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1) We have just published the first lot of Tim's books on the Amazon Kindle, as per below. Please note:

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  • After the KDP promotions the prices will go up significantly to reflect the true value of each book
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Puppy Development Guide - Puppy 101
Puppy Development Guide: Puppy 101 for Dog Lovers
The Secrets to Puppy Training without Force, Fear, and Fuss
New Puppy Checklist
New Puppy Checklist
New Dog Checklist
New Dog Checklist
Puppy Training in a Nutshell
Puppy Training IN A NUTSHELL: Success in 12 min! - Dog Lover's Reference Guide
Adult Dog Training in a Nutshell
Adult Dog Training IN A NUTSHELL: Success in 12 min! - Dog Lover's Reference Guide


2) As you know, the Question widget on the right allows you to send anonymously your most important GSD questions. Some questions received are great, and a few reflect urgency. Please note:

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3) We have now organised the first live interviews with more dog experts, some of which are even German Shepherd experts too. Please note:

  • These interviews offer you unique new insight, tips and advice
  • Those who are responsive to our questions in emails will find email invitations
  • During the interviews/webinars you can also ask the experts your questions
  • The experts attempt to answer all questions live
  • Any late/remaining questions will be answered subsequently

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