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The Daily Dog Meal explained

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In our Daily Dog Meal - simple Real Food suggestions for you and your dog (you may start here), we cannot repeat always the same explanation, it would lead to Google's "duplicate content" penalty. So here you go:

Why no kibble crap?

what's in the bowl?I work and don't have much time. And I certainly don't waste money on crap - and then on medical bills.

Yet we desire to eat healthy meals, and so does the dog.

The solution

steaming all foodsI steam foods, and I prepare meals in bulk in advance. A steamer does magic in the kitchen (and two steamers are better than Copperfield, sorry David).

Then I share the meals with the dog. Meaning, we eat exactly the same. Except that I don't eat beef, so that's always all for the dog. wink

Oh, and because this dog is a German Shepherd, his meals are much bigger than mine. Plus, as a puppy he needed five meals a day! When he stopped growing I reduced that to four meals, then three.

Currently we have special circumstances, and so we can share just two meals a day, the absolute minimum. And these meals are no longer steamed as we have no power yet in our tiny house truck, and no other way to cook (nor a fridge). So currently we have to share always the same boring components: peas and champignons from tins. rolleyes Because these two REAL FOODS here are without additives (yet unfortunately a bit of salt). See here for more.

How much to feel full?


steaming foods arrow In the daily dog meals, even when I don't mention rice, note that rice is almost always the base layer (literally, in the bowl). Steaming rice in the top tier is quickest (just fill in), easiest (it always get's "just right") and cheapest.

When you have a hungry German Shepherd or other mid-sized or large dog, unless you are Rockefeller, a cheap and healthy filler goes without saying: sweet potato (a lot of work), pasta (most commercial pasta is crap), quinoa (expensive), or rice (yeah). Or millet and such.

Are you thinking "Phew, grains!" ??

Well, better for your dog you don't follow the current fad, learn from real research.

Meat/Fish, Veg, and Fruit

arrow In the daily dog meals, retrospectively I couldn't always spot the fruit we had, but note that for us every meal comprises at least one fruit. When Miguel was a puppy (and we had money, lol) the fruit typically was half a pear for him, or else blueberries, strawberries, melon, banana, mango or such. Currently it almost always is half an apple and half a banana. Since we currently share two meals a day, the dog is having one apple and one banana a day.

I still plan to write about the pros and cons(!) of eating fruits (both for us and the dog), like I did for meat. Maybe I can add that when we get power for our tiny house truck.

Repetition or Variety?

efficient meal preparation arrow Is the daily meal the same throughout the day?

Can be, but can also be different.

You eat what you like.

For the dog, repeating the meal doesn't matter.

For me, it's about efficiency: bulk meal preparation not only saves time, it also allows me to vary the meals from three, four different food containers in the fridge.

Suitable for any dog?

real food is complete and balancedSuitable for any adult dog, yes. Much more suitable than processed "dog food" crap. When you learn about the origin of dogs you will also know that the "Complete and Balanced" labels are misleading dog owners: The modern dog has survived and thrived for 33,000 years, all without once following a prescription diet of specific amounts of nutrients. idea

So do not worry about the "completeness" and "balance" of our daily dog meal suggestions. They are all human-grade REAL FOODS. This is what matters.

For puppies and pregnant bitches however (thus during growth) you need to pay more attention to what you feed, just like in nature the pup's parent dogs do too. This is why puppy food is a big part of the New Puppy Diary, in case you are interested.

Finally, if your dog is ill, again a "prescription diet" makes no sense either: An ill dog all the more needs REAL FOOD to recover, more than anything else. And certainly more than any medication (this too is well documented in the New Puppy Diary).

Haute Cuisine or Simple?

simple not decorative food arrow In the daily dog meals, you will see that sometimes we have lots of different foods, while other times the meal is so simple you may not call it a "meal". That's life. We may run out of veg, run out of meat, run out of fruit. Or say we are out and about, and so we're taking only certain foods with us. Likely non-perishable ones: we also have surprising research results on what foods need no fridge.

I have no time and no interest to present to you decorative "haute cuisine" meals: That isn't quick and simple, it isn't what you or I would eat daily and feed to the dog. Right? idea

But for us every daily dog meal is REAL FOODS only. Because that's what domesticated dogs have thrived on ever since, until the 1950ies emergence of the pet "food" industry (food, lol)! And because REAL FOODS is what we eat ourselves. We don't eat toxic kibble.

Anyway, what's in your bowl today?

what's in the bowl?

If you are worried what real foods you can share with your dog, come back to MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG The Daily Dog Meal tomorrow to see what's in ours. grin

Be part of the movement, #FeedNatural. RT: Today I am feeding my dog ...

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