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Rin Tin Tin

Best Movies Featuring GSDs

The ranking below is based on votes of the general public for the movies in general. Please note that we have not seen every movie listed below, so we cannot comment on or justify the voting.

Or were you looking for our selection of the highly-rated German Shepherd Movies, or the TOP book on German Shepherd Movies?


# Movie Year
1 Reservoir Dogs 1992
2 I Am Legend 2007
3 American Gangster 2007
4 Garden State 2004
5 Downfall 2004
6 The Happening 2008
7 Shooter 2007
8 Shoot'Em Up 2007
9 Valkyrie 2008
10 The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008
11 The Hills Have Eyes 2006
12 Diarios de motocicleta 2003
13 Alpha Dog 2006
14 The Cell 2000
15 Defiance 2009
16 Bolt 2008
17 Dreamcatcher 2002
18 Saw 5 2008
19 Hannibal Rising 2006
20 Blood Simple 1984


Note that these were votes of the general public for the movies in general, not votes from GSD lovers.

Maybe you can associate a scene with certain behavior or German Shepherd problems?

You may even want to take this list as your personal programme what to watch next time on a quiet evening with your dog at your feet. :-)

So, what's your story please?

What's your favourite German Shepherd movie? Which movie can you recommend others to watch?


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    i saw a movie in the 1970s it was involved 2 german shepherd saving a baby ,to this day i don't know what it its called or what country made it . if u know please e mail me because i like to see it again ......


      Personally I don't know, but hopefully over time members or visitors may have the answer? For Mike (and me) please! ;-)


      I remember a movie in the 70's called 'Hund' set in Europe during winter in snowy countryside with a small village surrounded by dark forest, probably Germany or Belgium, IDK? German Shepherd taken to be a forest devil dog of some sort that the villagers are scared of befriends a boy who he saves from a wolf pack. film ends with dog welcomed by the village but I can't find any reference to it now. Saw this in a local cinema on a school excursion, no idea why we were shown it, it was English dubbed.


        Nevermind, found it, Lone Wolf - Vuk samotnjak 1972. Yugoslav film, GSD was named 'Hund' for tag on his collar 'MILITÄR HUND No. 327' Taken me 35+ years to find that.


        I guess you were shown the movie "Hund" to show you
        - that it's beneficial to befriend someone regardless whether others like him
        - or that, for the same people, today's villain can be tomorrow's hero
        - or that people living remotely can have strange fears
        - or that a German Shepherd can frighten away wolves
        - or that a forest can be really dark
        Or all of that?


    The Best German Shepherd movie I have seen was by Paul Waker. HOURS! A stray German Shepherd he ends up calling Sherlock because he is so smart! He turns out to be a stray shelter dog. He is an instant Guardian once Walker saves him in the Hurricane and they bond. He saves him twice.
    I cannot find more about this gorgeous sable boy! He is perfect in stature, attitude and color. You can see the intelligence in his eyes. He has been my dream dog my whole life. I want to know more about him. He is stunning!
    He reminds me of an Uncle's female Shepherd. She saved another dog's puppies from dying by her own instincts. She knew something was wrong. She continually tested them two or 3×. She went to the door barking and barking and finally after about the third time they followed her out where she was trying to lead them the whole time! There was the whole litter of pups. Had they waited they would have drowned. Mind you they weren't her puppies.


    "A Dog of Flanders" - I have the 1935 version (Frankie Thomas, O.P. Heggie, Helen Parish, De Witt Jennings). An adaptation of the 1872 novel by Marie Louise de la Ramee. It's about a beautiful German Shepherd that's abused by its owner .......
    You'll have to watch it to see what happens to the "Dog of Flanders." Excellent movie!


    The current best German Shepherd Movies, well actually a TV Series is called Inspector Rex. Originally Rex lived in Austria with his Detective Master, but now currently resides in Rome Italy. (The programme has German and Italian sub titles) There were numerous episodes and all of them were shown in Australia, where Rex lives, on free to air TV.
    I recently bought "The 2nd Inspector Rex Box Set", of 17 dvds (50 hours) complete with Barking Lid. Just Google it if you are interested in buying it. You will find it really interesting.

    Good Luck with your GSD, my 19 month old GSD Rex, has a barking problem I am trying to resolve


    I'm shocked that no one suggested the 1989 movie titled: 'K-9' starring a very talented German Shepherd who reportedly knew about 176 different commands. The dog shared the top spot with Jim Belushi

    Or how about the movies Radio Flyer that had a German Shepherd with top billing or Silver Bullet, a Stephen King horror movie about werewolves and featured a German Shepherd in a supporting role? This list is so lame that if it was a dog, I would take him to the vet.


      Thanks for bringing up K-9. In the movie the dog's name is Jerry Lee. Over the years most of the things in the movie have been done by at least one of my GSD's. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of getting their first shepherd.


    I think cats and dogs 2 is good. And also Beverly Hills chihuahua, I love Delgado in it. And K-9, brilliant movie too.


    Have a look at the Movie " Ace of Hearts", based on a true story of Sannich PSD Ace. Two GSD's were used in the Movie to play the role of Ace. Both dogs were Black & Tan in the Movie, in real life one of them is a sable color that was colored over a period of weeks to match the other.

    Watch the Movie and see if you can tell who is who


    PS; The main dog that played Ace in the Movie was our boy "Solo" who is also featured on the cover of the book Wonder Dogs (now waiting over the Rainbow Bridge), the other GSD (Sable color) is Bobi -semi retired but still working in the odd movie.


      "our boy" you mean your dog? In the movie, and on Wonder Dogs cover? Really??


    Yes Really!!! Canczech Solo (star of the Movie "Ace of Hearts" and many more movies) on the cover of Jordan Taylors book "Wonder Dogs" Really!

    Solo was bred, trained and owned by Tony & Katie Nikl of Canczech dogs, when Solo retired he came to live with me and my wife. In fact Captain Pirate Solo is buried on our property, so I think it is okay for me to refer to him as "Our Boy". Meaning he is a Nikl/Moore dog and always will be REALLY!!!


      Wow! That's nice. Sure he was a great dog!
      Am only surprised that Tony & Katie didn't want to continue living with the "retiring" dog? I hope you're not throwing your spouse out when he "retires" - or the other way round. :mrgreen:


    I've been looking for a gsd movie I used to watch in the 90s although I think the movie is a lot older. The gsd in tje movie was a stray roaming round north america.


      I have been looking for this movie for a long time! It was b & w. I saw it on the late show around 1975, and it was old then. I am guessing 50,s maybe. If you ever find the name please share. It would make me so happy to see it again.


    Love leads the way is an amazing story about a German shepherd about seeing eye dog! Have a VHS tape, I don't think it ever got to DVD version :(


    i saw a movie when i was a young boy living in middle east , the movie still comes to mind every now and then . it was about 2 german shepherd dogs that saved a baby from kidnapping this movie was in the seventies and i don't know what country was it from. i recently saw something seemlier but it was not the one , iknow this movie was dun in the mid seventies, please if you can help me find it i will appreciate it from the bottom of my heart . thanks in advance


    Loved the NCIS episode with Jethro the GSD! Season 5 episode 13. As well as a film called Finding Rin Tin Tin (2007). Lovely dog!


    Ok I saw a movie in the 1970''s it had a GSD in it ...I believe it was Run Kelly Run...I named my first hs Kelly after the one in the movies...Does anyone remember it? And Yes Iloved the movie K-9


    I love any TV or movie with a GSD in it but cannot take it if they die. I have had GSDs my whole life and the one I have now is a Service/ Medical Alert dog. having said that I love K-9 and recently added the movie Max to the list.


    Looking for a very old movie/tv show about a german shepherd that got separated from her owners or maybe from her puppy's and she
    traveled for many miles to find them doesch anyone remember the name of it?


      I myself have only seen the movie with a mixed-breed and a bit smaller dog, with John Travolta and his child, no mum, he's poor, trying to get a job, has a criminal cousin, dog in the way, the travel, dog follows across USA or so.

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