die early for other reasons): infections, arthritis, kidney failure, cancer, etc. sad

      When dog owners feed "dry food" - which has just 6 - 10% water content MAX and thus is no food anyway, even if we ignore the toxicity of industrial "dog food"! - they must compensate for a LOT LOT LOT of bodily fluid needs:
      - Dog ~65% water, diet must match that.
      - Fresh homemade food: ~65% water.
      - Food fluids are absorbed one-to-one. Conversely, the water you provide?
      - Say 25% the dog splashes on the floor, right?
      - 15% evaporates
      - say 50% ends in the bladder
      - so only 10% or so is absorbed into the body cells!
      Right? Hence why body absorption of drunk fluids is small.

      So pl weigh how much you feed your dog (lb/kg) and then do the math to see how much more fluids your dog needs.


    I just bought two of your books on my kindle, the puppy 101 and the dog training tool kit. I wasn't sure where to get information on how to exactly become the pack leader. Hopefully I will find it in one of these books 🙂

    • supportive

      Oh Eva, thanks so much!
      You have a 5yr old rescue GSD, right? I'd suggest have a quick look through the CONTENT pages in both books, and apply what you need for your adult dog. I say this because:
      - Puppy 101 DOES hold a lot of content useful for adult dogs too (INCL. acceptance, pack conflict, etc, yes!), nonetheless you don't have a puppy.
      - Dog Training Toolkit MAY be a bit advanced/not suit your liking, subject to how much you know about dog training techniques. It can't get "higher up" than that, the Toolkit is the pinnacle of dog training insight. So, NOT suitable for "newbies" (Amazon writes that clearly on the book page since the day that one newbie left a harsh review)

      Please note that your dog's two health issues are FAR more important than your tiny training issue. Please attend to both health issues first. Thanks again smile


    First - I thought the level of discomfort was a scale 10 being the worst, not dollars. Sorry. Thank you for taking the time to tell me what and why my girl is acting the way she is on a walk. I onced thought that but after every week at the classes I thought it wasn't. I appreciate the insight! You have a great website for everyone.

  5. supportive

    Great Eva, that gave some essential insight (although you answered some questions confusing, eg "Past treatments?" - "Dog social classes").

    Also what's hugely irritating is: You "feel helpless", but you say your level of discomfort with the situation is just $10. question
    Look, if it's such a negligible thing, why do you want me to waste my precious life time with your negligible issue? That's like saying "You're worth nothing, Tim". - Hmm, that doesn't make me feel like I want to solve someone's problems. Right?

    Anyway, you rescued that poor dog, and that was lovely of you! And several answers indicate that you treat her really well, that's wonderful, thank you!

    Apart from two things that you say you do, and those are a MUCH BIGGER problem than the negligible $10 one you asked about:
    - you say she has "Bad skin allergies"
    - you're "feeding kibble"
    - drinking water "300 ml/day"
    - exercise other than dog walks sums up to "45 min/day"
    - dog's level of exhaustion at end of exercise is "9" (out of 10)
    - your dog had both multiple antibiotics and steroids treatments (those are "treatments" by the way)

    The two BIG problems arising from all of that:

    • The "Bad skin allergies". I am sure these already cost you many multiples of $10, and they are caused by "feeding kibble" and dehydrating the dog! Remember here our life-saving Periodical on GSD fluid needs.
      In fact, thanks to your precise figures I could calculate the daily UNDERprovisioning of fluids that results from daily exercise + level of exhaustion + drinking water + feeding kibble. Be aware, you'd pay $120++ for this at the vet, not $10. wink
    • The systematic dehydration actually puts your dog at life risk! Kidney failure is just one of them. See Dehydration in the MyGermanShepherd Health Manual.
      Don't say now "but my vet says she is healthy" - your vet also prescribes antibiotics and steroids treatments and hasn't helped with the "Bad skin allergies" of your dog, so I give nothing on your vet, sorry. If you do, it's your choice. wink

    Oh, and for the (negligible) issue of leash aggression pl see the menu: Dog Aggression. In your case the CAUSE is: She wants to protect you, and being constrained to a leash agitates her even more in such situations. Thus, you need to work on becoming the accepted Pack leader, such that she ultimately learns that she may only interfere when you want that.


    Im excited to join this site for helpful information and to be better informed about my GSD! Looking to help anyway I can!

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Jonathan: Thank you for your period advice. It is excellent! My GSD puppy is now 8 months and we read your advice regularly.

Dwayne: I love this site and the info you post onto it. Thanks again!!!!

Penny: Thanks for making your great articles available to all of us. it's nice to know that a recommended product is actually available in my country.

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