Oct 132016
Going shopping with dogMiguel noticed that there was no food left that would make his next meal. SHOCK! The truck is in repair (STILL, we are in Portugal now) to get ready to pass inspection, and the tiny house is PARKED like you see on the photo here (still without interior: no funds). Thus going shopping currently means walking shopping, not driving down there with our tiny truck house and attract the many "OH!" looks that we normally get. Miguel puts on his much beloved Mountainsmith backpack and leads me to the neighboring town with the cheapest supermarket. I follow all along. Our Get the full scoop here
Oct 092016
Fridge or No Fridge?When is a fridge (not) necessary? Hiking trip or whatever, but worried about not having a fridge or coolbox? This is a short reflection on our personal experience of living without fridge for three months already. "Our personal experience" includes me as a person and my adult German Shepherd DOG. What we are used to In (sort of) "developed" countries we all are used to having a fridge: to keep milk and beer cool, cheese and meat fresh, yoghurt and cream enticing, etc. Almost everyone has a freezer too, to keep ice-cream from becoming cream and the frozen pizza from Get the full scoop here
Sep 032016
Tiny mobile living - updatePicture story of a tiny house truck build Just purchased cheap 28ys old truck at other end of the country Have to get my car back home with me But how do I get it off the truck? No one has planks for me! Okay, take off what we don't need Pity, the air intake reaches above the cabin! Miguel checking my work "Good job" he barks, "I can still smell the burnt steel" Asked everyone, no one wants these parts Local welder putting together the outer frame (1.5mm thick hollow steel tubes) His finished work Okay, let's put this Get the full scoop here
Aug 032016
Dog Food Analysis: Don't Be Fooled! [Infographic]When you leave the shop and you buy dog food, what you bring home is not what you think it is. Same when you order online. In fact, you'll be thinking it's great. The package says "Complete & Balanced Diet", or even "Natural & Wholesome", right? And you made sure the ingredients label does not list words like: by-product meal flour corn soy sugar salt Better even, you think you are more careful than other dog owners: You also checked that the label does not list "Preservatives", like: BHT/BHA Propylene Glycol Ethoxyquin After all, you've done your dog food analysis. Get the full scoop here
Jul 312016
Tiny mobile living with a German Shepherd Dog?Tim has moved off-grid/ mobile/ "on the road". A tiny house on wheels. Currently more like a tarp wagon though. Life's an adventure, I can tell ya. So maybe we will have a big new section on living tiny AND mobile with a German Shepherd. Does that work? Problems? Benefits? Daily chores? Any joys?... Would your dog like to live "on the road" with you? Would you like it? How would you make it work? Share your ideas below. And if you have experience doing that we are curious too. Get the full scoop here
Jan 112016
$50 German Shepherd Hind Legs ProblemI thought I better share with you today's Dog Problem Consultation as it does affect more than a few dogs (particularly in the USA): From: Kevin Dog Problem: Our 8 year old purebred German Shepherd's back end has been going loose. This has been occurring over the past 6-8 months. We took him today for X-rays and wanted to know if it was his hips. Doc says the hips look good. He thinks it might be neurological and wants to put him on Prednisolone for a week to see if he improves prior to going to a Neurologist. He says Get the full scoop here
Jan 102016
Moving website from http to https via SSLThe title sounds a bit like geographical coordinates or travel directions, doesn't it? But no, Sunday, 10 January 2016 was the first full day since MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG transfers all data to you, and receives all data from you, using SSL data encryption (Secure Socket Layer)! So from today you may visit https://mygermanshepherd.org, instead of https://mygermanshepherd.org. The small letter s at the front makes a huge difference, safety-wise. The move from http to https was a lot of work, and it started out with worries because on 9 January 2016 initially the move took the site down. Here's the "photo story": First Get the full scoop here
Jan 072016
New Website Design 2016 - Feedback?Finally! MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG got a new web design and layout, and tons of helpful features! Professional, intuitive, ergonomic, helpful. Summarized below: SSL Encryption Linking Facebook Page Comment Subscriptions and Email Comments(!) and Facebook Comments Follow and Share buttons Donation Call-to-Action Ads Avatars Your Personal Notebook Social Share inside Periodicals replaced! We've been working on these improvements for four months now, at times day and night (4 hrs sleep). Most improvements need no explanation. A few do, for example what I can think of right now: SSL Encryption MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG now has a security certificate, and all traffic between you and this website Get the full scoop here
Jan 062016
Dog Leash Lost!Has this ever happened to you? That you lose the dog leash but can't remember where? Oh dear! Frequent readers know how much we love Sarah's leather leash. But now it's gone! What surprises me most: I didn't even notice that we walked home without the leash. This can of course only happen when you walk your dog off-leash everywhere. So better don't get my book Dogs Unleashed - From On-Leash To Off-Leash, because if you learn too much from it you may forget your leash somewhere. I've been taking Sarah's leash with us on every walk just in case Get the full scoop here
Dec 242015
Dog Questions and Answers - sei :-)Question concerning German Shepherd Dog Food "What type of food is best for GSD?" Spelling has been corrected to suffice search engine requirements! In your own best interest read this to the end, and then comment, even though you may instantly feel "this isn't for me". It is exactly for you. Solution Thank you, this is easy to answer - though the answer may not be what you expect, or indeed what you want to hear: Feed ONLY NATURAL HOMEMADE food to your dog. A long(!) healthy dog food list is here, just scroll down a bit! Want less? For Get the full scoop here
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