May 152013

MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG is all about making you and your German Shepherd happy. How to build and retain the BEST relationship with your GSD.

In the present semester we've covered in the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL:

  • Adult Dog Leash Training
  • Adult GSD Training Essentials
  • Building a den (crate, kennel, house) for your dog
  • Control this Cheeewing!
  • Core Areas of German Shepherd Psychology
  • Cure for Separation Anxiety
  • Differences between Alsatian and German Shepherd Dog!?
  • Dog Meals – Meal Times – and Feeding Routine
  • Dog Training Made SUPER-EASY!
  • End GSD Excessive Barking!
  • Genetic Relatives of the German Shepherd Dog
  • German Shepherd Communication Secrets
  • German Shepherd Dog Health Reform!
  • German Shepherd TOP TREATS
  • German Shepherd Traveling
  • Global German Shepherd Pedigree Differences
  • GSD and Children? – Best Practice!
  • GSD and Guests - How to Get Your Dog Make You Proud
  • GSD Ear Care
  • GSD Eye Care
  • GSD Leash Training Secrets
  • GSD Life Extender Number 1!
  • GSD Life Extender Number 2!
  • GSD Mouth Care
  • GSD Paw Care
  • GSD Puppy Leash Training
  • GSD Puppy Training Essentials
  • GSD Spaying and Neutering
  • GSD TAIL Language
  • GSD – Bath or Shower?
  • GSD-fearful friends and family
  • How to Care for a Senior GSD
  • How to Cure Dog Farting / Flatulence
  • How to Get Shedding under Control!
  • How to Stop Scavenging!
  • Micro-chipping Your Dog?
  • Must-Haves for a new Puppy
  • Poop or No-Poop
  • Raising a German Shepherd as Protection Dog
  • Say Goodbye to Skin Allergies
  • Straight Back, Flat Back, Slope Back, Slant Back, Blanket Back? - The Downfall of the GSD!
  • The PRIME SECRET about Dogs!
  • The RECALL
  • Top 6 Toys that German Shepherds LOVE
  • Top Treats for GSDs
  • Vital Records for Your Dog
  • What You Need for a New Dog
  • What You Need for a New Puppy
  • White German Shepherds - The Truth!


Luise: "normally i don't subscribe anywhere, but boy am i glad i did here! you are AMAZING!!! this is the best site for shephard [Shepherd] owners by far!!! you must be working your [deleted] off!? how long do you work on one perodilca? [Periodical]"


Yes, every German Shepherd on the Planet deserves the BEST. Treat Your Dog. And Treat Yourself!

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