Oct 032017
Any of your ideas welcome! Here and now.You know that I, and likely Krystal too, can always help our dogs myself, right? Whether that's dog health, dog care, or dog training (for what may be a dog behavior problem or my own). So really, this is YOUR dog site. MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG is for you. And while you in particular haven't been looking for help today, experience shows that sooner or later you do. And again. And when the dog is sick, anyway. Now you can help, yourself really. Here's the problem. "Today, Google PageRank and others rely on performance metrics such as page load times and visitor engagements Get the full scoop here
Aug 282017
Cooking with the SUN and nothing elseOnce we were able to get into and out of the tiny house and once we got a fridge ultimately able to keep foods fresh even during summer heat thanks to energy autonomy achieved earlier, it was time to cook a meal. Hey, not so fast, we still didn't have a way to cook at all. You may be wondering "why didn't you get a small gas burner to make a meal for that poor dog?" (I am not worthy a meal?) Well finally, here is the answer: You can't just set up your cooking pot on gas or other Get the full scoop here
Aug 272017
Quality DIY Fridge or ordinary Leisure Fridge?From the moment we gained energy autonomy and with the Algarve summer heat approaching fast, I was due to make a fridge. Why buy one if you can make one, right? The reasons why I wanted a DIY fridge: After electric heating, a fridge and/or freezer is the biggest energy drain in a house (save for an aircon if you need the luxury?) and seeking energy efficiency (to maintain energy autonomy), you really need a top loader ("chest" freezer/fridge style), not one with a door But to be quick when you open the fridge or freezer, obviously you need to Get the full scoop here
Aug 252017
House or RV? And Truck or Trailer?So now what's about that difference in the words I used in Scissor Steps Extreme: "I built the tiny house while ON the truck, but not onto the truck"? Do you remember the BIG Photo Story in the first tiny mobile living update where I showed how I fitted those "corner castings" to the top steal beam around the house? Fixing corner castings so thatthis house can be lifted later I wanted the house to be a truly mobile tiny house: it's not just horizontally driving around on a truck or trailer... but it can also be lifted vertically (by Get the full scoop here
Aug 242017
Tiny House Solar Panel Setup - the unusual wayThe prior mobile tiny house living update ended with dependent or autonomous? I clearly seek being autonomous. There are two basic needs to be autonomous in your dwelling, regardless whether it is mobile or stationary: energy and water. When embarking on my mobile tiny house journey with Miguel, initially we had neither. Really, neither, for six months. Only the last 6 weeks of that, with the winter in full swing and freezing temperatures in the north of the country where the truck was for its yearly inspection, I finally accepted the offer of who have become friends to run a Get the full scoop here
Aug 242017
Scissor Steps ExtremeLet me try to stick to the correct timeline though. In the penultimate update on living in a tiny house with a large dog you saw this gigantic staircase floating mid-air... Without doubt, this staircase was the most difficult object I've ever attempted to build - and luckily even successful in this case. Already while building the house ON the truck (not onto the truck, we'll get to this difference in a moment) I had noticed HOW HIGH UP the house would be! Since that moment, and then for half a year, I was frequently contemplating how Miguel would get Get the full scoop here
Aug 242017
Electric Truck? How my big truck runs on sun power!Or: How to charge vehicle batteries from the sun, yippie! Mobile Tiny House Truck charging truck batteries from leisure batteries... from the sun! The story was: At one point, unexpectedly (I must have forgotten to cut off the truck batteries while parking up), the truck batteries were FLAT! After I got past my shock(!), I figured out HELP though, as follows: the two solar-powered leisure batteries are always full but the two truck batteries were flat I still have a small Optimate (from motorbiking), and a new small volt/amp converter from China The small Optimate, I calculated, would take 10 Get the full scoop here
Aug 242017
Mobile Tiny House Truck Living Update - One Year LaterI know, I know, there haven't been any updates for a year on our tiny house living situation (and not many followers here seem interested, everyone else is rich, lol). So here you go. First, the past posts on this topic were: Tiny Mobile Living with a German Shepherd Dog (how it all started, yeah) Tiny Mobile Living Update (interesting BIG Photo Story, yippee) Fridge or No fridge? (the challenges of starting out...) Going Shopping with Dog (GOING, because the truck is in repair!) Daily Dog Meal (the type of meal we currently eat everyday...) And now, the UPDATE, yeah! Get the full scoop here
May 262017
[Research] What Dogs get to Eat Most Days of their Life[Research Results] What do dogs eat? Not what they want to eat, nor what they should eat, but what do dogs actually get to eat most? Most days of their life? Thanks to everyone who helped to build the largest dog database by sharing lots and lots of details on their dog and their relationship with their dog: There is no reason to assume that dogs other than German Shepherds get significantly different food. It may only be that some site members, free Periodical subscribers, and even merely visiting guests have started to feed their dog systematically better by the Get the full scoop here
Dec 252016
The Daily Dog MealWhat's in the bowl today? See here what's in ours. Simple Real Food suggestions for you and your dog. The easy, quick, cheap, and healthy way to feed the entire family: We share all natural food homemade meals with the dog. The dog is getting natural "table scraps", yes! Today we are having turkey, spinach, carrot, lettuce, pear, and yoghurt   The Daily Dog Meal - explained   Be part of the movement, #FeedNatural. RT: Today I am feeding my dog ...   Get the full scoop here
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