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Angie wrote 5 days:

So cute!!!

Maureen Schwartz wrote 1 month:

He needs a bigger stick!

Early morning in the woods
Maureen Schwartz wrote 1 month:

Great photo!

Maureen Schwartz wrote 1 month:

I never saw a dog like her! She is a real thinker

Maureen Schwartz wrote 1 month:

I threw two balls and asked her to get them. She figured out how to do it by herself! Eventually (after a brief rest) she brought the both of them all the way back to me.

this one is MUCH cuter than this pic suggests
Maureen Schwartz wrote 2 months:

Nice pictures. Miguel looks like he enjoys any kind of company! Is he really big, or are the dogs there really small?

"Where did you say is America?"
Maureen Schwartz wrote 2 months:

Is he going to swim to us?

Maureen Schwartz wrote 2 months:

Lucy is a beauty!

Eyes and posture signal bored dog
Maureen Schwartz wrote 2 months:

A beef knuckle bone from the butcher will keep him occupied for a while and they are not expensive. He definitely does look bored. But at least he doesnt get into trouble!

No ear-taping for me
Maureen Schwartz wrote 2 months:

Binny looks like he could fly away with those ears. Too cute!

Mia Guarding the perimeter
Maureen Schwartz wrote 2 months:

She is beautiful!

Geo wrote 2 months:

Mia ... always alert. Watching out for her 8 yr old master Megan.

Max Flash
Maureen Schwartz wrote 2 months:

I am happy to see pictures of Max Flash. I have been following your back and forth with Tim over his diet and it looks like you are doing fine with it. He definitely does not look either over or under weight. He looks like a nice healthy dog. And a good looking one as well!


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