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Dog Personality Traits

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Every dog has his/her own dog personality just like people do.

Dog personality is the sum of all dog personality traits that shape a particular dog's behavior.

What are Dog Personality Traits?

Dog personality traits are the behavior characteristics of a particular dog.

Dog Personality Traits Examples

Here's a pretty comprehensive but never complete list of dog personality traits that can help you to characterize your dog or any other dog:


And written out:

affectionate courageous entertaining jealous playful spry
aggressive coy enthusiastic jolly pleasant stray
alert creative excitable joyful polite stubborn
anxious cuddly fast keen protective submissive
assertive curious fearful kindhearted proud temperamental
bad-tempered curled up fickle laidback quick territorial
bewildered daring fixated lethargic quick-tempered thirsty
big-headed dashing frisky lively quiet thoughtful
bossy defeated gentle loving rambunctious thoughtless
brave defiant goofy loyal rebellious timid
bright-eyed delightful greedy merry relaxed trainable
bull-headed demanding grumpy mischievous relieved uninterested
calm dependent happy moody reserved vigilant
careless destructive helpless needy restless vocal
caring devoted hilarious nervous rowdy volatile
catty disobedient hungry obedient scared wagging
cautious docile hyperactive obstinate scatter-brained watchful
cheeky dominant inconsiderate passive sensitive wild
cheerful eager independent patient shy willing
clumsy eager-to-please insecure people-friendly sleepy worried
compliant easy inventive personable sly yappy
considerate energetic itchy picky soft zealous


You will notice that some of the dog personality traits allow to characterize a great range of dogs, while other personality traits may only apply to a few dogs.

For this reason I have selected only specific dog personality traits to define dog personality types.



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