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Books referenced in Tim's books. Some also available for fans of iPad, Nook, Kobo, and any other eReader, or in print. May everyone enjoy books in their preferred format, thanks to Smashwords. To preview ebooks simply click the cover, thanks to Amazon.

Puppy 101
Puppy 101 f
Dog Training Toolkit f
House Training
House Training f
Leash Training
Leash Training f
Puppy Checklist
Puppy Checklist f
Puppy Nutshell
Puppy Nutshell f
Print edition Print edition Print edition Print edition
Smashwords Smashwords Smashwords Smashwords Smashwords
Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo
Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple


Puppy Love Bundle
Puppy Love Bundle f
Dog Checklist
Dog Checklist f
Adult Nutshell
Adult Dog Nutshell f
Solutions Q&A 1 f
Solutions Q&A 2 f


Solutions Q&A 3 f
Amazon f
Solutions Q&A 5 f
Solutions Q&A 6 f
canine body language
Dog Body Language f
human body language
People Body Language f
Kobo Kobo
Apple Apple


talking terms
On Talking Terms With Dogs f
after you get your puppy
After you get your puppy f
dog consciousness
Dog Consciousness f
dog emotions
Dog Emotions f
how dogs think
How Dogs Think f
do dogs dream
Do Dogs Dream? f
Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo
Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple


born to bark
Born to Bark f
How to Behave
How to Behave f
Other End
Other End of Leash f
family friendly
Family Friendly Dog Training f
dog ear
Dog Sound Therapy f
canine scent
Kingdom of Scent f
Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo
Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple


old dogs
Old Dogs are Best f
good old dog
Good Old Dog f
Clicker Super Trainer Secrets
dog agility
Dog Agility f
101 tricks
101 Dog Tricks f
101 fun things
101 Dog Fun Things f
Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo
Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple


play with dog
Play With Your Dog f
do more
101 Ways To Do More f
canine massage
Dog Massage Reference Manual f
protection dog
Protection Dog Training f
dog breeds
Dog Breeds f
The German Shepherd Dog f
Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo Kobo
Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple


fiber therapy
Cure Constipation Now f


in work



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    I found your website through your free book on iBooks. I really like the live links so I wish your Puppy 101 was available for Apple products. Any chance that is happening soon?

    Also, from reading your website, you get a small percentage if we buy from Amazon by going through your website. Everything takes me to the Kindle edition of your books but I'm going to need the hard copy versions. It's not clear to me how I do that since the links are to the Kindle.

    Anyway, some way or another, I'm going to read your work as soon I will be getting a new puppy (not GSD) and think you have the right philosophy on training. Thank you.


      Karen, Apple approved some of the books (all were submitted by smashwords, they do that globally for all bookstores), and then suddenly Apple stopped approving more books, arguing that they do not allow any links to sites other than Apple!^&£%
      I find that policy:
      a) ignorant towards their own Apple customers, who demand the freedom to click to any website they want!
      b) short-sighted from a business perspective: Apple will NEVER own the entire internet, thus people will always want to visit other websites too, thus people will eventually say good-bye to anything from Apple!

      Thus, given Apple's stupid policy, I do not foresee that they will approve more books, sorry.

      Re/ links to print editions, pl see the left sidebar on every page. Or our books page.

      Re/ Amazon commissions, yes they pay us a bit, no more than a few pennies. If you buy say the PDG we get ~40 cent. All commissions together, don't even cover the server cost here. Our visitors and subscribers are the most "click-resistant" in the world, it seems. :-(
      I doubt they are the poorest: They have GSDs!


    I just gave Apple (iBooks) my feedback. It was titled Tim Carter's Books. Here's a copy of my feedback:

    I finally find 2 books that I really want on my iPad and it's not in iBooks. The names are 1) Puppy Development Guide - Puppy 101 for Dog Lovers and 2) House Training Dogs to Behave Well in a High Value Home. I contacted the author, asking when these books would be available in iBooks and what I learned was that because his e-books have direct links in them - which are extremely helpful - Apple doesn't like them. Isn't this ridiculous?

    I have very few books on my iPad. Yet when it SO makes sense that I buy from iBooks, Apple is not stocking that book. With that decision, I have 2 choices - buy a Kindle or buy the hardcopy and type in every link myself. Neither of those options make any sense to me. Why is Apple not stocking these type of books. They are about DOGS! PLEASE!


      First, thank you so much for taking action and actually WRITING APPLE, that's special, wow!

      >I have 2 choices – buy a Kindle or buy the hardcopy and type in every link myself. Neither of those options make any sense to me.
      I see 2 more choices, Karen: One is, downloading the Kindle App SOFTWARE to your device (ANY device) and then simply reading the Kindle editions. It is exactly this point that will eventually break Apple its neck: Apple makes all their products PROPRIETARY (impossible to access with sth other than Apple), while Amazon make all their products STANDARDIZED (you buy sth and can use it anywhere anyhow you like)! Apple's policy is very short-sighted indeed.

      >Yet when it SO makes sense that I buy from iBooks
      The above is why, to me, it NEVER makes sense to buy anything from iBooks. It's like buying a book with magic ink: You can only read it as long as you get on well with the ink producer (and they exist)! Crazy, isn't it!?

      >Why is Apple not stocking these type of books
      The Apple staff who reviewed the PDG submission that day, had a bad day, and so when he saw external links to Amazon he interpreted Apple's stupid policy to mean: "I must not approve this book". This then triggered a note in their system which every subsequent Apple staff saw upon another book review of Tim Carter books. Which is why after having already accepted the New Puppy Checklist on Apple and the Dog Training Toolkit on Apple, they suddenly stopped accepting more books! :-(
      But Apple haven't UNapproved the earlier approvals (yet). Staff apparently was too lazy to look through earlier submissions. :-)

      The second extra choice I see for you is, to buy the PDG from Smashwords and download it in the format that works on Apple. Smashwords offer books in ANY format desired, they are a global ebook distributor - with (yet) an ethical, open policy! :-)

      As you see everywhere here: I(!) freely link to anything and everything I discuss, to conveniently HELP the reader. Why can't Apple grasp that THIS is customer-service?! I myself hate it when I read a book and the author writes about sth without linking to it! :-(


    Thank you! I had no idea I could read Kindle books on my iPad but it couldn't have been easier. Thanks for the info. Now I can get on to reading about how to raise a puppy without fear - on either of our parts!


    Thank you for the books. It is very helpful.


    My 4 week old had puppy won't poop. We had him for 3 days and we changed his food diet. He did poop when we brought him home,


      I doubt "Book Recommendations" will help with this. 4w is so incredibly young, the breeder shouldn't have given you the pup! Have you been for the initial vet visit yet?
      Also WHAT food is he getting?
      Make sure, enough water too. And no milk!


    Hi ! i would be so glad if you would have told me some quality breeders and the ones that i can trust. In India . Plz Plz Plz . Any state would work fine for me.

    Rashmi Singh


      Hello Rashmi, thank you for being here, I would LOVE to help you in India. My problem only is I really don't know GSD breeders in India, sorry. However: Here's my tip, and I believe it will help you find the right dog in India:

      (of this list, do what you want, you can select, it's merely my list, numbers not relevant)

      1) Google: GSD "[your neighborhood/town/state?]"
      also "German Shepherd Dog" "[your neighborhood/town/state?]"
      (don't forget the " " the way I placed them!!)
      Review what comes up.

      2) Call your local dog rescue centers, leave your details, ask to call you when they get a GSD rescue.
      Do the same with local dog clubs, call them.

      3) Check your local papers, editorial contents and ads, anyone writing about/advertizing to need a dog carer/new owner/ or even trying to sell GSDs?

      Then go LOOK at the dog(s): In the menu under > SOURCED see especially How to choose a dog and Reviewing a breeder, INCL Breeding prerequisites to understand the background...

      This too is great background info BEFORE you get a dog. Thereafter All other Periodicals will help too.


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2. To go live any bark must be relevant to this page
3. Be polite, introduce yourself with what you found, not with a help request

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