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Dog Leash Lost!

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Jan 062016

lost dog leashHas this ever happened to you? That you lose the dog leash but can't remember where?

Oh dear! cry

Frequent readers know how much we love Sarah's leather leash f. But now it's gone! What surprises me most: I didn't even notice that we walked home without the leash. rolleyes

This can of course only happen when you walk your dog off-leash everywhere. So better don't get my book Dogs Unleashed - From On-Leash To Off-Leash f, because if you learn too much from it you may forget your leash somewhere. eek

dog at play courtI've been taking Sarah's leash with us on every walk just in case I need it (apparently I don't). I keep it in my hand, and usually I hang the leash in the mesh around the play court while the dog plays with me: I fetch the surprisingly durable Squeakair or the Tail teaser or whatever the dog is swinging or throwing for me. So this play court is where - I assume - the dog forgot to remind me that Sarah's leash is still hanging in the mesh!

I've asked in the neighborhood if anyone has seen our leather leash, but to no avail. I guess one lucky, innocent finder is using our leash now. But Sarah's leash is unique here, so when the finder uses our leash for dog walking, I will immediately recognize it.

Too bad, I just checked: Outside USA now Sarah's leash will cost me 83 Pound = 122 USD(!!) in the UK, or 161 Euro = 173 USD(!!!!) in Germany. That's insane! Proves again what a shopping paradise the USA is for dog owners! Nowhere else we can get dog items so cheap. So now we are stuck: No leash. Well, we have the Rogz nylon leash f here, but how does that look, for a BIG adult German Shepherd a nylon leash??

Who will send us Sarah's leash here? smile (fingers crossed)

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