Dec 222012

In need of a last-minute Christmas gift? But you want it to be the IDEAL gift for your beloved German Shepherd, or for loved ones in your family, or for a friend who has a GSD?

With its thousands of members and over a quarter of a million guest visitors MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG knows:

  • What the human members of a German Shepherd dog 'pack' need most
  • What they truly appreciate, every day again, for the rest of their dog's life
  • AND what's the best gift for your GSD - that will make your dog realize how much you care!

Add your personal touch to this gift, and you're set to be the winner of any Christmas present competition - and no one needs to know that it didn't cost you the world either... ;-)

Want to know what this TOP gift is?

  • --> Get a real Christmas card (not the online version, unless it's for a friend who lives far away) and if you have, fix a nice photo of your/their GSD on the front!
  • --> Inside the card put an old-fashioned but highly valued hand-written note for the one to get the gift!
  • --> Then write something like "Make your dog your best friend - this will do the trick", or you could write "For the best relationship with your GSD: Your personal dog trainer for you for free"
  • --> Go here and scroll to the bottom to the "Get Access Now!" button. Click the button and pay the $1 (yes, just ONE dollar :-) ) - if the recipient of your gift loves it - (s)he will! - then three days later pay $37 for a month's worth of subscription
  • --> Now write the login name and password on the Christmas card and, if you want, present the card in a nice gift box - but an envelope is fine too

You bet they'll LOVE this gift if they have a GSD!!! Whether it's the Christmas gift for your child or for all children together, for your partner, wife or husband, or for a good friend of yours - Nothing is more appreciated than an even better bonding with our best friend, our dog! Right?

And this is the present that's being enjoyed lifelong, so you'll always be remembered well!

Want a gift for your dog itself?

Against all odds (of human thinking), GSDs generally love this one: The Ginormous Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs!

And if it's for the dog and its owner, this one works short-notice as well: Amazon lets you choose (and even print out) from a vast range of beautiful gift-cards.


Wishing you the most enjoyable Christmas 2012

and may your New Year's resolutions come true



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