Dec 162016

What's in the bowl today?

See here what's in ours. Simple Real Food suggestions for you and your dog.

real dog food - daily mealThe easy, quick, cheap, and healthy way to feed the entire family:

We share all natural food homemade meals with the dog.

The dog is getting natural "table scraps", yes! 😯

Today we are having turkey, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, banana, and yoghurt


The Daily Dog Meal - explained


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    Can you season the food for GSD with salt, pepper and other spices?


      When we share food with our dog (or when you prefer to leave your dog some food behind, "table scraps", "leftovers"), it should all be natural foods only (that's the ideal). Because the extent of processing these days is a nutritional disaster (even with meat where you might think "meat must be purest"). Neither good for us nor for dogs.

      Believe it or not, most spices are heavily processed too, in particular salt that you mentioned, and sugar must always be avoided. The sodium ("salt") and carbohydrates ("sugar") that naturally occur in foods are entirely sufficient for our and the dog's well-being. Mixed/Processed spices like Madras paste must also be kept away from dogs. But naturally occuring spices like pepper that you mentioned, parsley, basil, oregano etc all are fine for dogs (in the amounts that people would normally add them to their food).

      Two things to consider here:
      - When you steam your meals (this is a steamer), you may not want to add spices at all, as steaming brings out all the natural flavors (and so I have never added spices to steamed foods). What you can do is, add spices after steaming and sharing with the dog, then close the lid for a couple of minutes, and you get as much spicy flavor as you desire. Steaming is by far the healthiest meal preparation anyway.

      - Do dogs want seasoning for "better taste"? Clearly not (I have tested that as well). So, if you don't need seasoning (before sharing), clearly your dog doesn't need it anyway. Save it.

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