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May 072018
Speed Test Wordpress Website Practical ExperienceTesting different load types for non-critical css I thought I briefly share some cool load speed tests we did, say for non-critical css (also misleadingly called "below the fold" css) as this may help one or the other visitor searching the web for some practical experience of typical wordpress website speed tests. These two load types are distinctly different so it made sense to actually speed-test them: ------------------------------------ Non-critical css Load Type 1: ------------------------------------ wp_footer(); ?> <script> if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener("load",downloadAllCrapOnload,false); else if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent("onload",downloadAllCrapOnload); else window.onload=downloadAllCrapOnload; function downloadAllCrapOnload(){var mystyle=document.createElement('link'); mystyle.rel='stylesheet'; mystyle.href='/wp-content/themes/gsd/custom/css-below-the-fold.css'; mystyle.type='text/css'; var defercss=document.getElementsByTagName('link')[0]; defercss.parentNode.insertBefore(mystyle,defercss); var mya=document.createElement("script"); mya.type='text/javascript'; mya.async=false; mya.src=""; Get the full scoop here
May 072018
Getting The FASTEST Website IS AchievableMastering Webpage Speed Having finally finished our big website speed improvement project (sort of, Google's madness never ends really, and I have a lot ideas what to do more, but who has the time?), I thought it will help one or the other visitor that we share the current outcome in another cute image. That's a blink of an eye! So to say. Here's more detail of all the stuff that this site offers its users in terms of conveniences. SO MUCH indeed. The process to get there was fascinating. Not always easy but with dedication achievable for anyone! Remember, Get the full scoop here
Apr 132018
How we SUPERCHARGED our website SPEED!Top Ten Revealed: How to Speed Up WordPress Websites Examples of those Top 10 In no particular order, because the order depends on your website specifics! No actually, let me first share the ONE ADVICE that summarizes everything else anyone could tell you how to improve page speed. After months and months of digging deeper and deeper into this topic, and testing and analyzing each milestone, I came to realize that THIS IS THE KEY - and I found that insiders like Patrick Saxton, Chris Coyier etc seem to agree 100%: Load Only What Is Needed, And Only When It Get the full scoop here
Dec 282017
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