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What's in the bowl today?

See here what's in ours. Simple Real Food suggestions for you and your dog.

real dog food - daily mealThe easy, quick, cheap, and healthy way to feed the entire family:

We share all natural food homemade meals with the dog.

The dog is getting natural "table scraps", yes! :shock:

Today we are having beef, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, rice, cottage cheese, yoghurt, and blueberries


The Daily Dog Meal - explained


Be part of the movement, #FeedNatural. RT: Today I am feeding my dog ...

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    Hi! I began feeding my dog "scraps" after reading your kibble article. He has been very dry, flaky skin, and was itchy all the time. After trying several high end, grain fee, foods, it still did not get better.

    I have been feeding him real food for about 4 weeks, and his skin is so much better! His fur is shiny & lustrous, and he is not drinking huge amounts (I thought he might have a kidney thing) of water anymore. He has lost about 4lbs though, and my vet is telling me I cannot "balance" his nutrition this way in the long run.

    I am sure I can give him needed nutrition. I feed lots of tuna & salmon, beef, some pork. eggs. No chicken at this point, as I think he may be allergic. Rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, beans, kale, joghurt, kefir, and an array of veggies that we eat. I have bought some cans of peas, green beans for extra fluff if we don't have enough scraps.

    How can I establish the right portions so he maintains weight? Any suggestions?
    Thank you for your great newsletter!


      Great to hear your dog too shows immediate health improvements once you binned the kibble, thanks.

      "my vet is telling me I cannot "balance" his nutrition this way in the long run" - lol, and what is he telling you HOW for 33,000 years domesticated dogs managed to survive and thrive without ever having had access to a kibble bag?

      HA HA, it's so funny to hear that desperate argument, then replying the way I did, and looking at their facial expression! GASP

      Your "vet" is so desperate to sell that crap to fill his pockets with cash that he is a SALES REP, not a vet.

      PS: This I have said to some as well. You should have seen THAT face then. :mrgreen:

      As for your question, the answer is also in Dog Food Analysis, right here. So please don't worry, you'll see the hunger and you see the weight/shape (or use a scale).


    I am going to start feeding my GSD real food like I eat and just want to know how much to feed him
    He's and adult, 4 years old and weighs 100 pounds.
    I subscribed but have not received a reply from you yet.
    So much to read on your site maybe it was not easy for me to find?
    Thank you!


      This is your first post Jim (I see comment number: 0 yet) and gladly I see it right away. Please can you look at the main page to this series, I have answered it there long ago when s.o. else asked, and Maureen wrote a better answer still.
      Thanks :-)


    Tim, Clover and Ivy have been on real food for five days now and there is noticeably more energy, if that's possible, less scratching
    and better overall appearance!! Today they are having chicken, rice, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, cottage cheese and apples. Thank
    you for convincing me to ban the kibble, vaccinations, steroids, and antibiotics. Stephen


      You are most welcome, Stephen. So my mission is accomplished, a dog saved. Two even. :-)


    Hi Tim,
    Here is a little trick for telling if your dog is on the right track as far as weight goes. If you stand above your dog with your dog between your legs, you can look down on him (or her). From above the dog you should be able to see a slight waistline behind the rib cage. You should not be able to actually see the ribs! You should be able to feel the dogs ribs with your fingers but you should not be able to see them. If you cannot feel the ribs (with a light touch), your dog is overweight. If you can feel and see the ribs your dog is underweight. This is not an exact science, but it will give you a good general idea about if you are feeding enough, or too much! I hope this helps some people who are having a hard time switching from kibble to real food.


      Okay, may they apply that then. Thanks for them.

      I personally wouldn't use that, it is less than accurate, for many reasons. And I find it easier to just LOOK "does the dog look hungrier still than (s)he used to?" I mean, any owner who has been around his dog for a few days should easily be able to tell! Don't people read any body language at all?

      Hey, I posted a question back to you here (else would have fitted here too)

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