Clicker Training


Clicker Training has become a worldwide phenomenon, and not only for dogs. Clicker Dog Training has proven that it can be helpful to train the German Shepherd Dog just as well as most other dog breeds.

What is Clicker Training?

A clicker simply makes always the same "click" noise when you press on the unit. So if you produce the "click" noise immediately when your dog does something well, then the dog quickly learns to associate the click with whatever the dog has just done well. And if you provide an upbeat atmosphere, or even praise or affection, then going forward the dog may want to repeat whatever the dog has just done well.

Mark this: Combining the click with a food treat - as is so widely promoted - is not necessary at all! Food treats in dog training are so widely used because treat training often gives the quickest results (and professional dog trainers need quick results to please the customer, the dog owner). Yet, treat training does not give lasting results: Food treats are extrinsic motivation - which has diminishing return even if you were to continue to give food treats forever (which likely you won't).

Diminishing return of all types of extrinsic motivation means here that the dog will show the desired behavior for a little while longer, but less and less. Treat training has no lasting results, it is lure or expected reward, not training such that the dog wants to show the desired behavior out of intrinsic motivation.

So aim to avoid to combine clicker training with treat training.

Pros and Cons of Clicker Training

The biggest advantage of Clicker Training is that it typically shortens the time required to train a dog, because the consistency of hearing always the same "click" noise makes it clearer to the dog what you want. While without the clicker, the ambiguity of human sounds and behavior often leaves the dog confused, which slows down training success.

The biggest disadvantage of Clicker Training is that actually dogs focus most on our behavior, not on the sounds or noise we make. So when we use a clicker, we distract the dog from focusing on our behavior. Plus, we distract ourselves from using our behavior alone to train the dog. Neither has an immediate impact, clicker training is successful (most times). Yet long-term all this distraction obviously reduces the dog's practice to focus on our behavior alone, and it reduces our practice to focus on our behavior alone.

In short, Clicker Training is well suited to support Obedience Training, but not useful when we use Behavior Training (which at MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG we do).

Want to become a Super Trainer?

If you want to become really good at Clicker Training, then Morten and Cecilie's Clicker Training Program is the best we found.


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    Hi, I will be collecting my gsd in the beggining of december at 8 weeks old.This gives me plenty of time to get my home ready and purchase all I need.I have had a shepherd before but it was many years ago. I have found the info on this site very informative and have only scratched the surface so far. I look forward to the journey with my new little guy and am gad ive found this site for reference.


    My GSD is 12 weeks and refused to obey commands. What will I do?


      How about learning how to train him without much commands at all?
      There is a link at the top of the page.


    Hi there,

    We just brought a german shepard home . When we went to pick him up, we saw that the parents weren't full, but half husky.

    Took Jim home, at roughly 17 weeks, also no immunizations, ugh
    And he's done great so far. But, this is the 24 hour point he's been here. I have a 21 yr old son, and 8 yr old daughter. He is bonding well with my daughter. But my son went to pick him up, as he won't walk down the stairs quite yet...and the dog bit him. I was in the next room, but it sounded like when 2 dogs fight. He broke skin.

    I'm confused as to how to handle this. He was in someone's backyard, and dogs all around he cpuld see, not sure how much human I traction he got, good or bad. He was and has been terribly sweet and we'll behaved... don't want him continuing this with us or neighbors...

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