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This is another new feature of your dog site: You can now freely add photos of your dog!

  • Whether to impress, to brag, to teach us, to seek comments or help, to cherish your dog, or just to share your best dog photos?
  • We may even run genre specific competitions, create calendars(!) etc, once there is a good number of dog photos shared. Nice huh?

The first three Photo Albums below show the dogs of site visitors while not logged in: Anyone can upload, up to 10 photos/week for now (until spammers start hammering the server?!?). Please choose the right album, can you?

Below those albums, some site members will share some of their photo albums. They can create an unlimited number of their own albums, create, describe, and organize new albums, and even videos and audios! Obviously, this cannot be offered to free subscribers - given that Miguel and I now hardly can buy FOOD!!! so bad it has become.

Our Puppies (11)

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Our Adult Dogs (22)

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Our Senior Dogs (5)

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Show your dog, Show yourself. Show how you train. Show how you socialize. Show how you feed. Show how you cure. Show how you treat. Show how you care. Show how you play. Show anything you like.



Dave Fogarty

Default photo album for Dave Fogarty

Pippilotta (8)

Default photo album for Pippilotta
Early morning in the woods
Watch my ueber gorgeous puppy Binny to learn from us

Elizabeth Pitts

Default photo album for Elizabeth Pitts

alex platt

Default photo album for alex platt

Maureen (14)

Default photo album for Maureen


Default photo album for harry

Mark Hooton

Default photo album for Mark Hooton

Tasha Annino

Default photo album for Tasha Annino


Default photo album for mjewell

david v. (1)

Default photo album for david v.
and then suddenly that dog emerged


Default photo album for dsalexe

Rick Anderson

Default photo album for Rick Anderson

Arlene Gil

Default photo album for Arlene Gil

Marie (1)

Default photo album for Marie


Default photo album for marbel


Default photo album for Bev


Default photo album for Rosebud

ferdinand ferdo

Default photo album for ferdinand ferdo



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    Note that the photo album plugin has an exhausting nine-hundred-thirty-seven settings. 937, yes! 🙄
    So you will certainly notice many settings that still need adjustments? Just mention your ideas in your comment below.

    For now for example, the set up is:

    • Visitors only: show off the best photos of your dog (ten per week for now, let's see how the server copes)
    • Supporting site members: of course you can share an unlimited number of photos and even organize your albums (photos, audio, video).
      The system auto-created default albums for those who logged in yesterday.
    • Supportive free Periodical subscribers:
      • I gonna contact everyone who has ever donated to choose a "username" (because this can't be changed later) and you get your free site account. Because: THANK YOU AGAIN, without you we would not exist anymore (literally!), and so without you everyone else would see and learn NOTHING here: WE ALL owe you our gratitude, particularly all those who don't realize it...
      • With that username you then have login details, and so besides all the other things you can then also show off your dog(s) on multiple photos/albums.
      • I also gonna figure out how to reward those free Periodical subscribers who are active, alive, share your experience in the comments section on each page.
    • Everyone can comment on photos, even without logging in (just captcha to prevent spam!)
    • Everyone can rate photos - we need to agree on some criteria?
    • etc etc
    • 937 settings is serious business 🙄

    I'd have to spend many more days of my precious time to set it all up the way you want! So first, you need to say how you want it?

    Knowing the widespread inactivity of GSD owners all too well... let's first see many of you making use of what's already implemented: Upload your dog too.

    Okay okay, the photo only, keep your dog. 🙂


    I love this. This is a great way to get to know each other, and thus a great way to get people to care a little more about this site! I love seeing other peoples dogs and reading the comments on their personalities. It will get easier as it gets used. Great idea!


    Awesome new feature! I love it! Time to pay up for my membership. I don't understand why I didn't realize it sooner. Dumb girl lol.

    -Perla & Harley??


    Jordan solves a problem was great! Smart girl!


      Thanks. She astounded us when she did that. I was expecting her to put one ball ahead of the other, taking turns, all the way up, just as smart, that she had done before.


    ALL the adult dogs are beautiful. I thought I would be sad when Binny was a puppy no more but thanks to these photos I look forward to seeing Binny enter his majestic phase!


      And he will be beautiful, and regal, and I can tell, because you are starting so right, that he will be a smart, well adjusted dog.

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