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In need of a last-minute Christmas gift? But you want it to be the IDEAL gift for your beloved German Shepherd, or for loved ones in your family, or for a friend who has a dog?

Then, like last year, here's our top suggestion for a present that will be received with long-lasting gratitude - both by the dog and the gift recipient!

If there's a training need:

  • Get a real Christmas card and if you have, fix a nice photo of your/their dog on the front (use an online card only for a friend who lives far away)
  • Inside the card put a hand-written note for the recipient
  • Write sth like "Make yourself proud with the best-behaved dog - this will do the trick"
  • Then go here and scroll to the bottom to the "Get Access Now" button
  • Click the button and pay the $1
  • Now write the login name and password on the Christmas card and place it in a nice gift box (or in an envelope)

This is a gift that will be loved and much appreciated, you can be sure!

PS: If the recipient continues to use it beyond three days, you'd pay $37 - a real bargain for what it offers

If there's an exercise need:

tail teaserThe Tail Teaser is a new GREAT FUN exercise toy! But you don't need to exercise, no worries. Would be hard with a stomach full of Turkey, Christmas pudding & Co, ha! No, you can just sit down and relax.

Gently swing the tail teaser around, and let your dog get the exercise (s)he needs so desperately.

Coolest: The Tail Teaser can be used both indoors and outdoors! Right in your living room, in the garden/yard, in the dog park or on a quiet road. Anywhere!

I think that's an amazing new toy for any dog and owner. You agree?

PS: Less than $10. But with this one you need to hurry ordering, or it won't arrive in time

Wishing you the most enjoyable Christmas 2013

and may your New Year's resolutions come true



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    I bought that toy for my pup. Its the best thing ever. Its great for a bad weather day when the walks are shorter, or the outside play is not possible. She can run and run, and I dont have to do anything but swing it around and cheer her on.
    I hope you have a Blessed and Merry Christmas, Tim!


    Our GS is one year old and her ears haven't gone up...When she was a baby, we massaged them and now I believe that was the wrong thing to do. Do you have any suggestions?
    Many thanks


      I can't figure out what that has to do with this page, Christmas 2013. Can you?
      If I were Harry Potter (I'd love to!) I'd conjure them up for Christmas. Since I am not, I fear they won't come up so soon ;-)

      Personally, unless she was destined for show, I wouldn't care an inch if the ears are up or not: Have you seen me? I am not perfect either. So why expect that from my dog? :-)
      But since you seem to care (pushed by "social norms" or whatever), after the Christmas holidays, I'd visit a vet to have the ear cartilage checked, Audrey.

      Are her parents' ears up, do you know? Some dogs have a (presumably genetic) fault in the cartilage, and the ears won't go up (often only one ear though). If your (secret) question was: "Shouldn't they be up at 1y?" - Yes, normally they would.


    Tim, thank you for all your insight throughout the year. Santa is bringing a 10" Boomer Ball (similar to the Varsity ball) for Chief. The tail teaser looks great! Here's hoping you equally have a fantastic Christmas holiday :0)


      Thank you so much Julie! I won't, but I have to live with it.

      With that ball, be careful with the teeth and nose though. Many dog owners have complained about those cheaper imitations: Hard like a rock, their dogs lost teeth(!) or got a bloody nose. So do observe your dog closely, okay?


    Great invention I think for cats,but unfortunatley,for dogs with issues,probably not the best toy. Our rescue dog,was previously TOUGHT to kill cats. And it had taken a full year to be able to have both him and cats together,so I would worry that this toy would re-encourage all the behaviour we've worked so hard to eradicate. He is also an extreme tail chaser,and two weeks after first getting him,had to amputate 10cm of the bottom of his tail. He still has a problem with this (any suggestions with this would be great).
    Anyway,correct me if I'm looking at this toy wrong??????


      Yes, you are Helina ;-)
      First of all, is that dog you are describing a GSD??? TOUGHT to kill cats?? had to amputate 10cm of the bottom of his tail??

      There seem to be loads of issues. And chasing its own tail is a genetic fault very rare in GSDs. Glad you worked on the cat chasing too.

      So why are you wrong with this toy then? Because it does NOT for a dog symbolize a cat, or any other animal to chase. If you play it right, the dog will experience it as PLAY - what it is. I doubt there could be any reinforcement of cat chasing or whatever from this.

      By the way, many GSDs chase cats, but not to kill them(!), instead to collect the "herd". They wouldn't harm them ever.


    Yes,sorry,I obviously didn't explain myself properly. Yes,he is a pure bred gsd.we are his third home,he is four years old. His first owners left him on a concrete pad,with no socialization for 1 1/2 yrs. then the next owner,intended him to be a guard dog, (killing cats was just a bonus in their eyes),he was severley neglected,& 12kgs under weight. His anxiety was strong,hence he chased his tail so bad that he ended up with a staff infection,& the vets couldn't save it. Our vet needed to ambutate only 2wks after we got him. (The last owners wouldn't take him to a vet,which is why it got to that stage). Tail chasing is not as rare as you might think, apparently gsd's are one of the main breeds that show their anxiety in that way :( And unfortunatley,for the cats,it was certainly killing on his mind. We also have a black gsd,that we've had from puppy,and she does the typical 'herding', there is a very distinct difference in their intent. But as I said in my previous email,we 98% fixed that issue!so he's doing good!and we're very proud of him!! :)


      Like I said, chasing its own tail is a genetic fault very rare in GSDs. If you see or hear of a German Shepherd chasing its own tail, then sorry to say that GSD should never have been bred, as it is a genetic fault, ending up in compulsive disorder, not anxiety.

      If your GSD chased its tail out of anxiety (how do you know, Helina?), then this is a different topic, which you didn't mention in the beginning: Such behavior can be untrained - the genetic fault not.

      Likewise, genuine GSDs do not kill cats, they chase them to bring them back into the "herd", like you and I said. If your rescue GSD did kill cats then obviously, like you say, because he was trained to do that (training by humans can achieve A LOT, bad and good!). Thankfully you do the good for him now. :-)

      This is to clarify it for all people interested in GSDs who may stumble across this page. Without it, people might get a wrong impression of what a standard German Shepherd is like.


    Hi Tim,
    Can't wait to order the tail teaser. Max's birthday is December 26th. The big 1 year old!
    Love your suggestion... Max will thank

    Merry Christmas,


    I always learn a lot from your website and appreciate the effort you put into it . Have a great Christmas.


    The Tail Teaser looks great, but I'm afraid Kai might eat the fuzzy creature, he tends to destroy anything that looks like a chew toy. Any problems like that??


      Sher, the point is to swing it ;-)
      AND, if you don't, and your dog catches it, what better opportunity for a bit of training! I'm thinking of the LEAVE IT command, of Bite Inhibition (taking it back from the mouth), of rewarding ("ohh you GOT it Kai! Oh my sweetie!!"),...

      In my view, it's a perfect toy: old dog (swing slower), puppy (quicker), adult (normal), outdoors (light to carry), indoors (narrow activity radius), kids (easy, and fun), grandma (she'll love it too!), grandpa (...), or YOU :-)


    All the best Tim. Hope 2014 is all you want it to be.

    I love that toy. We bought one for Cajun when she was a puppy at 8 weeks old. She still loves it but we had to fashion something a longer now that she is 16 months old so used a horse lunging line and put one of her favorite tugs at the end :) - endless exercise and lots of fun!

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