Dog Bite Training


Dog Bite Training is a minor component of formal German Shepherd Schutzhund Training (rarely of the morphed Schutzhund Dog Sport). Dog Bite Training also is a (more significant) component of German Shepherd Protection Training. Finally, some individual dog owners undertake their own Dog Bite Training (and not only those with a criminal background).

German Shepherd Dog Bite Training

Unless you are a studied and experienced Dog Bite Trainer, we would strongly advise you against undertaking your own Dog Bite Training. Because if not done right then your bite training will promote not only the reactive bite but also the proactive bite.

Genuine, skilled Dog Bite Training is organized and executed in a way that the dog perfects the Defense bite - which is a reactive bite - and that the training reduces bite temptation for all forms of the proactive bite. This is done not only for reasons of public safety but also for insurance reasons: If the dog liability insurer (or homeowner's insurer) has the slightest suspicion that the dog may have been trained to bite proactively, then any future bite incident will not be covered by the insurer (in addition to the dog likely being put down).

Before an insurer is going to pay out a high sum for damages to the victim, the claim adjuster will investigate in your neighborhood (and today via online sources like email, social media etc) if anyone knows of your dog having been trained to bite. And if the adjuster can substantiate his suspicion, the insurer will refuse to pay out. In such case the dog owner will have to pay for all legal cost and damages to the victim (including income loss).

So, undertaking your own Dog Bite Training rarely is a sensible decision, particularly today where via internet everyone can find out everything about everyone else. :roll:

Now, if you're still reading here, you must be either very determined or very interested.

Dog Bite Training - Standard Process

When your German Shepherd is being professionally bite trained, the dog trainer's handler will use protective armour and repeatedly simulate a controlled attack with a stick in an observed environment. The dog is then gradually being trained for full force mouth bites into the handler's protected forearm, to hold on to the attacker even when the attacker tries to shake off the dog, and not to loosen the bite until the trainer shouts OUT!

Mark these:

  • protective armour
  • controlled attack
  • with a stick
  • observed environment
  • bite into the protected forearm only
  • until the trainer shouts OUT!

All these terms clearly mark the enormous differences to genuine German Shepherd Protection Training!

Also note that Dog Bite Training as described above will not start before your German Shepherd has proven to the trainer that the dog fully and instantly complies with all relevant dog commands during prior dog training sessions.

dog training

In summary: Dog Bite Training should always be left to professionals. If you can't afford a professional Dog Bite Trainer, don't do it. Instead, go play with your dog. That will improve the relationship, and the better your relationship with your dog, the more likely that your dog will go out of his/her way to protect you, should such need arise. Obviously this doesn't mean that your dog will be skilled to protect you, yet be aware that there are far more important skills of a Protection Dog than to bite. :idea:

We don't get paid for saying "leave it to professionals", it's just common sense. Even if you've watched 20 hours of dog bite training video and you've read 5 books on the topic, that doesn't make you a skilled Dog Bite Trainer, sorry.

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    Hi, I have a 8 month GSD, it doesn't bark at a strangers (not even a humans) and shake his tail. I feel it is not a good gaurd dog.

    I want a tips to train my GSD with good gaurd and protective


      Many US bred GSDs do not have much guarding trait, so don't expect a miracle to happen.
      Also, depending on your upbringing, he may still develop more protective instinct with age, at 8m he's still a pup.
      Next point to consider is, are you his accepted(!) Pack leader? Apply our Periodicals incl. Puppy Training Essentials.
      Finally, if you still want more, this is a high-end(!) protection dog training book.


    i have a 4 years old male german shepherd and it is already obidience,but i wanted him to lean about protection..
    but the trainer told me my dog was not enough what should i do before i start the course?


      I would bin the "trainer"! A protection dog may not be aggressive! So there, you would still have a chance to train your dog right.
      HOWEVER, an obedience-trained dog will not make a good protection dog either. So there you did sth wrong if you want him to become a Protection dog. You may be able to undo what has been done, but it will take more effort.
      One thing for sure, if you somehow try to "make the dog more aggressive", you will never make him a reliable protection dog, and you ruined your dog-human relationship. So: I wouldn't go down that route, if I were you.
      Our (free) members receive hundreds of lengthy Periodicals - on Protection Dog Training too (but later, as the basics have to be done first!)


    My shepherd is 3 yrs. old. She has become aggressive and has bitten two people who have come in my yard. They were not strangers. What can I do about her aggression?


      You can do (and should do) a LOT. First would be to receive and follow the guidance in our Periodicals of course. I'd had done that long before the dog starts biting. It can now hardly get much worse, can it?
      Preventing is SO MUCH easier than curing.
      Let me know when you are ready, and I'll point you to the necessary Periodicals.

      PS: Oh, and Bite Training page? No, here you are totally wrong - unless you meant how can you get your dog to bite more people? ;-)


    Hi Tim. Just signed up for your website 3/28/14. Our baybee dawg is 13 months and almost a half month. She bit me on the thumb yesterday; broke skin on both sides of my thumb. I was cleaning off her feet because it's Spring time and the ground is a little bit muddy right now. As much as I hate to admit it...I spanked her on her butt, she quickly exited the room to the bedroom however she came out about 20 minutes later and I loved on her. Her daddy walks her minimum 5 days a week, she goes to doggy daycare 2-3 times a week. She always has water and dry food available to her. She has been crate trained however she does have a bed next to our bed which she sleeps in often. Athena has had less than 10 potty accidents since we adopted her-7 weeks old. She is a barker...poor neighbors come home and she barks at them.


    my gsd is only 7weeks old, she is learning things very well like sit,shake ect. and is now crate trained.When she is doing something wrong and I point my finger at her tell her no she jumps back and tries to snap at me I keep teliing her no finally she will stop but few minutes start again.What am I doing wrong,or what do I need to do


      >What am I doing wrong,or what do I need to do
      Think, what value has it if such a young puppy can "sit, shake etc" but is missing out on socialization, Pack leader acceptance etc?
      My new puppy is now 11 weeks, and he still can't do anything of that. So what?
      Do I want to impress my neighbors with fancy "stunts", or do I want to raise a safe, well-behaved, powerful German Shepherd Dog.

      It has good reason why we suggest a certain sequence to our subscribers, and why our preferred top dog trainer does so too.

      I can't possibly figure out how you end up asking on a page "Dog Bite Training"?


        Thanks Tim,
        I ended up on this page because I have never had a puppy inside before and everyone says because she bites at my pants legs and feet and when I say no she is going to be aggressive.She is very smart learning most thing on her own.I love her dearly and just want the best for her I will subscribe and watch the vidoe


        Okay but dog bite training means how to "train a dog to bite". What you seem to need is "how to become the accepted Pack leader" - because then your dog won't bite and won't nip you, unless you invite him to (which are the controlled play fighting sessions).

        >everyone says because she bites at my pants legs and feet and when I say no she is going to be aggressive.
        Everyone is wrong. From what you wrote there is no indication you will have an aggressive dog. Instead, there is every indication your dog want's to play/your attention, and since you aren't the confident Pack leader that you need to be for a GSD, he nips you when he wants, not when you want. This is what you need to change, and this change comes via accepted Pack leadership, there I agree 100% with Doggy Dan.


    Hi I have a 9 month old German Shepherd named LUCKY and he is 75.5lbs thus far. He's a pet line GSD who may be mixed with American shepherd. His back shows that he is not show line. His paws are still kinda big for his weight. I have been doing a lot of basic obedience training with him across the spectrum of the 3 D's of dog training. He is a very fast learner and at 6 months he was able to do a down stay from 100 paces. He is currently really into fetch where I practice his OUT; I started with the food bowl. He is also very much into FIND IT in bushes and a canyon that we play in.
    He loves using his nose, I started that one at home.

    I am currently running out of ideas to get him to do a good FUSS or focus while walking off leash together.

    I am also interested in starting his bite work. From home he has a strong defense drive. He will bark with such a ferocious voice towards mail men and solicitors. He is not overly aggressive towards dogs in play or while walking beside or behind me on a leash. The neighborhood kids are like a little army that run up to us and pet him. They even walk him and he frolics around happily with them. In the dog park he is more aloof towards humans but has a few human friends. Over the past two months he has out grown the huskies that used to pick on him and they don't acknowledge him anymore.

    With that said, a few things I am interested in are a flirt pole, bite wedge, and bite tug with handles...

    What are some ways to develop his drive and good ways to reinforce the bite work. I don't want to discourage his will to bite.


    Hi my German shepherd is five years old. He's been biting all of us when he's under stress. I have Children that are pre teen and yell at times. The dog is obedient to most commands. He attacked me when I took a stuffed animal out of his mouth because the beads were falling out because it broke. He's never been socialized with dogs when he was a puppy. No one can come over that he has not been around since he was a puppy. I don't want to take chances of him biting someone else since he bites his own family. ( he did get out of the house when a friend of my child was here in the yard. She ran and he ran after her but he didn't bite her. He then brought a toy for her to play but she ran out of the yard because she was scared.. What can I do besides get rid of the yelling! Thank So!


      Debbie, what you can do? I would say, what you MUST do:
      1) Get on the right page, this is the wrong page for you, you don't need bite training!
      2) MUST do, because ... I can't believe you've got a BITING adult GSD in the house with your children!?!!
      3) Let's assume you aren't joking:
      a) Everything that's in my free books - free will do, I guess.
      no b, no c.


    My 1.5 year old GSD is attacking my other dog. They were best friends and played extremely well together up until 9 months my GSD lunges and attacks from out of the blue???? I don't want to have to give her up....


      Clearly a Pack conflict. You haven't applied our guidance to
      a) become the accepted Pack leader yourself, and
      b) ensure no Pack member feels stressed from experiencing a Pack conflict (that includes each dog).

      There is MUCH more but this will get you started quickly (if you're keen). And yes, it is the right topic that is linked, just keep readin and applyin...


    When I got my GSD, I was under the impression she was a full blown GSD. Well... come to find out that she's a "Hybrid". It wasn't untill after 4 days that I found this out. The owner said I could bring her back but by then I was in love with this puppy! I had a GSD prior and he was great! This GSD I have now STILL will pee/poop in the house and she doesn't listen very well either. I have 2 other dogs in the house - 8 year old rotty who never really took to her and a 5 year old mix who in the beginning was her best friend. Now, Jewels (GSD) is attacking the 5 year old from out of the blue. It use to be maybe once every 2-3 months but now... it's been twice in 6 weeks - causing bloodshed and stiches etc... one minute they are running outside together and then the next minute my GSD lunges after her. I know breaking them up does more damage but that's just my instinct to do that. I'm not sure what to do with her... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW.. I took her to petsmart and she growled at a 8 week old pitbull...


      Are you READING at all when I took the time out to reply??

      If you ran a rescue org in your short & precious leisure time, and replied to me and I ignored you, how'd you react? Advise me.

      GSD mix? With what breed?


    Hi for a while now i've wanted to try putting on a bite suit and take a few bites, but i have no idea how to arrange it. I live in the UK. Can anyone help me do it?


      There are tons of eager trainers who want to help you do that, yes James. But did you get a chance to read the Dog Bite Training article on this very page?
      Just scroll up and read it. You will then (hopefully) realize why undertaking your own bite training is a really bad idea.
      And putting on a bite suit just for the fun of it?
      The problem is, while you may take away the memory of some fun, your dog almost certainly will take away from it what you don't want the dog to take away from it: counter-productive training responses going forward.
      A five year old you can tell "the next minutes are just for me to have some fun", and he may understand and disregard it thereafter, but for a dog everything is at face value.

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