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Dog Bite Training

 Reviewed 16 April 2020 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion dogphoto

Dog Bite Training can be a minor component of formal Schutzhund Training - rarely of the morphed Schutzhund Dog Sport.

Dog Bite Training also is a - more significant but not a major - component of Protection Training.

Finally, some individual dog owners undertake their own Dog Bite Training, and not only those with a criminal background.

German Shepherd Bite Training

Why-do-dogs-biteUnless you are a studied Dog Bite Trainer(?) we would strongly advise you against undertaking your own Dog Bite Training. Here's why:

Because if not done right then your bite training will promote not only the Defense bite but also the proactive bite.

Genuine, skilled Dog Bite Training is organized and executed in a way that the dog perfects the Defense bite - which is a reactive bite - and that the training reduces bite temptation for all forms of the proactive bite.

I know of at least three reasons why this is so:

  1. All forms of proactive bite are detrimental:
    • Preydrive distracts the dog from an intruder, attacker, whatever.
    • Aggression blocks the mind such that the dog cannot think what the best action is at the particular point in time and in the particular situation.
    • Attack gets you into BIG trouble.
  2. Dog-Bite-Risk-increase-with-proactive-bitePublic safety: The actions leading to any form of proactive bite increase two of the three dog bite risks, and so may lead to injury of an uninvolved third party, for instance a child nearby.
  3. Insurance reasons: If the dog liability insurer or homeowner's insurer has the slightest suspicion that the dog may have been trained to bite proactively, then any future bite incident will not be covered by the insurer (in addition to the dog likely being put down).

Before an insurer is going to pay out a high sum for damages to the victim, the claim adjuster will investigate in your neighborhood (and today via online sources like email, social media etc) if anyone knows of your dog having been trained to bite.

And if the claim adjuster can substantiate his suspicion, the insurer will refuse to pay out.

Then the dog owner will have to pay for all legal cost and damages to the victim, including income loss.

So, undertaking your own Dog Bite Training rarely is a sensible decision, particularly today where via internet everyone can find out everything about everyone else. rolleyes

Now, if you're still reading here, you must be either very determined or very interested in the topic itself.

Dog Bite Training: Standard Process

Dog-bite-sleeveWhen your dog is being professionally bite trained, the dog trainer's handler

  • will use protective armour
  • and repeatedly simulate a controlled attack with a stick
  • in an observed environment.

Gradually the dog is then

  • trained for full force mouth bites into the handler's protected forearm
  • to hold on to the attacker even when the attacker tries to shake off the dog
  • and not to loosen the bite until the trainer shouts OUT!

Mark these:

  1. protective armour
  2. controlled attack
  3. with a stick
  4. observed environment
  5. bite into the protected forearm only
  6. holding the bite
  7. until the trainer shouts OUT!

All these terms clearly mark the enormous differences to genuine Protection Training.

Also note that Dog Bite Training as described above will not start before your dog has proven to the trainer that the dog fully and instantly complies with all relevant dog commands during prior dog training lessons precisely for this purpose.

dog training

In summary

Dog Bite Training should always be left to professional dog bite trainers. If you can't afford a professional Dog Bite Trainer, don't do it.

Instead, go play with your dog: That will improve the relationship, and the better your relationship with your dog the more likely that your dog will go out of his/her way to protect you, should such need arise!

You see?

Obviously this doesn't mean that your dog will be skilled to protect you, yet be aware that there are far more important skills of a Protection Dog than to bite! idea

Note that we don't get paid for saying "leave it to professional dog bite trainers", it's just common sense: Even if you've watched 20 hours of dog bite training video and you've read 5 books on the topic, that doesn't make you a studied Dog Bite Trainer, you see?



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