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The Daily Dog Meal explained

 Reviewed 17 December 2018 share-a-picture Or go to discussion?join-the-discussion dogphoto
Oct 312016

In our Daily Dog Meal - simple Real Food suggestions for you and your dog (you may start here), we cannot repeat always the same explanation, it would lead to Google's "duplicate content" penalty. So here you go:

Why no kibble crap?

what's in the bowl?I work and don't have much time. And I certainly don't waste money on crap - and then on medical bills.

Yet we desire to eat healthy meals, and so does the dog.

The solution

steaming all foodsI steam foods, and I prepare meals in bulk in advance. A steamer does magic in the kitchen (and two steamers are better than Copperfield, sorry David).

Then I share the meals with the dog. Meaning, we eat exactly the same. Except that I don't eat beef, so that's always all for the dog. wink

Oh, and because this dog is a German Shepherd, his meals are much bigger than mine. Plus, as a puppy he needed five meals a day! When he stopped growing I reduced that to four meals, then three.

Currently we have special circumstances, and so we can share just two meals a day, the absolute minimum. And these meals are no longer steamed as we have no power yet in our tiny house truck, and no other way to cook (nor a fridge). So currently we have to share always the same boring components: peas and champignons from tins. rolleyes Because these two REAL FOODS here are without additives (yet unfortunately a bit of salt). See here for more.

How much to feel full?


steaming foods arrow In the daily dog meals, even when I don't mention rice, note that rice is almost always the base layer (literally, in the bowl). Steaming rice in the top tier is quickest (just fill in), easiest (it always get's "just right") and cheapest.

When you have a hungry German Shepherd or other mid-sized or large dog, unless you are Rockefeller, a cheap and healthy filler goes without saying: sweet potato (a lot of work), pasta (most commercial pasta is crap), quinoa (expensive), or rice (yeah). Or millet and such.

Are you thinking "Phew, grains!" ??

Well, better for your dog you don't follow the current fad, learn from real research.

Meat/Fish, Veg, and Fruit

arrow In the daily dog meals, retrospectively I couldn't always spot the fruit we had, but note that for us every meal comprises at least one fruit. When Miguel was a puppy (and we had money, lol) the fruit typically was half a pear for him, or else blueberries, strawberries, melon, banana, mango or such. Currently it almost always is half an apple and half a banana. Since we currently share two meals a day, the dog is having one apple and one banana a day.

I still plan to write about the pros and cons(!) of eating fruits (both for us and the dog), like I did for meat. Maybe I can add that when we get power for our tiny house truck.

Repetition or Variety?

efficient meal preparation arrow Is the daily meal the same throughout the day?

Can be, but can also be different.

You eat what you like.

For the dog, repeating the meal doesn't matter.

For me, it's about efficiency: bulk meal preparation not only saves time, it also allows me to vary the meals from three, four different food containers in the fridge.

Suitable for any dog?

real food is complete and balancedSuitable for any adult dog, yes. Much more suitable than processed "dog food" crap. When you learn about the origin of dogs you will also know that the "Complete and Balanced" labels are misleading dog owners: The modern dog has survived and thrived for 33,000 years, all without once following a prescription diet of specific amounts of nutrients. idea

So do not worry about the "completeness" and "balance" of our daily dog meal suggestions. They are all human-grade REAL FOODS. This is what matters.

For puppies and pregnant bitches however (thus during growth) you need to pay more attention to what you feed, just like in nature the pup's parent dogs do too. This is why puppy food is a big part of the New Puppy Diary, in case you are interested.

Finally, if your dog is ill, again a "prescription diet" makes no sense either: An ill dog all the more needs REAL FOOD to recover, more than anything else. And certainly more than any medication (this too is well documented in the New Puppy Diary).

Haute Cuisine or Simple?

simple not decorative food arrow In the daily dog meals, you will see that sometimes we have lots of different foods, while other times the meal is so simple you may not call it a "meal". That's life. We may run out of veg, run out of meat, run out of fruit. Or say we are out and about, and so we're taking only certain foods with us. Likely non-perishable ones: we also have surprising research results on what foods need no fridge.

I have no time and no interest to present to you decorative "haute cuisine" meals: That isn't quick and simple, it isn't what you or I would eat daily and feed to the dog. Right? idea

But for us every daily dog meal is REAL FOODS only. Because that's what domesticated dogs have thrived on ever since, until the 1950ies emergence of the pet "food" industry (food, lol)! And because REAL FOODS is what we eat ourselves. We don't eat toxic kibble.

Anyway, what's in your bowl today?

what's in the bowl?

If you are worried what real foods you can share with your dog, come back to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG The Daily Dog Meal tomorrow to see what's in ours. grin

Be part of the movement, #FeedNatural. RT: Today I am feeding my dog ...

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adult GSDIf ever you appreciate the immense work to maintain this uniquely helpful house, feel free to donate a meal.
As .ORG we depend on your (rare!) donations: however small it helps, THANKS SO MUCH!


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  1. supportive

    I actually have a question. Is Miguel your first GSD on the “real food” diet? If not what have been your results heath wise & longevity wise? Also, Miguel was very sick as a puppy - how old is he now and how has his health been?
    Btw, Miguel is one handsome boy ?

    • supportive

      No, all dogs always got what you might call "table scraps", and in the shelter where I worked too. I find it critical, for health reasons.
      Actually, your parent's dogs (or grandparents, subject to your age) likely always got "table scraps" too: "dog food" is a very new invention. Our grandmothers would turn in their graves if they knew what our generation feeds dogs today. 😉

      Also, it's just too expensive to buy "dog food": Commercial "dog food" is ridiculously expensive compared to human foods!. Strangely dog owners don't even notice the high price of "quality" kibble.

      Dog longevity I wrote about here.

      Miguel is now 4, thanks for asking. Thankfully his health is in top form, both in my assessment and the hospital vet's (we don't go elsewhere since then). I've not paid for any medication, treatment, supplement, nada. Really glad I am that finally after about 2ys of pain even his hip has healed that he had injured during tail teaser play 28 months ago at the same place where we are now (north Portugal) for lack of income. I was worried that he'd always be limping like I do, and people laugh about us being together.

      PS: On the small pic your dog looks precisely the same, doesn't he?
      First I thought "when did I shoot that pic?"

      My German Shepherd Miguel is SO PROUD of his sticks (current pic), most he likes that I have to try to take the sticks from him (which these days mostly I fail, need to do a video of that):

  2. supportive

    The question marks in my post below were a laughing emoji and heart emoji. Just to clarify! But of course I still love Binny - no question marks : )

    • supportive

      Oh, okay, thanks Pippilotta! smile Sorry, seeing things late now: still very busy ironing out a ton of things that are the avalanche after supercharging our website speed, the biggest technical effort ever undertaken for this website...

      Binny: What command were you teaching him?
      emoji: We disabled them sitewide, the functionality is wasteful for speed, sorry.

    • supportive

      How long will steamed veggies stay good?? Can you freeze them and they heat them up without them getting yucky?? It would be nice to make a bunch and then have them to use. Right now, my bamboo steamer only makes a few meals at a time, and even after a few days, I figure they wont last much longer.

      • supportive

        I don't want to let you wait for other replies that may never come thanks to Google! twisted
        So here's mine if I may:
        How long will steamed veggies stay good??
        - Out in the open? Like other veg: no more than a day, then I don't like them. But the dog will still get them smile Although, he doesn't like veg much anymore, so much he had to eat, because it's cheaper than meat.
        - In the fridge we always kept (and still keep) any cooked meals for 3 days MAX (not only veg, meat too) IF the fridge temp is 4C / 39F or below. Else it gets yucky sooner, I find. In fact, ON the third day I'd like fridge meals be finished, so after ~50hrs seems good.
        - In the freezer we kept meals easily a month. But the tasty things got eaten much sooner.

        Can you freeze them and they heat them up without them getting yucky??
        - Absolutely! See above.
        - In the apartment I had a Microwave to briefly warm up fridged foods, just be very careful: Microwaves heat up uneven: some foods may be piping hot while others are still cold! (has to do with water content, I explained it somewhere else)
        - Note that dogs shouldn't eat cold foods, even worse than hot foods (hot they sense better and leave them alone)

        It would be nice to make a bunch and then have them to use.
        Oh you figured? grin Welcome to the club! I always prepared meals in advance (still do, everything just a bit limited now...). I wouldn't have had the time to cook every day, right? So fridge and freezer were WELL USED, yes.

        It really is all somewhere on the site. The location I know for sure it is, and you have access, is the New Puppy Diary - THAT was an effort cooking enough for the always hungry puppy! Glad that's over.

      • supportive

        Thanks, Tim. To be honest, I haven’t tried to make more than a few days worth. Yes, our fridge stays at 37 deg F. The microwave does cook uneven. I stir everything before it hits their bowls.
        I appreciate the reply and did not know about the cold foods. I try to get everything warm.

  3. supportive

    My posts about Binny are always so positive so I would like to share that he did not listen to command we were working on. He got very excited and crashed into me. Now I have a fractured knee. Thank you, Binny. I still love you???

  4. supportive

    Binny loves his fresh food. His coat is thick and glossy; his eyes are bright and he exudes health! I feel better too, now that we eat the same (tho I pass on the raw, organic, grass-fed beef bones) as I used to skip meals as I am lazy when it comes to eating! We practically live in the woods and no problems w fleas and ticks. Thank you, Tim and!

    • supportive

      "We practically live in the woods and no problems w fleas and ticks." - Oh! Although it doesn't fit here, interested, how comes IN THE WOODS you have no problems with fleas and ticks?

      We lived in the woods for a year, and "it was hell"... - insect and arachnid wise I mean mrgreen


    Thank you so much for this Tim! I've been thinking about going raw for Gracie because I keep hearing how great other dogs are doing on it. I've always fed her top of the line kibble but still hated the whole idea of kibble. Everything you've said here makes so much more sense to me and I feel good about starting this whereas I've been very hesitant about doing raw meat. Right now she's dealing with a skin condition and itching. The vet thinks she has mites. Do you have any suggestions for clearing that up or will changing her diet help? Gracie thanks you for sharing all your wisdom as she will benefit greatly from you.

    • supportive

      Nancy, as for "going raw" have you seen this?
      So yes, that's why we've always fed the way explained on this page.

      As for "mites", unless the vet has actually either seen mites or Gracie tested positive in cytologic skin scrapes, it's highly unlikely she has mites because I assume you don't leave her scuffing in dirt like a pig nor you feed her crap as you confirmed. "The vet thinks" I guess supports my skepticism.

      "will changing her diet help?" - Absolutely! Mites, fleas, even ticks primarily affect the weak:
      - puppies
      - old dogs
      - very sick dogs
      - dogs on antibiotics
      - dogs on steroids
      - and any dog with a wrecked immune system (eg from over-vaccination etc)
      - only then come the dogs that are left behind in dirt (own feces, other feces, etc), because healthy dogs can cope quite well with that too, initially

      Can YOU see mites? Simple: Get a super-magnifying glass, look especially where Gracie scratches a lot, what do you see?


    Clover and Ivy have now been on real food for one month. Clover is now almost itch free and both are full of energy. I am still on the learning curve as to how much food is enough, but the health assessment profile will definitely help. Thank you Tim! Chicken, beef,
    salmon, tuna, pork, rice, apples, cottage cheese, yogurt, pineapple, applesauce, eggs, and most vegetables round out their menu along
    with fish oil and some supplements.

    • supportive

      You spoil them smile they get better food than I get. That MUST help.


      I finally realized how much I really love them and how much they give back to me. They are worth every penny! Thank you for setting me straight on the kibble crap, the vaccinations, steroids, antibiotics etc. Tim.

      • supportive

        Stephen you are so welcome, normally here it's "one dog at a time" but you helped two dogs right away!
        You will experience just how much the better care is better for your wallet, your nerves, and your own health too.
        Congratulations, your story of Clover and Ivy made my day.

  7. supportive

    ok, one more thing, and I may be in the wrong place for this post, but I'm afraid that I am over-feeding my dog. Last fall, he weighed about 77 or so lbs, and last week at the vet he checked in at 94 lbs. Full disclosure: I changed his diet based on info on this site. I fill his bowl up based on instinct, and of course, most days, he eats all his food, but some days, he doesn't. We have had Max, about 19 months of his 40 months on this earth, and until last Spring, ate kibble, so trying to meter out the right amount of food is hard. Anyway, I have read that a good weight for GSD is about 75 or so lbs. That may not be for him and I really dont know what his ideal weight should be. To me, he is a normal sized GSD and is very hyper. In addition, we built a fence last Spring, so he may have more muscle since then, since he gets to run a lot more than before.

    Just wanted some feedback from others. I dont want him fat, but not skinny either.

    • supportive

      Now on this: I already sent you a private reply, and again I am happy to review Max' details when you've added them to the dog database, as supporting site member.

      For now I say if his size is similar to Miguel's (which I believe it is, as Max is American, lol) then DON'T get him down 10lb. Why?? Who instigated that desire?
      Max' weight is great! In fact 2kg more still wouldn't harm.

      But feel free to do a quick check yourself: Have you not seen our unique GSD health assessment?
      I calibrated it myself, thus it also reflects data from the worldwide largest GSD database: ours. mrgreen

      • supportive

        Well, according to the nifty little health assessment app, Max, at a height of 26.5 inches, is normal at 94 lbs. Like I said, he was 77 lbs a year ago, and I never considered him underweight. So, I guess, I will just try to maintain what he is now.

        Thanks Tim.

  8. supportive

    Tim and others, I need some help. This page explains how to properly feed your GSD, or any dog, for that matter. I have been feeding my dogs based on this page since last Spring and my dogs and I both enjoy it. Now, that being said, the wife and I are going out of town for almost 2 weeks during Christmas. I can not ask someone to come in and spend that much time to get the dogs meals ready, I can only pre-cook so much for that amount of time. I am trying to figure out the easiest thing to do to make sure the dogs get properly fed, while not making it hard on the babysitter. So, my question is, what is the best food i could buy to make it easy on the dog sitter?? My dogs ate kibble for years until 6 months ago, and I don want to put them back on it, but maybe there is something out there that would be easy and healthy.

    • supportive

      On this, here's what I did and do in such situations (and I remember I wrote it somewhere before):

      • I certainly DON'T fall for some commercial "dog food" that claims to be, or by some is said to be "complete, balanced, and healthy" (LOL)
      • instead, I just make it super easy for the dog guardian, and super healthy for the dog
      • ie I fill and chill "small" (lol) food containers, as many as needed
      • each food container holds pre-steamed rice or fries mrgreen pre-steamed mixed veggies (this already guarantees variety), and pre-steamed meat or poultry (I don't do this with fish because I don't like to come back to a smelly fridge)

      Since I am reporting here my personal preparation: I also stock the fridge with a good number of kefirs, since all our dogs loved lived and thrived on kefir. grin But this may add too much complexity for some pet sitters: they'd also have to spoon some kefir into the dog bowl. eek

      • supportive

        Yeah, well, right now, I am making freezer bags now of the food, several days ahead of time, but I am wanting a fall back position, in case there is an accident, or spoiled food or whatever. I will cook a turkey, a roast, a whole chicken (last night) and even canned salmon (not for more than that day) and put them in freezer bags until I run out. I just want to make sure they eat and its as good as possible. I guess what I would really like to do, is get the best alternative to what I do, and have it at my house as a backup. I just want to make sure my dogs are fed and not starved.

      • supportive

        "I guess what I would really like to do, is get the best alternative to what I do"
        Well, I would like to argue that the best alternative is what I do and just wrote about. mrgreen

        While we do have links to some seemingly "better" commercial dog meals, I really wouldn't switch the dog to that: it isn't any easier for the dog sitter, and certainly isn't as healthy as the above.

  9. newbie

    My 9yr old male GS was a CWD and came home with his owner. He has had two owners in his life, only them and I. When he came home with me they said his only issue is getting in the trash. They said "people food" gives him the squirts. And it does! Shew bad. If I begin him on a all natural diet for his itchy and flaky skin will he eventually get used to this food? He has not been allergy tested and he was on a immunosuppressive drug prior to coming to me. He is not now. But he is miserable. He eats Nutro limited ingredient and the occasional veggies from the table.

    • supportive

      Do you mean Chronic Wasting Disease?? Your dog would be the first worldwide, because dogs cannot get CWD, deer can. In fact, I am not aware of any prion defect(!) in any dog. Dogs, horses and rabbits are thought to be immune to a prion em>defect(!) thanks to a salt bridge connecting the proteins that prevents them from misfolding into an infectious form (see here if interested).

      As for "people food gives him the squirts", that obviously depends on:

      1. what food you provide
      2. if you slowly accustom the dog to any new foods like we always recommend, and
      3. the dog's digestive system health.

      And c) is already the problem (even if a) and b) is not): "he was on a immunosuppressive drug prior to coming to me". cry See here if interested. So going forward, by all means always avoid all steroids and NSAIDs (click everything to understand why).

      "his itchy and flaky skin" - this proves that the dog's immune system, and so the integumentary system and digestive system too, has already been harmed by those immunosuppressive drugs that he received when with the prior owner! cry

      Forget the allergy test and save the money, instead:

      1. observe the Foundation of Health
      2. consider the Purpose of Treatment
      3. review all under Veterinarian Reality
      4. feed REAL foods only (this page), because of all the toxins in industrial pet "food"
      5. entirely avoid steroids, NSAIDs, and antibiotics for the reasons mentioned right there.


      "he is miserable" - that will change dramatically within a week after you follow the above.
      With my best wishes! smile

      • newbie

        Oh my goodness.. I wrote CWD instead of CMD.. he was a contracted military dog. I promise he is not rabbid! ?? I have his records that's shows he was on a immunosuppressive drug. I'm not positive how long or how well/not well he did. I thought it seemed scary. I'm a paramedic and know what they do to humans. We have changed to cleaning the floors with water and no chemicals and we will see how the squirts hold up! ?

      • supportive

        "We have changed to cleaning the floors with water and no chemicals and we will see how the squirts hold up! ?"
        Steam-cleaning is the best, yes.
        But it cannot replace my suggestions above, I stress again I would follow those (in addition to steam-cleaning, good point, thanks).

    • supportive

      Yahtzee, I can attest to the squirts if you don't phase them into "people food." I made the change this past Spring and my two dogs are doing well. Think about all the commercials for dog food these days (atleast in the US): they are all claiming to be more natural and less junk, i.e., natural people food. Tim has a lot of good info on daily diets that helped me feed my dogs better.

      Good luck

  10. supportive

    Yes sir. Well, either way, we all enjoy a meal time, and they're eating good, they look healthy, and it's a lot more fun than laying down a bowl of kibble and watching them look at it. They both clean their bowls every meal, except I put bananas in there. LOL

  11. supportive

    Ok, thanks. Well, is usually it's coffee, but on weekends, I will eat cereal, sometimes, if we have it, cinnamon raisin toast, occasionally, I will make bacon and eggs. I did mention the dogs don't like bananas, but lately, I've been taking one to work to eat with my coffee once I get to the office about 6:30. At least fruit is better for you than a bagel or cereal, and it's more portable. There are many days, where my only meal is dinner time, except for maybe a banana in the morning and a couple a couple of cups of coffee during the day.

    Yes, I noticed in some of your blogs, that dogs don't care about eating the same thing every day, like we do, but I was just trying to find something different and maybe something I could even make ahead of time and heat up, but I guess I just don't want to feed them rice or pasta and meat and vegetables for breakfast too. I guess it's stuck in my head.

    • supportive

      "but I guess I just don't want to feed them rice or pasta and meat and vegetables for breakfast too." Ah, that's what you meant! Yeah, I thought the same, Mark. It takes a "nudge" to get me to even LOOK at "lunchtime" or "dinnertime" foods before say.... lunchtime! It took me decades to learn to put a slice of cold cuts or cheese on my morning toast (when I still had a chance to eat toast, lol), instead of sugary jam, honey, or whatever. It's just caused by how we grow up I guess.

  12. supportive

    Tim, been doing the "people food" diet now for my two dogs for about two months now. We are all enjoying it, although it is more work than filling a dog bowl full of kibble. My wife and I do not eat breakfast, except on weekends, every now and then, and when I do, its dry cereal and milk or maybe a bagel. I have been tryin to find ideas for breakfast for the dogs that is different than the "same old thing" I add yogurt or cottage cheese to every morning meal and vary between biscuits, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches with either ham or bacon. Sometimes, dry cereal with yogurt mixed up. They are not much on fresh fruit and do not like bananas at all. I am trying REAL hard not to just toss junk food down for them and give them both balance at breakfast and dinner, I was just looking for more creativity for the morning meals.

    Mark Hooton

    • supportive

      Dogs do not have a problem as much as people do with eating "the same old thing", indeed in your case it sounds like you have no problem either "My wife and I do not eat breakfast ... and when I do, its dry cereal and milk or maybe a bagel." Wow, what variety. mrgreen

      But in earnest: When you click through all the Daily Meals you'll find more variety for meals that dogs can eat than the variety I am getting myself, and certainly more than you are getting: I am not existing on "dry cereal and milk or maybe a bagel", phew! I wouldn't even touch milk nor cereal. Amazing you can "run" on that.


    I actually noticed Koko not be itchy a few weeks ago when I feed her home made steamed rice and boiled chicken. I really like that but what can I do when I go out of town and have to board her? I have to board her every now and then. What's the solution? Is there any commercial food I can feed her? Is wet food better than the dry for her allergies?

    • supportive

      No, both kibble and tin "food" is highly allergenic.

      Subject to the attitude of the boarding kennel(??) you can do what I did: I leave those large "tupperware"-style food containers with whoever hosts the dog, to be "put in the fridge and please take out a portion an hour before feeding" (seen above under "Repetition or Variety?", just larger ones).

      If you feel your chosen boarding kennel is unreliable with feeding as per your instructions, they likely are unreliable overall. Then I'd choose a different one. mrgreen

  14. supportive

    Well, its been three weeks since I started our GSD and our 13 year-old Chihuahua mix on their new diets using this page as a guide. I now tell Max to sit, while I put his bowl down and he proceeds to sit and lie down own his side, looking at me with his bowl in my hand. if he gets up before I place it on the floor, I pull it back and then he just slumps back down, because after 3 weeks, he knows, he will not get it until he is told to get up and eat. Making the meals has been a lot more work than just laying down kibble in their bowl. We dont always have leftovers, so i end up making their food separately, most of the time. I have been cooking beef and pork roasts on my smoker and taking from them every day, until they are gone. Wife bought some chicken breasts the other day and am going to grill those and use as long as they last. Both bogs like broccoli, and Max adores brussel sprouts. Its taken about 2 weeks for their systems to stabilize from the diet change, but I really enjoy the interaction I am having with them when I feed them.

    thanks Tim !!!!
    Mark from North Alabama

    • supportive

      Great news, sounds like you're doing the Feeding Routine, well done, you won't see behavior problems.
      I am not sure I would have cooked anything for the dogs had I not eaten sth myself. You mentioned both of you rarely eat at home, so your cooking for the dogs shows what a long extra mile you go for your dogs. Hats off! smile

      • supportive

        Well, I used to do 95% of the cooking when married to my ex-wife while raising our 5 kids, so now, I am doing it for 2 dogs, who seem to really enjoy my "cooking" and don't complain.
        Actually, I once said that my wife and I don't always eat dinner, but we rarely eat out. Sometimes, we just aren't hungry at dinner time, but of course, I will make food for the dogs. We dont do breakfast either, but the dogs do, so I am making more time in my morning schedule to get them fed before I leave for work at 6 am. We like to cook at home and both of us share that responsibility. We very rarely do processed food and we eat a lot of vegetables and rice is one my favorite foods in the entire world. The only thing the dogs eat that I don't is cottage cheese, I sometimes give it to them (I wont touch it, but they like it).

        Mark from North Alabama

      • supportive

        I don't like cottage cheese either, although it's very healthy. So I too only ever bought it for the dogs. I do prefer Quinoa over rice but it's expensive here. Rice is the cheapest staple food for dogs ("filler") that is healthy. And dogs digest rice better than we do.

  15. supportive

    Very good. Yeah, I have always wondered about the "when is my next meal?" thought process and do they go through it; I recon they do. Yeah, of course, she wouldn't do that every day (eat her weight in pork roast), and even at 13, she can still eat a lot even thought her energy level is not what it used to be. She does not play, but will entertain Max while nipping at him while he plays "dodge the vipers teeth," with his long nose (he got nose bit on his first day in our house a year ago, but he knows how to dodge and weave now). She does walk most of the mile long trek we do as part our daily dog walks out outside (1/3 mile each trip outside), so she is getting exercise. I guess like people, everyone eats and requires different amounts, no matter the size.

  16. supportive

    Tim, I may have missed it, but I am trying to figure out how much food to give the dogs (mostly Max) with their new diet. Max enjoys the new diet, and I am filling his large dog bowl up (not one of those with the bumps in it), but he still seems hungry afterwards, so I want to make sure I am giving him enough. Our 15 lb chihuahua isn't much on the vegetables, so Max will finish off what she has left (if I leave the bowl the downing enough). I have looked all over the site but haven't seen a table of amount vs weight.


    • supportive

      Because "a table of amounts vs weight" is misleading, Mark. Dog weight does not suggest the amount of food a dog needs. The pet "food" industry promoted this crap idea when in the 1950ies they started to sell the bag and tin "food". Dog owners asked them: "but how much of this should I feed my dog?" - And so the pet "food" industry came up with "feeding guidelines", lol.

      On this very page, above, is a headline "How much to feel full?". wink
      Kimberly too asked "How do I know how much to feed and how often", and I replied there.
      But I just saw that Maureen says it much better than I did: "starting now I will cook for her as well and she will eat what we eat! It may be a little touch and go while I decide how much she should have but I don't anticipate a problem. She will let me know."

      Be aware that the MUCH higher water content of natural foods means that what you feed Max now looks much bigger in size in the bowl because the water content in REAL FOOD isn't as filling as the mill sweep etc in kibble & co - yet essential for health.

      Edit: Oh, just realizing "chihuahua isn't much on the vegetables, so Max will finish off what she has left"
      Veg and fruit is essential for health of the Chihuahua too, and while it's great news that Max finishes off any real foods the Chihuahua leaves in the bowl, I have to say that my Miguel does not always want to eat his peas either (that's what we currently have to exist on, in every meal, until we have a way to cook again).
      But hey!, were you or I or anyone as a child into vegetables? Did we have to eat them nonetheless? Or did the family decide "Oh, you don't like the veggies, right! Let's go to Mc Donald's!"? mrgreen

      That's where our Feeding Routine comes to play (again). When Miguel, as so often, leaves some peas (or carrots!) in the bowl, I don't throw them out, I entice him to eat every single pea and carrot piece. For him that means pouring more yoghurt or kefir over them. What entices Max you will find out.

      • supportive

        Yes sir, I understand. You are right; the dogs never ate a full bowl of dog food before and now they are, and I didn't think of the fact that it was due to no moisture content.
        I like the way Maureen put it, and that makes sense, but I don't want to overdue it, since I think our chihuahua could eat her weight in pork roast, if I let her. Last night, for example, the wife and I did not eat dinner (we weren't hungry), so I fed Max and Princess, trying to put veggies, meat, dairy, and fruit all in the same bowl. Princess ate around her carrot pieces (she pulls them out and lays them on the floor), but Max ate most of his. We are getting there, and as I said before, it is bonding me with the dogs making their food and teaching them to wait for it.

        thanks Tiim and Maureen.

      • supportive

        Lol, sir, you are the sir, I am the servant mrgreen
        "our chihuahua could eat her weight in pork roast, if I let her" - Wow, gotta see that, and if she does it further corroborates my "Dog weight does not suggest the amount of food a dog needs." (but it is true either way).

        The key there is that your Chihuahua wouldn't repeatedly "eat her weight in pork roast" even if you let her, repeatedly. Dogs' (pork roast) greedy food intake comes down to the fact that dogs don't know "When's the next meal?" and "How much will I get next?", and so they instinctively eat and scavenge at every opportunity that arises. Unless over time sort of regular meal times have built up the subconscious confidence that the next meal is certain.

        I tested this as well. When Miguel is full (got a BIG meal) and 5 min later I offer him another sausage, he struggles to get up at all. While when I offer him the sausage before the meal, he comes immediately and eagerly gobbles the sausage. Dogs do feel full as well, surprise!? smile

        Princess, eh? mrgreen I was contemplating as well if I can somehow fit another (small) dog in this truck house. Preventing boredom for the dog, you know. A Chihuahua, hmm....

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