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Dog Problems Q&A Vol 1Ever been wondering what other dog owners are struggling with, and how their dog problems are being solved? This is Volume 1 of Dog Owner Questions Answered!

Q&A 1

The real-life daily dog problems and concerns of their owners: Current Dog Problems and Solutions, Questions and Answers.

I put this together while I had a bottle of wine (I am not a fast drinker, no). It's the first installment of the never-ending flood of questions GUESTS leave in our question box in the right sidebar. I was so kind and added the answers as well, yeah! So that you get more than a Q book: You get Q&A. Hey! This is Volume 1.

Note: >500 members downloaded this for free last time but ONLY ONE left a review (Maureen)! Reviews are to non-celebrities what $ and fame are to celebrities. If you don't leave me $ and fame, at least leave a review (or two). Thanks.


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